The King of Everything (LSD)

The King of Everything (LSD)

Posted on December 15, 2022 at 10:20 pm by Joe Bergman

Well folks, Chaos 018 saw Jace Parker Davidson did what he does best- talk… and talk… and talk… and talk… talk… talk… talk… and… well, you get the picture.  However, in his overly serious (he dressed up in a suit?) bloviating two thousand-word filibuster with Blaire Moise, JPD managed to say a couple of interesting things that caught my eye.

Joe Bergman… is the most serious threat in this entire thing…”

Hey-yyyy.  What was that?  Did I hear him right?  This is probably as close of a compliment as I’ll ever get from JPD.

But then Jace has to go and ruin it.

Joe Bergman walks around with a sense of entitlement because he’s won a title here and there.”

LOL… let’s start with ‘won a title here and there’…  and there’s the Jace we know and… ah, never mind.

For the record Jace, that would be TWO HOW WORLD TITLES, which happens to be more HOW World Titles than you’ve won in the Refueled era.  You haven’t even had a sniff of an opportunity at winning the World Title in the year and a half you’ve been back.

So yeah Jace, I may be a ‘cockroach’ to you but at least I’m a cockroach who’s a two-time HOW World Champion in the Refueled era and you’re not.

As Jim Rome would say- SCOREBOARD.

Joe Bergman- TWO.

Jace Parker Davidson- ZERO.   


Jace Parker Davidson… ZERO

But the REALLY interesting and IRONIC thing Jace said in his interview with Blaire was this:

Joe Bergman walks around with a sense of entitlement…”



So okay… let’s just ruminate on this sentence and let it marinate for a second or two.

Joe Bergman walks around with a sense of entitlement…”

That’s right everyone, the Most Entitled Person in the Universe- Jace Parker Davidson -is accusing someone of walking around with a sense of entitlement.

Jace Parker Davidson, people.


For the record, Jace Parker Davidson… the KING OF ENTITLEMENT… accusing anyone of acting with a sense of entitlement is probably the funniest thing Jace Parker Davidson has ever said.  I mean… seriously… is there anyone else in HOW who walks around with the same sense of smug entitlement that Jace Parker Davidson does?





Okay. Case in point…

That stops at ICONIC when I walk in and not only retain MY LSD Championship belt but put Stevens on my back and retain MY HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts.”

First off, it’s not YOUR LSD Championship belt nor is it YOUR HOTv World Tag Team Championship belt.  Only a person so monumentally narcissistic and full of shit… er… self-entitlement… would believe he was entitled to possess the title belts… that the belts are personal property that belongs to him.

Only a person who’s… well…

Jace Parker Davidson.

I have read a person who has a warped sense of entitlement will come across as someone with extreme self-confidence… with the belief that everything that happens should somehow benefit them.

Or in other words, Jace Parker Davidson.

I’ve also read when someone with a warped sense of entitlement doesn’t get what they want, they will lash out at others in anger or frustration.

Oh, you mean like the time you… Jace Parker Davidson… set Ray McAvay on fire at the Staples Center in Los Angeles just because McAvay dared to call out you on your bullshit.

Or, maybe the time you set Bobbinette Carey’s apartment on fire with the express purpose of taking Carey out of the picture… permanently.

Well, Jace, I’m pretty sure Joe Bergman never set a man on fire and I’m REALLY sure that I’ve never set someone’s apartment on fire either. Or if you’re keeping score in law enforcement… that’s two attempted murders and felonious arson… two if you count the Staples Center incident.

And… I’m positive Joe Bergman did not come back to HOW with the falsest of false narratives like you did last year, Jace.  You remember the weak-ass pretext you gave for your return to HOW.  Because Ray McAvay somehow ‘screwed you’ out of winning War Games 2016 and which is how you justified a series of Pearl Harbor-ish attacks on Ray that lead to the infamous ‘fire’ incident at the Staples Center.

Yeah, that’s definitely NOT something Joe Bergman would do.

