The G-Train To Redemption

The G-Train To Redemption

Posted on May 6, 2021 at 5:48 pm by Scottywood

Getting scared Gino?  Second guessing this fight?  Afraid of what will happen if I corner in that cage with a weapon in hand?

Fine, “handicap” me in our fight.  Done.  You wanna add any more stipulations while we’re at it?  Hands tied behind my back?  Blindfold?  Want me to remove my lip rings in fear you’ll cut those soft as fuck hands.  Bet they’re real moisturized from Jackin’ that over Tanned dick all the time.

Point is, it doesn’t fucking matter what restrictions you wanna try and place on me… I’m going to fucking murder you inside that cage.  No joke.  I shoulda destroyed you back then… I fucked up.  Instead I made you something that you could have never become on your own…


You may have trained at Six Time for way too many years, but it was not Mike Best that made you into what you are today.  It was me Gino… it was all me.  I was the voice in the back of your head pushing you harder… and harder.  Being your motivation to become something more than just a joke of a reporter with one borderline cool line.

I seriously question if you’re having a seizure every time you yell out EYYOOOO.  

So you’re welcome Gino… because while you may think I buried you… I am the reason for your existence.  Without me… where do you think you’d be now?  No jokes, just truth, you’d be nowhere.  If I just crushed you and moved on with my HOFC title, you would have faded to fucking obscurity.  Instead I motivated you… and kept your name alive in the minds of every HOW wrestler and fan for the past nine years.

“You lost to Gino” I’ve had to endure over and over from the mouths of everyone trying to get a cheap insult on me. Thinking it’s an automatic shot to discredit everything I’ve done in HOW… everything I have done FOR HOW.  Yes, I’ve given more to this company than just about any motherfucker that has ever stepped foot in here… yet I get shit on, fucking constantly!  I’m done being stepped on… done being shit on.  You wanna come at me… then I will fucking die before I let you walk away.  I will burn this whole fucking place down before I let you drive me from it.

Sure, I might not have all the fancy title history records… and might cling to a 2016 World Title win… but that is because HOW has been my fucking life.  It saved my fucking life!  It was there when so much wasn’t.

You wanna talk jokes… and joking about me being a drunk, about my DUI.  The one I got months before I joined HOW.  That nearly killed my son Frankie.  So funny.  I was in a bad place, Gino… HOW got me onto the wagon for many months when I had nothing.  Yes, I fell off, the call of the bottle was just too strong.  But at least I had HOW, and while no one would believe it now, it wasn’t full of people who were all giant dick bags.  Oh we were horrible in that ring… but there was comradery.

I know you could care less about all that… but you need to understand what I am really fighting for.  There is no title on the line this time.  Instead I am fighting for a sliver of redemption.  I am fighting to right a wrong from years ago and rid the loss to Gino the joke reporter… and replace it with a win over Gino the badass fighter.

Your streets may have been tougher than mine in Connecticut and NYC, I could care less… but don’t ever fucking think I’m not one of the toughest fuckers in HOW.  To survive all the shit hurled at me day in and day out and STILL be here.  I’m fucking shocked I haven’t flipped out more like when I broke your fucking jaw.

Which is your own idea of what “tough” is… so thanks.

I’m fighting for my HOW Gino, I’m fighting for the place that has been my rock through so much, especially this last year.  I almost lost it all.  But then my fight with Mike, it lit a fire under my ass.  Now you Gino, you’re gonna be what helps me start to turn everything around.  Your blood Gino, your broken body, it will help me save HOW.  It will help save me.