The Los Angeles Accords; I’m just getting Started

The Los Angeles Accords; I’m just getting Started

Posted on February 17, 2023 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

This last week was a lot to take in for me personally.  I guess life really doesn’t stop giving you surprises, no matter how old you got.  I thought I was to a point where life stopped giving me things and just took more things away.  It was opposite when I was a kid.  Life was supposed to give me plenty…but again, just when I was a kid, I learned a lot and learned that wasn’t fucking true.  I guess it’s the reason I’m the way I am.  It’s the reason most of my heart is hardened and why I have closed myself off to most people.  With how my life has gone you can see why I am the way I am and why I’ve had the career I’ve had.  I’ve done some things I regret in the ring, but I don’t regret where they have gotten me.  That’s especially true in High Octane Wrestling and HOW is a place you have to be ruthless and you have to get creative to get ahead.  You have to learn how to bury your feelings and you have to learn not to get attached.  That’s why I’ve had the success I’ve had in HOW.  It may not have earned me really any friends, and I’m so isolated from the rest of the roster, but that works for me.  I’ve gotten along just fine with that.  It’s the same thing in life.  But I did have one thing that took me completely off guard.  Who would have guessed I had a fucking brother?!  Learning that right before the Lethal Lottery was a lot to take in..but it also gave me a newfound focus.  I really thought I was in the twilight of my career.  But I found something..I found something deep within myself that I thought I had lost.  I took Christopher America to his limit…a man who was so sure he was going to beat me to hell…but he didn’t, did he?  I may have lost that match, but I sent a message loud and clear not only to America, but to the rest of the HOW roster as well. So where do we go from here?  Well..first thing was first…I had to find more answers and if I thought the shock value was finished, I was in for a rude awakening as it was just literally the beginning…




Who would have guessed it?  Ole Hollywood is back at it again, right?  I know what most the pundits are going to say, though.  It’s the same old tired dance and song about Hollywood talks a big game, but no matter how he performs, he always comes up short.  They don’t talk about the actual match because all they see is black and white.  They don’t see the gray and that’s the fucking problem in HOW, isn’t it?  Perhaps that’s why a lot of you fuckers get caught off guard and by the time you start to worry it’s already too late.  That’s always the common denominator in my matches but I’ve seen the common denominator start to get out of control and that really has gotten me thinking lately.  I mean for fucks sake, look at what happened to Great Scott?  Joe Bergman took him down because Great Scott was doing something a lot of the HOW bigs have been doing lately but most importantly, Great Scott’s not so upsetting and surprising loss proved just why I should have walked out HOTv Champion not that long ago.  I had him beat but we all know the story by now.  Yes, the tirelessly aforementioned kick in the dick.


Oh well.


I digress.


Just proved I was not only onto something, but my performance against Christopher America should have been more added proof.  I was *this* close to regaining the HOW World Championship but I wasn’t pinned and I didn’t tap.  America had to put me out to retain his World title.  I’ll give America this much though…he didn’t have to resort to cheap tactics to win.  He did it the right way…something Great Scott could never do.  America proved to me that at least on Lethal Lottery night, he deserved to be the world champion…at least for right now.  But I’ll be back…I always am..which brings me to my opponent this Sunday.


Hello Conor.


We haven’t had the pleasure of really crossing paths much since you debuted in HOW, have we?  Our last bout was a HOFC match if my memory serves me correctly.  You got the better of me in that match…but now you get to see if you can go the distance with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood.


Yes, yes, I know.  I know.  I’m sure I’ll hear it from you like I hear it from everyone else.


What does Brian Hollywood have against me than all the other people he’s faced?  Hollywood talks the same big game but always ends up coming up short.  I’m turning a corner, Conor, and for your sake, you better hope that I don’t get it all figured out against you.  I’m well aware that you’re the number one contender for Christopher America’s HOW World Championship and I’m also aware that you’ve had quite the streak in HOW over the last year.  Crazy to think you haven’t been given a title shot during that entire and impressive run.  You are a phenomenal wrestler, Conor, there’s no denying that.  However, there’s also no denying that I’m hungrier than ever before and the fire burning from within me is rapidly growing and increasing.


It’s merely a matter of time before I catch that flame and run with it.


You’ve heard me mention the fact that I have a brother out there somewhere.  While it’s been quite the week and emotional roller coaster of a week, the fact still remains that I’ve got to remain focused.  I didn’t know I had a brother out there.  I never knew my brother and I’m hoping to change that.