Jace, the fact of the matter is for as talented as you are is in the ring… and you are… you are seriously a terrible human being… a petty, demeaning, sociopathic, flat-track bully… THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD… THE UNIVERSE’S BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG.  You didn’t have the balls to confront Ray McAvay face-to-face back in 2021 and your behavior in 2022 shows that you haven’t changed one bit.  You’re the stereotypical pathetic, high school bully who beats up on little kids until someone finally stands up to you and kicks your ass.

That’s right, you’re Scut Farkus in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ who gets his ass kicked in the end by Ralphie when he finally snaps.

Newsflash Jace- I ain’t backing down from you either and I fully intend to kick your ass all over the Best Arena- the same way Ralphie kicked Scut Farkus’s ass and The Anglo Luchador kicked yours a few weeks back.

I mean, you do remember that little ‘thing’ that happened when you talked a bunch of trash toward PRIME… TAL took exception to it… a match was set up… and then TAL BEAT you at the Best Arena, right?   Bet Lee Best liked watching that.  It’s amazing how quickly Lee swept that match under the rug.  It also explains why you’ve gone back to stalking Lindsay Troy again to goad her into a match, instead of challenging the other PRIME wrestlers to a match.

I can’t wait for ICONIC, Jace.  It can’t get here soon enough. You’re going to get a little taste of your own medicine at Chaos 017 for your little attack a few weeks back that supposedly… ‘took me out’… much in the same fashion Ray McAvay ended your War Games last year with a fireball to the face after you set him on fire.

ICONIC is coming soon, Jace.  Judgment day is approaching.  At ICONIC 2022, Joe Bergman will be ready to go to war against you, Simon Sparrow, and Scott Stevens.  Joe Bergman will not only make sure you don’t leave the Best Arena with the LSD title but also leave the building with the HOTv Tag Team titles- leaving as a three-time HOTv Tag Team Champion.

Oh, I hear you talking already in that whiny, petulant voice of yours…

This is ICONIC and I have always shined at ICONIC. Just like I’ve shined at every single other major HOW PPV.”

Well, Jace, the fact is- sure – you’ve ‘shined’ at many HOW pay-per-view shows… when you’ve actually showed up at them.  You’ve shined at ICONIC… well… except for that one in 2015 you didn’t bother to show up to- while you were holding the World title, no less.

So let’s get to the brass tacks here.  You ain’t retaining jack diddley squat at ICONIC.  The receipt for all your transgressions is coming.  Setting people on fire.  Setting people’s apartments on fire?  Nope. Judgment day is coming for you, Jace. The penny is about to drop. The hammer is about to come down, Jace, and it’s going to all come down on you hard.

In fact, it’s going to come down on you so hard that you’re going to wish Ray McAvay would come back to set you on fire because The King of Entitlement is about to get his long-awaited comeuppance at ICONIC.

If you couldn’t beat Ray McAvay in a fair fight last year, you sure as hell can’t beat me in a fair fight now.

I know how it’s going to go.  I know what you’re going to do.  I know what I’m going to do.

I’m not expecting a ‘fair’ fight when the five of us step into the ring to wage war for the LSD title.  I’m sure you, Simon Sparrow, and Scott Stevens will do whatever you think you have to do to win the match.

Joe Bergman and Steve Solex?  What are we going to do? Bergman and Solex are going to fight fire with fire when the bell rings at ICONIC 2022.   Mr. ‘Nice Guy’ Joe Bergman ain’t coming to Chicago on December 18th.  I’m not playing around anymore.  I am coming to Chicago with a purpose… a mission… a crusade to bring the LSD and HOTv World Tag title to the Highwaymen and I will not fail.

Jace, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s me or Steve Solex, you are going to bow to a new King of the LSD division.

AND… you will also bow to the new Kings of HOTv’s Tag Team division.

