The Forgotten Story About a Lamb Being Lead to Slaughter

The Forgotten Story About a Lamb Being Lead to Slaughter

Posted on July 23, 2020 at 11:43 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: IHOP
July 24, 2020: Time: 2:30 am

“What the hell is this suppose to be?!?!?”

The scene opens up to a man in his sixties from his snowy hair and facial hair appearance placing down a ceramic mug with a black liquid in it on a wooden table disgusted of what he just tasted.

“Coffee…..I think.”

A familiar voice replies as we see Scott Stevens sitting across the table from the individual.

“How do you fuck up black coffee?”

The man replies as he takes another sip of his beverage and he shivers from the disgust as Stevens cracks a smirk as he takes a drink of his orange juice. The man places his beverage back down on the table and addresses the elephant in the room.

“Why am I here Scott?”

The man asks as Stevens tries to find the words.

“To catch up. It’s been forever since we saw…..”

Stevens replies, but the man cuts him off.

“Just stop.”

The man says as he isn’t convinced by Scott’s reason.

“I highly doubt you dragged my wrinkly ass all the way from Philly just for a visit. Now why am I here?”

The man asks again.

“Well, Chuck……”

Stevens starts and the man puts a finger up.

“Sorry Coach, I brought you here because I needed a new set of eyes. A neutral set of eyes that will advise me going forward.”

Scott reveals as Chuck takes another sip of his coffee.

“So what exactly are you asking Scott? You want me to be your trainer? Manager? Why exactly am I here?”

Chuck asks again as Stevens thinks for a moment.

“All of the above?”

Stevens replies with a shred of hesitation in his voice.

“I see.”

Chuck takes another sip of his coffee.

“And why didn’t you ask dear old dad instead?”

The curiosity hits the Texan as he lets out a sigh.

“Because he tells me what I want to hear and not what I need to hear.”

Sincerity escapes the Texan’s mouth for the first time in a long time.

“Go on.”

Chuck replies and Scott nods.

“I need someone I can trust to help me get back on not just a competing level…..(slight hesitation), but a respectable level again.”

Stevens says as he looks down at the table.

“After everything I’ve accomplished in HOW and other places and people still consider me a fucking joke, and now it’s gotten worse.”

Stevens reveals as he lets out a sigh.

“How’s that?”

Chuck asks with curiosity in his tone.

“For starters, when people see that they are facing me that don’t just see me as an easy victory it’s that they see me as an unworthy opponent and that’s what pisses me off. I don’t care about the wins and losses, but them not taking me seriously and treating me as a fucking punchline has been eating me up inside for a long time. Hell, when I was the Lonesome Loser I had more respect than I do now and that has to change.”

Stevens’ tone is filled with resentment and anger as Chuck listens.

“I’ll help you Scott.”

Chuck replies and a smile cracks on the Texan’s face.

“Oh thank you……..”


Chuck slaps Scott across the face and the Texan seems shocked before his face begins to flush towards a red tint and rage fills his eyes.

“What was that for?!?!?”

Stevens growls as he stares daggers into Chuck.

“Oh boy! Thank you sir! I won’t let you down!”

Chuck mocks Scott’s gratitude.

“I was just trying to thank you for your help.”

Stevens responds as he rubs his cheek.

“And that was your first mistake Scott. You brought me here to get you back on the path you should be on not to be your friend. I’m here to set you straight and tell you that you suck and that you are a fucking joke because at this moment in time that’s what you are!”

They say the truth hurts and Chuck is spewing it all over Scott.

“You were in a championship match last week and your opponent didn’t take you seriously until you punched him in the fucking mouth and Mr. Murray had to result to a low blow to get the victory over you because he got desperate.”

Chuck informs Scott who has begun to perk up.

“You saw that?”

The Texan asks curiously.

“Scott, I’m always watching and observing and I know more things about you than most.”

Chuck’s statement has Stevens interest.

“Such as?”

Scott asks and Chuck leans back in the booth and takes a minute to think.

“You want it so badly that when people hear your name you want it to breathe fear in people’s minds and that they hug the wall when you pass by. You will never be Chris Kostoff or close to that because you aren’t him. So stop trying to follow his path to success and be something different. Be Scott Stevens.”

Chuck states.

“And look how well that has has worked out for me….”


“Last time I checked Scott Stevens was a former World champion. Former ICON and LSD champion. A man who didn’t give a shit what people thought of him and brought the fight week in and week out.”

Chuck states proudly.

“This Scott Stevens that sits before me (waving his hand up and down) is more concerned with his image and public approval.”

Chuck says with a sigh.

“Scott, you’re damaged goods, and you want what HOW has done to you to be forgotten with a snap of a finger and I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that. However, we can wash some of the stench away and make you respectable once again.”

Chuck finishes off his coffee before pouring himself another.

“I saw a little bit of the old Scott Stevens when you faced Mr. Murray last week, but that was last week and this week is another mountain to climb.”

Chuck says as Stevens nods.

“You can say that again.”

Stevens chuckles as he finishes his orange juice.

“You are facing the World champion, and the Hammer of GOD against you and Mr. Eric Dane. We got work to do.”

Chuck says as he sips his coffee as the waitress comes with the check and Stevens reaching into his back pocket and fumbles through his wallet and throws some cash on the table as the two get up from their booth and head towards the exit.



The final phrase or sentence of a joke or story, providing the humor or some other crucial element.


Fail to remember.

Inadvertently neglect to do, bring, or mention something.

Put out of one’s mind; cease to think of or consider.

Leading the Lambs to Slaughter.

Innocently and helplessly, without realizing the danger.