How do you make up for lost time with not only a brother, but a family member that you haven’t known for the past thirty plus years?  Like, I have all these thoughts in my head just imagining the things that we’d do and really catch and make up for lost time.  But it’s not that simple, though, is it?  At least that’s what I’ve come to realize about my family.  I never lived a simple life…and the only family I thought I had left was my father and he and I haven’t been on the same page in quite some time.


Quite sad, really.


But I’ve pressed on.  I always press on and that’s what I plan on doing this Sunday, Conor.


I know I’m in for another good match this weekend, but at some point I have to ask myself the tough questions.  I’m coming off a tough match up against America and I’m preparing myself for another one in facing you.  Suffice to say, it’s been a long week for me.  Between my training for our upcoming match, I’ve also tried not to let my personal thoughts and events interfere with my training.  In all honesty, I haven’t done much training the last few weeks.  I knew I had to change that, though, after the performance I gave against America.  I know I’m on the precipice of finding what made me great in the first place.


I’ve got a long way to go…I’m not gonna lie, Conor.  At the same time, I know I’ve got plenty left in the tank and I know what I can still do in that ring.  As fast as I can go from nothing to winning the HOTv Championship last year, I never count myself out.  Sure the reign didn’t last long..but I can still prove that I belong in that ring with the best.


March to Glory is right around the corner and right now, I’m not on the card.  Go figure, right?  I wasn’t on ICONIC despite my late momentum run ending the year last year and I’m not missing another Pay Per View.  I will get onto the March to Glory card…one way or another.  But first, I have to take care of my business.


You can bet that my TSA associates will be with me at ringside.  But don’t worry though…I have told them I don’t want any foul play or interference.  So don’t give them a reason to interfere, Conor.  I could beg you not to or to give them a reason, but I’m trying to resist those temptations.  I will say I’m trying to change myself in a couple ways to make myself a better person but I’m not going to lie…it’s very difficult to change something that I have naturally come to feel accustomed to.


However…I still have a lot of hatred in me and I haven’t found a way to shut that valve off.  I don’t even know if it’s possible…but ever since I discovered it and have been using it…it’s made me better and quite frankly, when you have to ask yourself the question if it’s not broke, then why fix it?


I don’t know…maybe I’m just trying to fix myself and maybe the rest will come naturally.  I don’t know…it’s partial untreaded waters so maybe it’s not possible.  But while I try to figure myself out, there’s no harm in tapping into what I already have and know how to fucking use.  But I swear to the GOD of HOW…if you try to fucking underestimate me or just add your name to the long list of HOW fucks here who have said that to me, it won’t be a pretty ending for you, Conor, and I will make sure I give you a blemish on that stainless HOW record of yours lately…well…almost stainless.


Ever since I found out that I have a brother out there somewhere, it has changed my whole dynamic moving forward.  I was able to dig down deep and find who I used to be and I pushed Christopher America to his limit.  I actually fought and kept pace with the HOW World Champion and that’s something I’m absolutely proud of.  It’s also why I’m going to dig down deep again this Sunday and use that same passion I found against America against you, Conor.  This match between the two of us, it’s not going to go down the way you think it is.  In fact, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in our match.  What do you have, Conor?  Seems to me that you’re slightly in the same boat as me…trying to figure shit out.  HOW will do that to you.  It will make you adjust yourself every single week, no matter how good or bad you are.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a champion or you’re opening a Chaos or a Pay Per View show…you have to think and act on your feet.


That’s what makes me so good, Conor.  I can do that.


I have been doing that.


I’ve been around for a long time and have constantly found ways to figure out what’s next for me.  So you tell me…what do you want to get out of our match?  You may be slated for March to Glory and you may be slated for a HOW World Championship match, but me?  I’m not even on the god damn card yet.  But I promise you, that will change.  A lot of things are going to change moving forward.  I’m done sitting on the fucking sidelines.  I should be main eventing this god damn company, but I’m not.  I’m tired of being pushed around and shoved out of the way like I was an irrelevant fuck.


That fucking ends Sunday!


I don’t care if the billing is the number two against the number eighteen.  Numbers are simply that and so are statistics.  Any given week, any surprise can happen in HOW and I plan on delivering yet another surprise this weekend.  I’m going to prove that I still belong and if I have to tap into my hate box once more than that’s exactly what I’m going to fucking do.




It’s because I’m fucking ANGRY Conor!