On Thursday night, December 8th, Joe Bergman, Clay Byrd, and Ray McAvay were seen hanging out with Lindsay Troy in Section 214 of the Chaifetz Arena watching an Indy wrestling tournament called the Belmont in St. Louis.

It seems Byrd and LT had buried the hatchet over stuff that took place in HOW as Clay joined Lindsay’s Vae Victus group in Defiance Wrestling.

Bergman and McAvay were there to watch an MVW developmental wrestler named Bullethead II wrestle- and lose- his first-round match.  Bullethead II trained at Bergman’s Barn.

And truth be known, Joe was also there to keep an eye on Clay as well.  Keeping Byrd focused on the task at hand coming up at ICONIC- winning the World Title from Christopher America.  That was priority number one.

Priority number two?


Joe Bergman’s Barn
Plattin, Missouri
Friday December 9th, 2022

“Well.  Look what the cat dragged in!”

Waving away Dawn McGill’s gently sarcastic remark, Joe headed right for his office without talking to anyone.  After spending precious time he should have been training bird-dogging Clay Byrd the week before, he had to keep his focus on the ball this week training and getting ready for ICONIC.

Joe closed the door to his office behind him and tossed his duffel bag down on a chair.   Not counting the one day he’d have to travel to Chicago for the pre-ICONIC press conference, Joe figured he had about seven good days to get ready for not one, but two matches… two title opportunities at ICONIC.  He figured the five-way LSD title match was going to be a cluster of epic proportions- there was no getting around that.  Joe hoped his experience tagging with Solex would negate the slight numerical advantage The Final Alliance possessed in the match (JPD, Jatt Starr, Scott Stevens).

There was one thing for sure… Joe Bergman would not go into this match as an underdog.  Those days had passed by like the wind.  All the more reason why Joe wanted to get back to work knowing he had a good chance to leave the Best Arena with not just one, but two, titles after ICONIC in nine days.

Bergman quickly charged through some paperwork on his desk that had been sitting there for weeks… cleared his desk of said paperwork… and stood up to go to the weight room.

Dawn popped her head into his office.

“Hey, boss.  Can I have a minute of your time?” she asked.

“Sure.  Come on in,” Bergman replied.

Dawn walked in and closed the door behind her.  She wore a black sweatshirt with a little sweat showing through, athletic shorts, and her hair was a bit of a mess.  But before she could get to what she wanted to talk about…

“First off,” Joe said, opening up a drawer on his desk and pulling out an envelope, “about all these hours you’ve been working while I’ve been gone… here’s a token of my appreciation.“  He handed Dawn the envelope.

Dawn pulled a check out from the envelope.  Her eyes widened and briefly, the air exhaled from her lungs.

“I think this is a nice bonus,” he said with an impish grin.

She stammered a bit… still in shock at the check she held in her hand… and then she finally spoke.  “Okay.  I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Dawn.” Joe grinned and walked around the desk.  “I know you’ve been working very hard keeping the barn going and I really do appreciate everything you’ve done.”

Dawn again looked at the check. Then she wiped something from the corner of her eye.  It might have been a tear; it might not have.  “Well Joe, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after retiring from wrestling. Lord knows, I found that out the hard way that I’m not a stay-at-home Mom.  So when you offered me the chance, it was a godsend… hell… working at the barn has been a godsend.  You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed and l love working with the younger wrestlers… teaching them the basics… conveying my knowledge to them.  It’s been a very rewarding experience.”

“And you’ve done some very good work helping Xander Azula out,” Joe added.

“Yeah.  Working with Xander has been interesting, to say the least,” Dawn replied, half-chuckling.  “Xander’s come a long way in the ring.  But I am glad that he’s getting his HOFC shot against Mike Best at ICONIC.  Hopefully, Xander takes his best shot at him.”

“Just like Rah did a couple years back when you trained him to take his best shot at Mike Best.”

Dawn smiled.  “Just like Rah did.” She turns her head for a split second and then asked Joe, “So.  I heard you say you might not be returning to HOW after the first of the year.  Will this change things around here now if you’re going to be back at the barn full-time?”

