The Lost Transactions

The Lost Transactions

Posted on November 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

“When it comes to war, turn about is fair fucking play.  I’ve heard that old adaptation for years and this one was about to get a reboot.  In essence, it is the same story, but re-imagined in a different light.  When it comes to this one, this one has been played out so many fucking times…it’s just tiring to tell.  So I was thinking why not re-imagine it in my own way.  I figured I minus well star, direct and executive produce this one.  This one was special, though.  It needed to be.  Perhaps it will be a box office smash, too.  At least that’s exactly what I was banking on…just wait until you see just how this story is going to play out…”


The EVE of WAR!


“So here we are…it all comes down to this one match.  It always does.  But ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to tell this story a little bit differently this time.  You all are used to the way Brian Hollywood talks about the Best Alliance.  It always is the same story.  But this time, we’re going to spin it a bit differently.  You see….”


“Once upon a time…there was this team supposedly called The Old Boys.  These Old Boys, as it were, were two very highly decorated HOW Hall of Famers and Legends.  Alone, they both wreaked havoc on the HOW and they each had singles and tag team accolades…LBI victories and War Games victories.  But what happens when you mix in something that doesn’t belong in there?  You get an instant reaction…like a chemical that was accidentally mixed in with a chemical that didn’t belong.  That chemical was, well, Brian Hollywood.  Brian Hollywood was known as Chemical X.  Chemical X, while lethal on its own, mixed wrongly with other chemicals, can cause severe side effects, paralysis and even….death.  Yes, this Chemical X agent, known only as Executive Destructive Force, let’s call it EDF2016, accidentally found itself composed into something that was never met to be.  Therefore, it caused a chain reaction..pardon the Keanu Reeves references there, but alas it did the job it did.  It effectively took the old gene of Best Alliance 101 and threw all components out the fucking window.  Now this EDF fused to form a new elment….EDF BA 102, a much more effective agent compound.  This compound alone ran rampant on the atmosphere called HOW and essentially changed the whole landscape…changed the entire playing field.  Wiped out, per say.  So what happened next you ask?  Well that’s where things get interesting…”


“Let’s pause in our little story for a moment and fast forward to today for a brief moment.  This element was SO DESTRUCTIVE, it eventually shut HOW down altogether.  Now why did this happen you ask?  It was dangerous and it got OUT OF CONTROL!  The truth was it EVOLVED!  It evolved into its own element that it was just too fucking dominant.  So what caused it exactly?  That remains the million dollar question ladies and gentlemen, and it’s one we are going to investigate here tonight.  I don’t think Lee Best intended for it to gain a mind of its own.  But then again, it was the element that kept the machine going, counter contrary to the popular belief.  The machine has always found ways to survive, and back in those days, it NEEDED to survive.  So it fused with this element and let nature take its course…I believe this is what we now call the Jatt Starr syndrome.  That these HOW GODS let this happen and created a virtual MONSTER!  Well I am here to provide DIRECT testimony to that statement!  It’s absolutely fucking TRUE!  It’s all true, every bit of it…minus the force…that still remains folklore, but who’s really keeping track these days in the documentary department?”


“The truth is I was a force to be reckoned with.  Let’s just cut the fucking bullshit talk and talk raw here.  People like Mike Best and Max Kael, may he rest in peace, talked about such fables.  That this one man was acting in an era that lacked HOW talent.  Or Hall of Famers.  Heavy HOW contenders.  Now subtract all the fucking lies and bullshit spewed from these anarchists and you had exactly what it was.  I took HOW and made it my own.  The truth here, Jatt, is that the HOW GODS clearly didn’t have a champion in mind.   Your whole take, at least this so called experience you so called had, has some very clear discrepancies.  You mean to tell me that the how gods spoke to you?  No, Jatt, they didn’t.  I think you are so far gone in this assessment that there’s no wonder the Gold Standard himself has concerns about you and wanting to start things off in our wartime match up.  No….I will tell you what it was Jatt.  And I warned you about it last week.  It’s the very thing I told you would happen.  You got complacent.  Clear and presently dangered advice right there.  You lost and you got scared that when you finally stacked up against legit competition, you failed to deliver on all cylinders.  It’s no wonder John Sektor worries about you.  Yet he talks this symbolical relationship you two have.  Let’s talk about that a moment, shall we?”


