The King has returned

The King has returned

Posted on April 22, 2021 at 7:53 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Five years.

Five whole years since I’ve stepped foot inside of a wrestling ring to wrestle a match. And now? My first match back is not only televised but it’s the main event of the Refueled 60 card.

It’s for the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts.

The last time I was in the main event of a card with a title on the line was back in 4CW. On top of a giant steel structure on which me and my ex-wife Tara were pushed off by none other than Scott Stevens. As we were both falling to our doom I grabbed a hold of Tara and protected her from the impact of the announce table that we crashed through. The impact and Tara’s weight on top of me injured me more than I knew at the time.

I wrestled one more match against Scott Stevens one on one getting my revenge. However I might have won the battle but I lost the war. I was losing feeling in my arms and one trip to the doctor revealed the grim diagnosis. I suffered a career threatening neck injury and that was the end of my wrestling career.

That is until now.

April 10th 2021 in St. Louis I made my return to wrestling. A return home to High Octane Wrestling in a big, big way.

A return to The Best Alliance.

Now I just find myself a couple days away from putting gold back around my waist here in Glendale, Arizona. I walked out of the hotel we were staying at along with Madison by my side. A black stretch limo awaits us which was just one of the many perks of being in The Best Alliance. The chauffeur stood there dressed to the nines in this dry Arizona heat with a forced smile on his face.

The kind of awkward smile you force in public when you’re suffering from a severe case of swamp ass.

Limousines were nothing new to me however Madison could barely hide her excitement having never been inside of one. The chauffeur opened the door for us and Madison slid in first with an audible squeal. I looked the chauffeur up and down, catching him checking out Madison’s ass as she got in before getting in myself. A slam of the door and it wasn’t long before we were off to our desired destination.

“I can’t believe that blind old man would send a limo for us. This is so goddamn exciting!” Madison proclaimed as her eyes darted around to every inch of the inside of the limo.

“That blind old man has a name.” I replied bluntly. “Actually he prefers to be called GOD so I suggest you remember that whenever you’re in his presence. The limo is just his way of showing appreciation for the job I’ve done for him so far.” I said with a smirk of a job well done.

“You mean beating the ever living fuck out of that wannabe golfer dude?” Madison asks as she wiggles her ass on the cushy leather seating. “He’s seriously creepy but the way you hit him in the head with that driver was hilarious.” She says with a giggle as she makes a golf swinging motion with her arms.

“Trading little love taps was fun and all but now I get that son of a bitch in the ring in the main event.” I stated to her while rubbing my hands together. “I’ve made his life a living hell since the moment he stepped foot back into HOW. Though if he thinks it’s rough now he’s not seen anything yet.”

“Oh, alcohol!” Madison exclaims as she reaches out and grabs the bottle of Johnnie Walker and a couple of glasses. “So what do you think your chances are of winning?” She inquired as she handed me one of the glasses.

“That’s the thing Madi, I’m not sure if I actually want to win this match or not.” I sighed a bit and looked down at the glass in my hands.

“Wait, what?!” Madison shouted as she opened the bottle of Johnnie Walker. “What do you mean you’re not sure if you want to win this match or not?” She hissed as she turned her head to look me in the eyes.

“Don’t get me wrong being a three time HOW World Tag Team Champion would be great. Yet I have no idea how Solex and I are going to mesh as a team inside the ring.” I said thinking out loud as I raised my hand into the air to ease Madison’s anxiety. “I didn’t pick this guy as a partner, Lee did. My job has been to take out Ray McAvay so part of me says just focus on that and not the win.”

“So what does the other part of you say?” She asks in a quizzical fashion as she poured herself some of the alcohol from the bottle.

“It says fuck Local Grapplers 214 and bring those titles back to The Best Alliance. I know that’s why Lee picked me for this match.” I said with utter confidence. “I just don’t want my legacy to read he was just a tag team specialist.”

“I’d hate to think I helped you beat that McAvay’s guy’s ass just for you to go soft on me.” She quipped as she poured some alcohol into my glass.

“Well it’s not just Ray I have to worry about in this match. He’s teamed with Zeb, or Jeb, or whatever he calls himself. The so-called catfish whisperer. He’s a burly fella and not only that there’s Troy, Palmer, and Fuse I’m sure will be lurking around somewhere backstage.”

I raised my glass to my lips and took a sip,

“I just pray Solex brings his A game since he lost to Martin and Fuse a few weeks ago. I’m sure with that win and McAvay winning the World title in 2016 they must be feeling pretty confident in their abilities.” I looked and Madison had already finished her glass.

