The King Of Everything But Stallions Right?

The King Of Everything But Stallions Right?

Posted on March 26, 2023 at 10:58 am by Stronk Godson

Celebrity gossip website FRFR (abbreviated from For Real For Real Productions) recently caught up with HOW star STRonk Godson on the streets of Chicago.

Veteran cameraman/interviewer Shane Toe found STRonk, dressed only in a pair of short shorts, attempting to dislodge a mailbox from its foundation. When asked what he was doing, the frenzied Godson responded, “TRAininG.”

Shane Toe got the pro wrestler’s full attention when he asked how “Jace Parker Davidson can be the King of Everything if you’re the King of Stallions? How does that work?”

After viewing the raw, unedited footage of the interview, we determined that STRonk Godson stood in the middle of the sidewalk, unblinking, without saying a single word, for close to three minutes, absolutely befuddled.

He responded, “JAce PArKEr DavidSON CANNOT be tHE KIng OF EVErytHINg. EVERYThing InCLUDES STALlions. STRonk IS king OF stALLIONS.”

After finally succeeding in prying the mailbox from the ground, STRonk then sprinted off down the street with it propped on his shoulder. We’re pretty sure that’s very illegal, and out of respect for STRonk Godson, we will not be sharing the incriminating footage at this time.