“The truth of the matter is Sektor is merely talking about the same points Darin Matthews and myself have already talked about.  About how our relationship and when we team up it actually means more than the rest of the roster can imagine.  I get it…I really do.  But let’s not forget about the history you two have.  The fact of the matter remains…you two spent more time as enemies than friends.  This whole friendship thing is a fucking facade and I have no problem mentioning that.  In fact, I’m banking on it.  Before I dive into that in more detail, the two of you really don’t understand the relationship that Darin and I have.  We were always lifelong best friends, turned bitter enemies and before we rekindled our best friendship, we literally tore each other apart over a HOW World Championship.  You want to sit there and lecture yourself Jatt on how much faith you have in these how gods about how their going to bring you clarification?  I spewed that bullshit for YEARS in HOW and it got me NOWHERE!  I literally changed my entire lifestyle and followed it blindly and it got me NOWHERE!  Fucking NOWHERE!  I still hate myself over believing in it.  The fact that I spent so much time on that fable has brought me nothing but pain.  The truth in all of it, Jatt, is that is purely a delusion.  A delusion manufactured to make you believe that your loss against me was a validation.  The only validation you got was a Danger Zone kick that brought you back down to reality.  I tried to live by the rules you so call spew about, and it got me nothing!  There is nothing but the MACHINE and it took me some time to learn about it.  That’s why I went on the run I did in 2016.  I believed in that ideology but the difference between mine and yours is that mine actually came to fruition.  It’s because I’m a visionary…something you clearly refuse to see.  At least your partner sees that in me.   He sees the threat that Darin Matthews and myself present to the two of you and honestly that’s what separates the two of you entirely.  I refuse to see the unity that John Sektor so highly touts about.  He’s putting all his chips into this and I’m afraid in the very end that the house always wins.  In this case, the house is the machine of HOW.  It’s something that you REFUSE to see and that is going to be the first of your many downfalls in taking these HOW Tag Team Championships from Matthews and myself.”


“Matthews and I have made a career out of these tag titles…but the difference out of every alliteration we have had is that the Hollywood Boyz is what we are true at heart.  The Hollywood Boyz represents everything that tag team wrestling has always meant to Darin and I.  We know what this match means to us and that’s why the urgency to defend these titles is ever so present here.  Darin Matthews and I live and breathe these HOW Tag Team Championships and something that John Sektor clearly misinterprets.  I’m not surprised that he did that, however.  Sektor and I know each other inside and out in that ring but one thing he clearly underestimates is the power that Matthews and I have as Tag Team Champions.  And it all stems back to that Best Alliance mentality.  It is a poison, a curse that plagues HOW.  It may have held prominence at one time, but one Lee mixed that dangerous chemical that was the Industry Best Alliance, his Alliance was doomed from that point.  Now that point is tainted and it’s something that will always show like a bright meteor shower on a clear summer night.  I would apologize in advance, Sektor, but I know your true intentions…all too well.”


“You can sit there and claim you don’t want to drop a fire murder promo on us…but that’s simply all apart of your plan.  It’s a sense to lure us into a sense of self proclamation and I simply don’t fucking buy it.  That’s why I’m going to tear into you at such a hardcore level, it puts fucking Vegeta to shame when he claimed Goku’s power level was over 9000!  Sektor, I know you all too well.  You’re right.  We’ve fought together and we’ve fought against each other.  But remember…it was YOU that taught me everything that I know today…and I adopted that strategy that would lead me to the top of HOW.  It was what helped me win the HOW World Championship.  Twice.  I know you’ll do anything to win these Tag Team Championships.  But the truth is I see right through that bullshit. Why do you think I own so many Best Alliance wins?  It’s because I know the mythology.  And that honestly scares you to fucking death.  Let’s just be honest here.  It scares you so much to death, that you had to bring up the fact that you NEED the help from Solex and Doozer to take these titles from Matthews and I.”


“You claim that Matthews and I are such a threat, you need help to win these titles from us.  That clearly shows me the validation of this match.  The fact of the matter is that you need that help to beat Matthews and I.  It’s because, the truth of the matter of fact, is that The Hollywood Boyz are exactly where we need to be.  We are the champions that we need to be and that scares you to death because you KNOW that we have what it takes to win this match.  I can’t blame you for your transgressions though…I really can’t.  I can honestly say that if I were on the other side of this, I probably would be saying the exact same fucking thing.  But I’m not.  You know what kind of person I am…especially when it comes to facing the Best Alliance.  I now hold a 2-0 victory threshold over the Alliance and now you feel that YOU have to be that man to end it.  I saw it with your conversation with Jatt and Jatt had every reason to feel jaded by it.  But while he’s delusional, the whole world now rests upon your shoulders to make this right.  Because you know that if you don’t, you’ll never forgive yourself.  You want to know what I really think?”


“I think that you NEED this to work!  You know that this is the last straw and that this win rides on everything.  But the thing you fail to realize is that Matthews and I have revitalized this tag division.  You couldn’t be more wrong on your claim that this division is cold.  While it may have been true in the past, the Best Alliance has always been a shield and an offensive force of power like the fucking death star when it came to winning these Tag Team Championships.  That every time it happened, the titles would be consequently relinquished.    But that’s not what’s going to happen this time.  The truth of the matter is the Hollywood Boyz is everything that is serious about being on top of this division.  The Tag Team Championships mean everything to Matthews and I and I can honestly say I trust my tag partner.  Can you?”