“No.  Absolutely not,” Joe unequivocally responded, the tone of his voice clear and convincing. “You will be my chief trainer here… no ifs, and, or buts about it.”  He paused for a split second.  “If you want the job.”

“Oh hell yes,” Dawn said without missing a beat.

“I will still be around,” assured Joe, “but I’m going to try to focus a little more on my wrestling in 2023.”

“Does that mean you’re staying with High Octane Wrestling?” Dawn inquired.

“I wouldn’t bet the ranch against it, let’s put it that way.”  Joe’s comments concerning his HOW future lingered in the air for a few seconds.


“Well,” Dawn began a little on the hesitant side.  “I also appreciate that you’ve taken it really slow with Victoria.”

‘Victoria’ is Dawn’s daughter Victoria… aka Tori… McGill.  Joe and Tori had started up a low-key romantic relationship back in September after a chance meeting at a local St. Louis bar.

Tori also just happens to be the current Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion.

“I think the fact that you’re a wrestler too and you’ve given Tori the space she needs to stay focused on her career has helped… it’s been a good thing,” Dawn explained.

“Well, I’m also still working my way through my post-divorce stuff too,” Joe chipped in.

“Oh, I know,” she said.  “I know all too well about that.”

Married four times, Dawn had been through three somewhat messy divorces in her life.  However, her current marriage to ‘The Sunshine God’ Rah by all accounts was going well and Dawn appeared as happy as she’s been in a long time.

“You know, after the whole John Sektor episode, I was a little concerned… okay, really concerned… that Tori would take after me when it came to men,” Dawn admitted.  “But I think you’ve had a good influence on her.”

“I think you underestimate your daughter, Dawn.”

“How so?”

“Look, the fling with Sektor was exactly that- a fling,” Joe explained.  “John’s reputation with the ladies is well earned.  Tori told me she went into it with her eyes wide open.  Dawn, it was just one night.  She tried to see him a second time- it didn’t happen and Tori got it out of her system and moved on.  She’s in a much different place now… a much better place and if anything, I’m the one who’s slowing things down right now because… well, just because.  It hasn’t been easy untangling my emotions from a fifteen-year marriage and then turning on a dime to a new relationship with someone else.  It’s been a process and we’re taking it one step at a time.”

“Well, I’m glad you two are taking it slow,” Dawn said. “Tori’s got a lot on her plate right now between being the MVW Women’s Champion and all that it entails.  She’s had a really good title reign so far and that’s because she’s been able to stay focused.”

“Trust me, Dawn, you don’t have to worry about me trying to muck up Tori’s career with relationship drama,” Joe tried to reassure her.  “I’m way over drama at this point in my life.”

Dawn nodded and folded her arms.

“I do… have another question for you?” she said.  “So…”  Dawn paused, took a deep breath, and then continued, “What would you think if I told you I was considering training and managing the Kentucky Redneck Mafia again?”

Who are the Kentucky Redneck Mafia?  Cletus T.  Johnson and Enos T. Johnson, that’s who.  An MVW tag team from the backwoods of Kentucky and former MVW Men’s Tag Team champions- with Dawn McGill as their manager.  McGill had a fling with Cletus… what she described as a series of drunken, one-night stands in various hotels all over the Midwest… before she ended the affair and then hooked up with Rah.  The KRM then lost the tag belts and they’ve floundered ever since.

“What does Rah think about this?” Joe asked.

Dawn struggled to respond to the question.

“You haven’t told him yet, have you?”

She shook her head no.

“Look, as long as Cletus is aware what the parameters of the relationship is… manager-wrestler, I don’t think it should be a problem,” Joe said.  “However, you probably should have this conversation with your husband… yes?”

This time, Dawn nodded in the affirmative.

“All right.”  Joe glanced up at the clock. “ICONIC is just over a week away and we’ve got a lot of work to do.  Let’s get to it.”