“Yeah but that was a few weeks ago and 2016 for fucks sake. This time will be much different, circumstances have changed.” She reassured as she poured herself another glass.

“Yeah who knows ring rust or not maybe I’ll just take out McAvay and win those titles back at the same time.” I exclaimed with a half grin.

“Fuck yeah I’ll drink to that shit!”


About an hour or so later I found myself alongside Madison inside of the Gila River arena. Work was still being done to prepare for Refueled on the 24th. The ring needed to be set up along with the stage and the HOV. However with tickets not yet sold out it meant that it was promotion time. Madison and I were led back into a room in the building where lighting and a camera were set up in front of a couch and a coffee table.

We were mic’d up and took our seats on the couch as last minute adjustments were made before going live. Madison looked around the room as I took a moment to ponder just what I wanted to talk about here today. Sure my little feud with McAvay might have been one of the hottest things going in HOW at the moment. However I needed to think more about Ray’s partner in this match.

I was snapped out of my train of thought by the HOW camera crew telling us that they were all set to go if we were. I cleared my throat as Madison raised her hand into the air and combed her fingers through her purple hair. I leaned back on the couch as we were counted down and the camera went live.

“Allow me to introduce myself to those new to High Octane Wrestling both audience and roster wise.” I opened with calmly. “My name is Jace Parker Davidson. I’m a member of The Best Alliance and a future HOW hall of famer. This week I will be teaming with Steve Solex to face Ray McAvay and Zeb Martin in the main event for the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts.”

“Now Ray McAvay and I, we go way back but you Zeb Martin I will be meeting for the first time inside of the ring. I’ve watched some tape on you, seen some promos, and I gotta say Zeb. You are definitely one boring ass motherfucker. You have the personality of a wet paper bag and the mind of a fucking mud puddle. Former member of the eGG Bandits and now a member of Local Grapplers 214. Is it just me or does this guy have like the worst taste in stables?”

I asked with a tilt of my head as Madison spoke up for the first time.

“Maybe he just picks groups with the stupidest fucking names he can find? I don’t know maybe the dude will team with whoever can tolerate that gibberish he likes to speak.”

“That’s a good point Madison but whatever the case maybe Zeb’s in this match and I can already tell how this is going to play out. Just because you’re a little slow on the uptake I’ll spell it out for you. Zeb you’re going to pound your chest on the fact you’ve beaten Steve Solex before. So as a group you knuckleheads are going to come up with the plan of isolating Solex in the ring and leaving me out of the match as much as humanly possible. Which by the way would be a smart move on your team’s part because all the pressure is on your shoulders here Zeb.”

I leaned forward and clasped my hands together as I rested my elbows on my knees.

“You haven’t exactly been lighting the world on fire when it comes to being inserted into Tag Team title matches. Ray is just now coming back and whether he wants to admit it or not he’s not 100% after those two attacks. And to top it all off you’re not even the one that won the titles. You have to defend someone else’s belts and whether Solex is my partner or not…”

I’m interrupted by Madison who balls both of her fists and shouts as loudly as she possibly can.

“I’m your goddamn partner not Steve Solex! Fuck a #1 soldier dad or whatever calls himself!!!”

“Like I said regardless of if Solex is in this match or not you have to succeed Zeb. You don’t want to be exposed as the weak link of your group. You don’t want the shame of losing Troy and Palmer’s titles, especially heading into War Games. Now thankfully for you, your team are the favorites heading into this thing. You guys chose Ray and I got stuck with Solex. You guys all live under the same goddamn roof, you hang together, you eat together, hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys all bathed together.”

“Solex and I haven’t even been introduced to one another. So if you lose? Goddamn you’d be the laughing stock of 214. The guy that lost to Steve Solex and a guy that hasn’t wrestled in 5 years. See this is simple Zeb, Lee Best didn’t screw you guys. If he really wanted those titles that badly he would have just stripped you guys of them and awarded them back to Sektor and Jatt. This is a test for the four of us in this match. For me and Ray? He wants to see what we have left in the tank and for you and Solex? He wants to see where each of you stand going into War Games. So do the math here Zeb, it’s sink or swim for you.”

I parted my hands and leaned back on the couch. I raised my right arm into the air and rubbed over my chin a bit before speaking again.