I know I’m just as good as the elite here in HOW.  I KNOW I’m fucking as good as you!  I’m not trying to discredit myself, its just I’m actually angry at myself for not realizing this sooner.  Had that been the case, maybe I wouldn’t have been slapped to the sidelines time after time, Pay Per View after Pay Per View.  But I know what I have and I know who the fuck I am and from this point forward, I’m not sitting on the sidelines and I vow not to miss another fucking Pay Per View moving forward.  What that means for me moving forward, or how the fuck I’m going to get myself on the March to Glory card, I’ll figure that out…but just know I’m going to get on that god damn card.  One way or another…I don’t care how much hell I have to raise in that ring or backstage, I will get myself on the card whether or not I have to FORCE myself.


All I can say is that things are going to change and the change started last week against Christopher America.  I can only go up from here, though, right Conor?


You, my friend, are in a very fragile place right now.  What would happen if I were to beat you on the road to March to Glory?  What would that do to your confidence I wonder?  You want to know what I think, Conor?  I don’t give a flying fuck honestly.  That’s no disrespect to you, I just care about myself a little bit more than your main event HOW World Championship match at March to Glory.


I sure hope you don’t have too high of expectations on the road to March to Glory.  You may be the number one contender, but I’m the number one contender of breaking number one contenders.  Don’t try to think too hard on what I just said.  It was definitely self explanatory.


I can only imagine what a win against you would mean for me moving forward.


Who knows…maybe I could be added to the main event of March to Glory.  You know, taking Christopher America to his limit and then beating you, I’d earn that right, right?  Nah, you’re probably right.  I’ve got far too much work left to do before I really deserve another shot at the HOW World Championship.  But a guy can dream, right?


Whatever happens this Sunday, Conor, I want you to know that you’re not going to get a lazy, complacent Hollywood snoozing on the sidelines.  No.  You’re going to get a Hollywood who has found his newfound focus and drive in order to keep pressing forward.  I haven’t felt this great in a long time, Conor, and it’s just shitty fucking timing for you in my resurgence.  Whether it takes me a month, two months, six months or the whole fucking year, I’m getting back to my form and there isn’t anyone on this roster who is going to stop me in accomplishing just that.  You certainly wont, Conor!


I hope you’re ready for the next level.  You can handle that, can’t you Conor?  I mean, aren’t you HOW’s ultimate gamer?  I plan on unleashing a cheat code against you so devastating that not even you will see it fucking coming.  Call it prophecy, call it a spoiler…call it whatever the fuck you want…I just know that you’re in for the fight of your life.


Our match isn’t just going to be any ordinary match…you may see it as just that a long the path to March to Glory…but for me, this is a championship match to showcase what I have had buried deep which laid dormant for far too long.  I plan on unleashing everything against you and one way or another, you’re going to have to do what Christopher America had to do in order to keep me down…you’re going to have to find a way to KO my ass where I can’t fucking get up or leave me in an unresponsive state in order to win our match.  You’re going to have to reach into that arsenal of yours to put me down.


I will not make it easy for you, Conor.  I don’t care who your other opponents are on our way to March to Glory, I promise I won’t be one that you will get by so easily.  I’m going to make life a living hell in the small amount of time we’ll have in that ring together.  It’s not an Executive Promise…it’s an Executive Decree because I’m decreeing it so.


And so it shall be…the resurrection of the true Brian Fucking Hollywood in all of his glory.  Only my March to Glory has already begun and it will gloriously continue come time this weekend at Chaos!


I’m coming at you with everything, Conor, and I promise I’ve got plenty of hatred in the tank that will fuel me this weekend because hatred is the only true emotion one can rely on anymore these days.  It’s powered me this far…now it’s time for me to take it to the next level.  You’re going to see me level up right in front of your very eyes Conor and when it’s all said and done, even you are going to be left amazed by how I do it this weekend at Chaos.


I’ll see you Sunday, Conor…so best show up in your highest level that you can because you’re going to need all the extra lives and level up HP that you can muster against me.  Only the final thing I’ll be doing before leveling up will be one thing…


An Executive Fucking Decree!






Hollywood had returned home to Los Angeles after a long flight from Chicago.  He didn’t speak a word from his flight back.  His pilot, Trevor, couldn’t get a word out of him.  Neither could any of Hollywood’s TSA associates.  Hollywood was completely mum as he couldn’t believe he had a brother all this time.  Hollywood didn’t emotionally know how to process it all.  In fact, he didn’t know whether to be angry about it or not.  One thing was clear, though, he had to find his brother no matter what or how long it took to do it.  Having a brother changed everything as Hollywood looks out the window of his private jet as he begins talking amongst himself.