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Carmondy Cup Finals
Del 5ive Event Center
Emporium, Kansas
Saturday December 10th, 2022

The ‘The Demi-God of HOW’ Scott Stevens and Buckshot Henderson match has just ended and Stevens stands victorious in the ring with his arm raised by referee Davey Keels.

The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens, Ricky Stevens, and the family patriarch Cary Stevens) all join Scott in the ring to celebrate.  With the win, Stevens will take on the Men’s Heartland Champion Bracken Krueger at MVW’s Evening of Champions show on Saturday December 17th– the night before ICONIC.

Stevens calls for a microphone and ring announcer Heather Cooper complies, handing him the microphone so he could make some post-match comments.


Joe Bergman’s voice: Well done… well done Scott.

The crowd roared as the video screen came to life.  Bergman stood backstage along with MVW’s backstage interviewer Kellie Burkowski.

Stevens seems mildly… but not completely… surprised to see Bergman at the MVW house show.

Standing next to Bergman?  The six foot two statuesque blonde Victoria McGill.  Dressed in her street clothes, she’d soon go to her dressing room to get ready for her Carmondy Cup Finals match against Lindsay Troy-protegee Daryn Thompson.

Joe turns to Kellie.

Joe Bergman: Thank you, Kellie.  I know you want to talk to Tori before her MVW Women’s Title match tonight but first, I have a little business I need to take care of.

Kellie nods and exits the shot.

Joe Bergman: Scott, I really don’t have anything more to say to you than I did a few weeks back.   So I’ll ask you the same questions I asked you back in July.

Bergman holds up one finger.

Joe Bergman: Are you REALLY Lee’s champion?  Are you REALLY the GOD of HOW’s champion?

Bergman holds up two fingers.

Joe Bergman: Has Lee actually acknowledged anything that you’ve done?

Joe pauses and answers the question himself.

Joe Bergman: No.   He hasn’t.

Bergman holds three fingers up.

Joe Bergman: How can you believe in the House of Best when it’s clear the GOD of HOW doesn’t believe in you and how can you have faith in the House of Best when the GOD of HOW doesn’t have faith in you?  Why else would Jace Parker Davidson and Christopher America… both card-carrying members of Lee’s…

Joe does the air quotes thing with his hands.

Joe Bergman: …“Final” Order or “Final” Alliance or whatever the final hell he’s calling it… viciously attack you after you and Jace won the HOTv Tag Title?  I’ll answer that question for you… BECAUSE YOU AREN’T A PART OF THEIR GROUP… and… THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO BE PART OF THEIR GROUP!  All this stuff you’ve been doing since summer… the incessant proselytizing on Lee’s behalf both at HOW and at MVW… hasn’t ingratiated you into their little clique, has it?  No.  To them, you’re still the punchline of a joke.  I mean…

Joe pauses and thinks for a second.  Then he pulls out an obscure movie reference to buttress his point.

Joe Bergman: …I know what it is.  It’s a storyline from a bad Star Trek movie…

Star Trek V- The Final Frontier, in case you’re wondering.

Joe Bergman: … okay… maybe not bad but certainly sub-standard compared to the other Star Trek films.  You’re the guy who hijacks the Enterprise to breach the Great Barrier because you believe God is on the other side only to find out that the ‘God’ on the other side is a powerful and malicious being… or in other words, someone like Lee Best.  In the movie, Captain Kirk asks ‘God’ what he needs with a starship.  Scott, what does the God of HOW need with a spokesperson that he’s not in the least loyal to when it’s clear to everyone that you are not the God of HOW’s shield?  You are the guy in a red shirt who gets sent down to the planet with the away team by Captain Kirk to be cannon fodder.  Lee Best is not loyal to you, Scott.  You’re nothing more than a convenient, expendable chess pawn Lee uses to be sacrificed in the name of his Final Alliance.

Stevens tries to respond but his microphone has been shut off.