“You better win this battle because the war is far from decided. Win or lose for The Best Alliance there is still plenty of time between now and Tokyo to win back those tag titles and the LSD title. However is there time to replace the failure that lost yet another Tag Team Championship match? All eyes are going to be on you so you better not fuck up. Can you beat Solex again? Can you protect Ray from yours truly? Can you prove yourself to be anything more than the weak link in the Grapplers? I’m dying to find out…see you on the 24th.”

With that I stood up from the couch and reached out to help Madison to her feet. We made our exit from the room and made a beeline for the office of Lee Best as the camera fades to black.


Welcome to the main event boys and you can thank me later for elevating you to my level.

First match back and not only am I in the main event but I have the chance to put gold around my waist. Fuck all the work you’ve done since you’ve been here. Fuck your goddamn standings and whose ranked where. I sign my name on the dotted line and I walk into Championship matches. 

That means every single one of you on the roster? I leap frogged you to the main event and Championship opportunity just on my name and talent alone. Each and every single one of you should be pissed the fuck off. The whole roster should have heat with me because I’ve taken your spot. I’ve been handed on a silver platter what you’ve given your blood, sweat, and tears for all these months. Just because I am who the fuck I am and you’re not.

Five years on the shelf and Lee Best still sees me as more valuable, more trustworthy to lead his company then the rest of you. If that isn’t an indictment of the rest of you poor fucks I don’t know what is. The King of Everything isn’t just a fancy name, it’s the embodiment of who I am. The rest you can talk about what you’ve done in the past. The battles you’ve waged, the titles you’ve won, trying to jockey for position on the totem pole. Yet I will always be the pinnacle of this mountain no matter how long I’ve been gone.

I know you hate to see it and you should. Half of you should be beating down Lee Best’s door demanding an explanation on why your efforts just don’t measure up. The Zion’s, Hollywood’s, and Zeb Martin’s of the world should just retire now and hunt down careers in other fields because you’ve just fallen further down the card. Let’s be real guys and gal, I’m already featured on the HOW website before even cutting my first promo. However there is one person that should hate this most of all.

Ray McAvay.

God has forsaken you Ray. From War Games hero to a man that has a bounty on his head. Lee Best has sent an assassin after you and now your chances of survival are slim and none. You thought you could ride Lindsay Troy’s coattails to another War Games victory now your very existence is in the palm of my hand. You’ve already started to feel what I’m capable of doing to you but this is only the beginning.

I’m sure you’re itching to get inside of the ring with me here in Glendale, Arizona. After the attacks back to back weeks I’m sure there is nothing more running between those ears of yours but a measure of revenge. A chance for me to look you dead in the eyes, face to face, where you suddenly think you will have an advantage.

That’s laughable.

Sure I’ve attacked you from behind but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way I can take you out. Don’t you remember War Games back in 2016? See this has all been going according to plan. You made your return thinking you were going to be some big hero that helps the Grapplers overcome the evil of The Best Alliance and win War Games. For once you actually felt important, you felt needed, and what happened? I outclassed you Ray McAvay.

I made MY return to HOW and I made you look like a bitch!

I ran through you like a freight train through a wall of wet toilet paper. Sure you thought you got me back the week after but I got back up and I ran through you one more time. I’ve been chipping away at you piece by piece and this week will be no different. Tag Titles be damned you are my one and only target. I’m going to make sure that you don’t make it to Tokyo to even be in the War Games match. 

And if by some miracle there’s enough gum and duct tape to get you to Tokyo then I’ll be there to finish you off.

This doesn’t end until your remains are left in a goddamn coffee can like your name was Graystone. The Grapplers are gonna be a man short heading into War Games and your wife is going to be a widow. You might think you’re something because you had some meager success here in HOW but you’re in the sights of the fucking Conqueror. You’re going to need to live up under Lindsay’s ass the next 6-7 weeks because any chance I get I’m going to strike. Week after fucking week, whether it be in the ring, backstage, or in the parking lot.

Don’t think I won’t show up to your house and burn that motherfucker to the ground.

I’m coming for blood Ray. I’m filled with untamed, unadulterated, unscripted violence. That means come Saturday night win or lose. Before, during, or after the match I’m dumping you on your dome again. Then when you’re scratching and crawling to try and get back up? I’m going to stomp on your head and crush it like a grape just because I can. 

There is nothing you can do to stop me.

There is no escape.

And I’m going to keep going until there is nothing left.

You will bend the knee McAvay.

And with your last ounce of strength.

You will bow to the King of Everything.