It’s nice to see that I’m the one that will be taking the pin or submission this week in tag match this week against Dan Ryan and Mike Best. I guess the bright spot is that it’s the Main Event and I’m in the same ring as legends like Mike Best, Dan Ryan, and even my partner, Eric Dane.

I mean that’s what everyone is saying.

Mike Best and Dan Ryan both put forth most of their focus towards Eric Dane and if I was mentioned it was briefly and as an afterthought.

It’s nice to see where I am in the grand scheme of things.

You ask Mike Best and he would say I’m not worth tagging with because I don’t draw and I’m not worthy because he’s only lost two matches since 2016. Dan Ryan says I would say some things to say them because I say things, and my tag partner, the Great Eric Dane, is going to carry me in the biggest match of my career.

Good to know where I fall in line in the grand scheme of things and you know what I have to say about that?

Fuck Mike Best.

It’s funny that the Group of Death is focusing all their efforts on Eric Dane and forgetting about little ole me especially Mike Best because the last time he did that I made him tap out. I know Mike, you’re going to remind everyone that was back then and that I suck now, but you forget that same scenario happened back then as well as I was starting to come out of my funk and you were still brushing me off as a serious threat and I beat you and that’s probably why you claim you haven’t been beat since 2016 because your defeat at my hands was back in 2015.

What’s funny is how much you have forgotten. You make fun of my stats and the whole Stevenspedia thing, but I don’t forget Mike. Maybe if you’re mind wasn’t destroyed from all the nose candy you’ve been snorting you would know that in 2016 you were defeated, multiple times. The ones that come to mind right off of the bat is your loss to Trent and the biggest one that brings a smile to my face is the one against Brian Hollywood. You know, the one you threw a bitch fit about that your own dad had to move it a non-televised dark match because you threatened to not show up to the arena if he was broadcast live.

How little we forget.

For the rest of 2016 you were trying to have literal Death Matches over the HOFC championship and you supposedly “killed” Kostoff.

Good job there Hoss because he looks to be alive and kicking to me.

Mike Best 2016 year in perspective.

Electra – Win.

Brian Hollywood – Loss.

Trent – Loss.

Kostoff – Win.

Austin Reeves – Match canceled.

Looks like you lost a couple of matches to me.

Looks like a pretty pathetic year to me Mike.

Four matches and you broke even, but yes, you ended 2016 on a victory. Good job bud. Surprised it’s took this long and people haven’t called you on your bullshit about your 2016 claim. That’s what HOTv is for.

Don’t worry Mike. I’ll keep your claim alive.

Wink. Wink.

Also Michael, if I’m not worth a fuck and can’t draw then why is your old man continuing to put me in big time matches?


Fuck Dan Ryan.

Now, it took me awhile to think of some things to say about Dan Ryan because he knows how much I love to say things.

Dan Ryan is an absolute beast. He is a fucking brute to be in the ring with. He is the Chris Kostoff outside of High Octane Wrestling.

What’s with the disrespect for big man?

I just don’t understand?

Is it that you felt you couldn’t beat the eMpire so you decided to pull a Kevin Durant and sign with the better team in the off-season?

I mean you couldn’t beat Max.

You failed against Farthington multiple times.

You lost to Mike.

Hell, you’ve been Andy Murray’s bitch since he came to HOW.

Being the Hammer of GOD doesn’t seem all that appealing as it seems your smiting powers have disappeared.

You mentioned DEFIANCE in your attempt to slight me, but you forget that my family and I have dominated that company since we stepped foot there and we are continuing to dominate because that’s what we do. I was never pinned or submitted for that championship Dan. You may see this as a farewell tour and I’m just going through the motions, but that is farthest from the truth because this is the Kick Your Ass tour and I’m going to smite the GODLY Hammer at Refueled. I don’t need your empathy Dan because I’m going to step up to you and punch you square in the fucking face and prove the bath robe wearing Thor is just like everyone else.


Fuck Eric Dane.

What needs to be said about a man who graciously decides to carry you in the biggest match off your career. I mean I don’t know what to say. I should be thankful of his generosity, but I am not.

Eric, do you honestly believe half the things that come out of your mouth? You can’t carry me to my biggest match in my HOW career because Max Kael already did that years ago just like he carried you to victory last week against the Hollywood Bruvs. You can claim you’re the uncrowned tag champions since that’s the biggest victory of your HOW career.

For someone who hasn’t done anything in HOW you seem like you know it all. Maybe you can tell me how to beat Mike Best? Or how not to be reliant on Dan Ryan to help me win matches?

For the first time in your life shut your fucking mouth and fall in line like a good little soldier and follow the man with the Hall of Fame resume, and if I want your opinion I’ll ask for it because I don’t even know I can trust you to be my tag partner by Saturday because you could up and quit by then because you tend to leave your partners high and dry when they need you.

Don’t like what I’m saying?

Go bitch to Lee because that’s what it seems your best at these days.

Mike and Dan were right about you.

You have no fight left.

You have no teeth.

You’re all bark and no bite.

Eric, I may be the laughing stock of HOW, but at least I’m not Lee’s bitch boy. I’ve never bent the knee to GOD because the last time Lee fucked with me I fucking made him eat the curb and I smash his face in when I curbed stomp the Godliness out of him. The icing on the cake was when I spiked him on his fucking head right after that and he wasn’t seen for nearly the rest of the year afterwards. However, you receive GOD’s icing on a regular basis. You have become his new Kirsta Lewis and if you ask him really nicely he’ll give you those knee pads everyone knows you’ve been secretly wanting.

This Saturday at Refueled is going to be a big match indeed and I’m looking forward to bringing down the Group of Death down a peg or two.