Joe Bergman: So what’s my point?  My point is Jace Parker Davidson will throw you under the bus in a second if it means he keeps the LSD title.  Don’t let him.  He’s not your friend and neither is Simon Sparrow either.  He’s not your faction mate and neither is Simon Sparrow.  Jace Parker Davidson is all about Jace Parker Davidson.  At ICONIC… during the LSD title match, you need to remember this.  If Steve Solex wins the LSD title, Joe Bergman is okay with that.  If you or Sparrow wins the LSD instead of Jace… well… based on past experience, I’m pretty sure, JPD won’t be okay with that.

Joe pauses to take a deep breath.

Joe Bergman: And speaking of Simon Sparrow.

He rolls his eyes.

Joe Bergman: I’ve just got one question for you, Simon.  When did you become the Joe Isuzu of High Octane Wrestling?

According to Wikipedia, Joe Isuzu was a pathological liar who made outrageous and overinflated claims about Isuzu’s cars.  He was featured in television commercials that ran from 1986 to 1990.  Some of his more notable quotes include:

“Isuzu Trooper II, can hold the whole state of Texas!”

“It has more seats than the Astrodome!”

“If I’m lying, may lightning hit my mother.” (“Good luck, Mom!” appears on the screen.)

“Hi, I’m Joe Isuzu and I used my new Isuzu pickup truck to carry a 2,000-pound cheeseburger.”

“The Isuzu Impulse: faster than a speeding—[catches a bullet in his teeth]—well, you know.”

“I swear on my mother’s grave the quality of this Isuzu!” cell phone rings “Hello? Oh, hi Mom!”

Joe Bergman: This is how much of a joke you’ve become, Simon… a sad, pathetic, schlocky car spokesman spewing a never-ending series of lies.  I hope the fee Lee paid you to sell your soul to him after everything he did to you was more than the usual standard thirty pieces of silver.  All I know is this…  Simon…

Joe steps forward towards the camera.

Joe Bergman: …when the going gets tough for Joe Bergman… Joe Bergman doesn’t sell out everything he believes in to the highest bidder.  I’ll see you Sunday.

Fade to black.


Joe Bergman’s Barn
Plattin, Missouri
Monday December 12th, 2022

Eight AM.


The sound of a whip crackled through the air inside the barn.

“Okay, Joe,” Dawn McGill said in a stern, zero-bullshit-put-up-with tone of voice.  “You asked for it…”


“…and you’re going to get it.”

Standing several feet away, Joe nodded… knowing that Dawn was going to put him through a very rigorous three-day boot camp to get himself ready for ICONIC.

Also standing a few feet away and interested in what was going on, several students filed out from the dressing room and Highwaymen… Steve Solex, Clay Byrd, and Steve Harrison.  All four Highwaymen would be on hand at the Barn for most of the week as well to train and get ready for ICONIC.

The other three Highwaymen seemed rather amused at the thought of Dawn cracking the whip to Joe Bergman.

The front door of the barn opened and then closed very hard… loud enough that the sound echoed throughout the barn for several seconds afterward.

“Sorry I’m late,” a female voice called out.  “Give me a couple minutes and I’ll be ready.”

All eyes turned to the young woman hastily taking her coat off and hanging it up on the coat rack along the wall near the front door- Victoria McGill.

With the exception of the Highwaymen, everyone… EVERYONE… was caught completely by surprise at the sudden appearance of her at the barn. Tori felt the stare coming from everyone in the building.

“What?  You’ve got big matches this Sunday?  I’ve got a big match coming up on Saturday against Shizuko Yamazaki,” Tori said while stretching out her legs and then her arms.  She was referring to her MVW Women’s Title match against ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki on Saturday the 17th.

Joe glanced at Dawn.  Dawn shrugged.

“What are you doing here?” Joe asked.

Tori smiled.

“You’ve been there for me, Joe.  I’m going to be here for you. This week….” Tori winked at Joe.

“…we’re both in this together.”

“Okay then,” Dawn said and…