The Flames

The Flames

Posted on May 24, 2023 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

It was a hard pill to swallow, really.  Here I was…a chance to not only get on the War Games card, but to get in the War Games match itself.  I knew I was fighting an uphill battle.  That much was always obvious to me.  I don’t know…perhaps Lee has finally seen how much of a threat I am to his little Alliance and to everything he fucking built, potentially having the chance to fall completely.  I happen to know that I’m not the only threat to the so called “Final Alliance.”  Call it what you fucking will..the fact of the matter is you can’t deny or stop fate.  Believe me…I’ve tried.  I’ve tried everything in the god damn book to no avail.  Hell, this is coming from someone who thought his own father could be overtaken by the powers of a deity.  I couldn’t have been so fucking wrong!  Apparently he got the motivation from me and that was a scary thought because everyone and their fucking mothers know I have had and STILL don’t want anything to do with their father..but it was as it always is…in a short time I’ll be facing off in a match where the winner will go onto join their fellow teammates and give the team a massive advantage.  Anyone who has known me long enough knows that I take pride in putting things on the line…especially when it come to the Final Alliance…there’s no one else more qualified for the job than yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood.  Still…something seemed off about this War Games PPV period and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…it’s too bad that when I did put two and two together it would be too late…in more ways then one..




We are mere days away from the biggest pay per view of the year.




In the past couple years, I’ve done nothing but get myself on the card, at least.  Well…here I am and I’ve found that if I can win my qualifying match, I would give our team a handicap entering War Games and when it comes to War Games….handicaps were definitively a big advantage.  Thing is….I’m not used to playing with others…most of my career…I’ve relied on myself to get the job done.  Of course, there were a couple loopholes in that line of thinking.  I mean, when it came to Sex and Money, or the Hollywood Boyz, I have been known to play ball and give whoever was on my side the reassurance of knowing everything would be how come I can’t shake this feeling right now?


I know I’ve got my work cut out for me at War Games…I also know that with this Pay Per View coming up and the fact I will have to rely on my other teammates is a bit of uncharted waters moving forward with yours truly.


But I know I can do it.  I’ve proven that very notion time after time again.


Even with feeling the way I’m feeling…there’s still something that doesn’t feel right about it.


Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for teaming up with a few people in taking down the Final Alliance.  When it comes to taking them down, or no matter WHO is apart of the Final Alliance, I’m there in waiting to take down anyone who stands in my way.  I mean for fuck sakes….I’ve been all about that in the past…why change it up now?


There was just one obstacle standing in front of me…I would have to get by Azula, El Hombre and Kostoff to get there.  Kostoff and I fought well together…but him and I will be on opposing sides of the ring and I know for a fact that he will want any chance to take down the Alliance any way he can.  Him and I are made of the same blood…and that is to give the Final Alliance a dose of their own medicine.  But we will be on opposite sides of the ring come time for this weekend.  It’s nothing personal, Kostoff, and it will be an honor to wrestle you for a chance to move on to the War Games match itself.


As for Azula and El Hombre, just know that you guys are going to have your hands full.  When it comes to the Alliance and doing battle with them, there is nothing more important than to take them down as hard as possible.  That’s why it will be a difficult match when you have an Alliance destroyer thinking the same that you are.


Make no mistake gentlemen…everything will be laid out there on the line and there will be nothing easy come time for this Sunday.


We’ll see you guys soon!