“Why didn’t you tell me, father?  Why did I have to wait thirty plus years to find out that I have a brother out there somewhere?!  Where do I even begin to look?!  How the fuck am I going to find my brother especially with everything going on right now?!  I’m still trying to hunt down and find the man responsible for murdering my sister, Serenity!”


Hollywood was distraught, that was for sure.  He knew this information that he had just found out would probably be found out by The Chair.  That was the other problem.  Does Hollywood tell The Chair what he found out from his father?  How would The Chair respond?  Hollywood knew The Chair was just as focused as he was in hunting down Serenity’s murderer.  In fact, it was that moment of curiosity that got Hollywood thinking even more.


“Now that I think about it…I never got a straight answer from The Chair in what exactly he gets out of all this in the hunt for Roberto Ramirez.  I can’t believe the question was right in front of my face!  Why was The Chair hunting Roberto?  Sure, he was also wanting to hunt down the man who gunned down Serenity…but he never fucking told me why!  Why…why…..WHY?!”


It was at this moment where Hollywood had an epiphany.  He needed more answers before he went back to The Chair’s secret warehouse.  He wasn’t yet ready to continue his quest in hunting down Roberto with The Chair.  Everything changed when Hollywood found out he had a brother out there somewhere.  Whether The Chair found that information out was irrelevant to Hollywood.  He didn’t think The Chair would reach out or try to hunt down his brother.  There was something about The Chair to Hollywood that seemed there was finally a connection between the two of them…whether either of them wanted to admit it or not.  Hanging around The Chair for so long has changed Hollywood and the way he’s acted.  Not only in his personal life, but also in HOW as well.  Hollywood was using his hatred to fuel his wrestling career and that was something The Chair was enjoying seeing.  Hollywood still didn’t understand why The Chair was supporting his wrestling career when his best friends in Gerald and Buck would hardly show any excitement or support in his wrestling career.  That angered Hollywood, too.  He was glad, after all, that he could at least share his love of wrestling with The Chair.  It was a strange bedfellows sort of moment when it would happen, but at least he understood it.  That also angered Hollywood that his best friends wouldn’t be by his side supporting him, but his mortal enemy would.


Warped and fucked up for sure.


Finally, Hollywood looks out the window and sees Los Angeles from the sky.  He sighs as he finally speaks into the intercom and up to his personal pilot, Trevor.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright Trevor, go ahead and land on the private strip.”


Trevor: “Wait, what?!  You do realize that your friends have blacklisted this landing strip and you’ll have the authorities on your ass the moment we land!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yes.  I’m very much aware of that, Trevor.  I want you to land anyways.  I may not like this idea…but I need to find more answers for myself, even if that means I have to obtain them on the other side of the proverbial fence.”


Trevor: “I don’t know about this plan, sir!  I just don’t want to answer to The Chair!”


Trevor was definitely scared of The Chair, and rightfully so.  However, that didn’t phase Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t want you to worry about The Chair.  You work for me, not him!  He will have to answer to me, Trevor, not you.  In the end, I gave you a direct order, so I know for a fact he won’t give you any trouble.”


Trevor sighs.


Trevor: “Ugh.  Very well sir.


Hollywood nods his head as his private jet touches down on the private strip.  Sure enough, immediately upon landing, red and blue lights can be seen driving towards the private strip, much to the expectation of Hollywood, but he was unphased by it.  The squad was LAPD, not CIA which meant that Buck Wringley was having the strip watched.  Sure enough, as soon as the jet came to a stop, Buck Wringley was already waiting not much to Hollywood’s surprise as he stepped out of the jet.


Buck Wringley: “Wow, ya really bold there, Bri.  But can’t say I’m surprised to see ya.  So give me one good reason why I shouldn’t arrest ya right now?”

Brian Hollywood: “I know you spoke to my father, Buck.  You had the house bugged.  You forget I know your every moves..after all, I learned a few of them from you. So since you already know why I’m back here in Los Angeles, you can drop the act and tell me why you didn’t ask me sooner that I had a brother!  And while we’re on the subject, you can tell me what the Italian Mafia has to do with my family!”


Buck Wringley: “Son of a fuckin bitch…”


With that, Buck tells his troops to stand down as Hollywood nods his head slightly knowing that Buck knows more than he was letting on as he wasn’t being detained as the scene slowly fades to black…