“These Tag Team Championships now have the honor of being defended with pride and honor.  The only difference here is that the Hollywood Boyz are here to stay.  The tag division couldn’t be hotter and we intend on defending these titles til our last breath.  But you can’t leave well enough alone because you know what happens if you lose.  You can’t help but entertain the thought process on what happens if Matthews and I retain these tag titles.  That leaves the Best Alliance ever so vulnerable and it’s a process that keeps Lee up at night.  Lee knows me.  I know he’s watching me.  He always has.  And I’m simply picking up where I left off in 2016.  I finally found my footing again and I know who the fuck I am!  It’s an age old concept that I talked about earlier about a fable being told about what happened to the Alliance when mixed with EDF2016.  And I’m back to inject that serum once again.  It’s because I know what it’s like to go to war with the Best Alliance and I plan on seeing it through to the very end.  So what happens when the two of you can’t get the job done?  What happens when you have to seek that extra help from Doozer and Solex?  What can you honestly say about your legacies then?  I’ve done far more than that ALONE as the leader of the Best Alliance than you ever could and I know that fucking angers you! I know that keeps you up at night because I have always known what it takes to get the fucking job done and I have every intention on making that a reality again.  It’s something I’m going to execute with every fiber of my fucking body because I know what’s at stake here!”


“The truth here, Jatt and Sektor, is that I have adapted well when it comes to war.  I’ve seen every outcome of how this story ends…and it doesn’t end well with either of you.  I know what it takes to take a war to the very end and I absolutely fucking intend to see this through to the very end and perhaps…just perhaps it takes another injection of EDF2016 to get the job done….only this time that formula has evolved into EDF2020.”


“The two of you know that if you don’t get the job done this time that it is over between the two of you.  I don’t take either of you lightly, but at the same time, I recognize what is at play here.  I hold two single wins over the two of you and Sektor, you created a fucking monster when you took me under your wing.  I know it wasn’t your intent, but I promise you that you two will be in for a world of hurt when Matthews and I lock up against the two of you this Saturday night.  These Tag Team Championships mean the world to Matthews and I and I promise you I will fucking die for these championships.  They may not be the HOW World Championship….but these titles I will ever so treat as the World Championship.  And you all remember how I treated that Championship.  This weekend will be no different.”


“So I dare you…implore the rest of the Alliance to help you win these titles.  I can promise you that it will be another calculated mistake because I know the two of you so fucking well.  I promise you that Matthews and I have no intention to have fun with this match up.  No…we are better than that and I recognize that this has changed Matthews and I promise you we will do everything in our power to retain these titles…one way or another.”


“So give us your best shots…because after we are finished with the two of you….it will honestly leave Lee reevaluating all his options.  The Hollywood Boyz are the current and future of the tag team division and we will prove why we are staying the hot commodity here.  I trust in Matthews and I know his history against the Alliance hasn’t been all love and oreos.  But I also trust him with my life…something you and Jatt can’t say for yourselves, Sektor.  So come at us with your best shot.  We will be ready for you.  I fucking promise you.  I don’t take you lightly….I also don’t fucking trust in your ability to call Matthews and I great because I know that you can’t take the heat if you lose.  Losing is not an option for you.  I know the desperation.  So try and take your shot….I promise you….the basic instinct in all of this will be one danger zone trip away from sending you back to reality.  I know the Alliance all too well.  We’ll be ready.  Mark my words…we’ll be fucking ready!”



Chicago, Illinois


Hollywood is shocked to see that a member of the Men in SUIT’s stands before him.  Lukas Montana doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.  How could he?  He didn’t know the Men in SUIT’s like Hollywood did.


Lukas Montana: What’s going on here Hollywood?”


Hollywood is still in utter shock as he can’t believe who stands before him.  He has his guard up and ready to take any immediate strike going forward.  But Jester, the man Hollywood knew his name as speaks up.


Jester: “Hollywood…I am not here to fight with you.  I’m here to offer you wisdom…and my help.”


Brian Hollywood: “Why the fuck should I trust you?  You tried to systematically take me and my friends out!”


Jester: “The truth is I just can’t be on the losing side anymore.  You want information don’t you?  Well then I offer you the lost transactions.”


Brian Hollywood: “The lost transactions?  What the fuck is that?”


Jester: “It’s the key to winning this war against The Chair.  He’s obsessed with you…I never understood why.  Until recently.  He knows you….more than you think.  It was never about taking control of your company.  That’s just an added bonus but he really does know you and I never understood his obsession with you.  Until now.  Here take this…this may help you in your quest in getting one step closer to knowing his true identity….”


Jester hands Hollywood a sealed yellow envelope.  Hollywood takes it, but with caution as he opens the sealed documents.  He browses it and is troubled by what he finds inside.  It’s information about his sisters untimely death…shot death in a drive by shooting.  Hollywood gasps as he reads over the information.  His heart drops as it appears that the Chair seemed to be linked somehow to the death of his sister all those years ago.


Brian Hollywood: “It….it can’t be….”


What this damning information could be is anyone’s guess as the scene slowly fades to black…