The EVIL EMPIRE Won’t Strike Back Because It’s the Return of the Demi-God

The EVIL EMPIRE Won’t Strike Back Because It’s the Return of the Demi-God

Posted on March 10, 2023 at 10:45 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Manchester, England: Old Trafford

Date: March 9, 2023

As the scene opens up to the home of the Manchester United Red Devils, it is a shitty day outside as the sky is grey and cloudy and it is extremely cold and drizzling.  As the camera pans around the stadium no one dares to be outside in weather like this…..

What’s that in the distance?

Off in the distance sits a hooded individual wearing not Manchester United colors, but the colors of one of their rivals, Manchester City.


Who would wear those colors on this hallowed ground?

The individual slowly lowers his hood and reveals himself to be the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens. Scott sits there and doesn’t move as he stares out into the distance towards the field where he will do battle in a few short days. The Texan’s 97 Red colored glasses are stained with droplets of water as they slowly roll down the lenses and slowly drench the Hall of Famer’s clothing.

“Old Trafford.”

Stevens breaks the silence with two simple words.

“For over one hundred years this stadium has seen many battles and many more victories.”

Stevens lets his statement simmer for a bit before continuing.

“This Sunday at March to Glory it will see another classic as Jatt Starr, Dan Ryan, Joe Bergman and myself battle for the HOTv championship. Four individuals ready, willing, and able to be crowned or retain said championship.”

Scott slowly leans forward in his seat.

“Even though this stadium belongs to HIS favorite football, the Final Alliance and I don’t have homefield advantage.”

Stevens informs as he slowly shakes his head.

“Instead, it is the champion who has the advantage walking into Sunday.”

Stevens adjusts himself in the seat as he slowly rests his elbows on the seat in front of him and places his hands under his chin.

‘Joe Bergman is the physical embodiment of the EVIL EMPIRE that has plagued High Octane Wrestling the last few years just like Manchester United has plagued the Premier League and the New York Yankees has plagued Major League Baseball for over a hundred years. Yankees have amassed twenty-seven championships, United has managed to win twenty, and the former luchador with the horrible breath has won seven championships in his HOW career. While the Yankees and Red Devils would buy their way to championship gold, Bergman would use and abuse anyone and everywhere to assure he stayed on top. Out of all the Highwaymen, who was the most successful?”

Stevens asks as he leans back in his seat.

“There is a reason why I wear these colors in this stadium.”

Scott looks down and points to his Manchester City logo on his hoodie.

“Manchester City represents the changing of the guard.”

Stevens brings his head back up.

“Man City has been an irresistible force that no one has been able to stop has they have won eight championships with six being a little over the last ten years. Just like my Houston Astros has been a constant presence in the World Series as of late. More importantly, just like I have been against Joe Bergman in the months leading up to March to Glory.”

Stevens slowly nods his head.

“I’ll represent the winds of change that will be blowing through the stadium that night when I emerge as the new HOTv champion.”

Stevens emphasizes with extreme confidence.

“Think about it, who has been Joe Bergman’s biggest threat for the last several months? Jatt Starr? Dan Ryan? Please, those two idiots are too busy getting tased and hit in the face with a steel chair to do their fucking job that HE has asked them to perform. A simple task as defeat and take out Joe Bergman appears to be too hard to comprehend for two legends of the sport. Hell, the Rembrandt of Wrestling couldn’t be bothered to face him one on one at ICONIC like he was supposed to so I had to make sure he didn’t win the LSD championship and it was I who prevented him from regaining the tag titles. Two matches and he comes up empty. He may have won the battle against me at Lethal Lottery, but it was I who won the war when I had to save the Final Alliance from looking like jackasses when I single handedly sent a message to Bergman and his cunt, Sunny O’Callahan.”

Stevens places his foot on the back of the chair in front of him.

“Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr are credible and formidable threats to anyone just ask them. They will tell you all the time. Jatt’s arrogance…..I mean confidence is through the roof because he’s the only undefeated this and he’s never been beaten at that. The most important fact about Jatt when it comes to Joe Bergman is that Jatt is indeed undefeated against Bergman. He’s undefeated in the fact, as far as I can recall, as he’s never beaten Ordinary Joe. So Jatt is the perfect person to make sure Joe doesn’t walk out of March to Glory as the HOTv champion.”

Stevens says with disgust in his voice.

“Don’t worry Mr. Sparrow, I’ll make sure the EPU remove any steel chairs from ringside and prevent his manager from getting involved.”

Scott makes a click with his mouth as he gives the thumbs up.

“Ever since Dan Ryan came into HOW he’s made headlines. He is a legend and his name brings fear and terror to whomever is standing across from him. I’m sure he’s the right choice to dethrone Jo Bergman as HOTv champion. However, this supposed headliner has been getting embarrassed by a man who had horrible breath as a gimmick. How many volts does it take to bring down a former buster of egos?”

Stevens asks aloud before shrugging.

“Apparently it doesn’t matter because the dark lord of the EVIL EMPIRE is too much to handle for members of the Final Alliance. You can make fun of me all you want and tell everyone who will listen to you that Scott Stevens winning the HOTv championship is signifying the end of days, but wasn’t it the dark lord and I who had our hands raised in victory?”

The Demi-God lets the question linger a bit before continuing.

“Maybe I should make a suggestion to GOD because HIS handpicked demolition crew can’t seem to solve the Bergman paradox. That suggestion is if you can’t do your fucking jobs without me holding your hands and leading you to victory will be that HE should strip you of your number one contendership for the tag titles and give it to Bergman and myself.”

A devilish grin forms over the Texan’s face.

“I mean we’ve already proven to be the better team when we defeated you both. Also, with Bergman and I as HOTv Tag champions HE can keep a watchful eye and a very short leash on Ray McAvay’s dark apprentice. You both underestimated Bergman before and you both underestimate me like everyone does and at March to Glory it will cost everyone not named Scott Stevens because I will be the one walking out victorious as the new champion.”

Stevens decrees as he slowly removes his 97 Red colored spectacles.

“At March to Glory, the EVIL EMPIRE won’t strike back because it’s the return of the Demi-God!”

Stevens punctuates before slowly pointing his glasses back on his face and rising from his seat and heading to the stairs to exit.


The HOTv championship.

No one knows how important this match is at March to Glory, but HE and I do.

Everyone assumes that the HOW World title or the LSD championship takes precedent, but that it farthest from the truth because HE is looking passed March to Glory. HE is looking passed War Games. He is looking at PWA 2. The last time HOW competed at a PWA event we didn’t come out smelling like roses. Our World champion lost to a Russian and some gang from Alabama walked out with our HOTv Tag titles. Being the HOTv champion is being considered the absolute very best in the business because that championship represents you are the man across three networks: ACE, PWA, and of course, HOTv. It also means you are the guy across the five member companies because this title along with the tag titles are defended across the five companies. Until there is a PWA championship to represent the companies, the HOTv championship is that representation for all.

While Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr think this match is all about simply taking the title off of Joe Bergman, I have been seeing HIS plan unfold. This is why Jatt Starr and Dan Ryan have fallen victim do the EVIL EMPIRE as of late because they cannot comprehend what HE has been trying to show them. Lee Best has been wanting to have a member of the Final Alliance as HIS representation across PWA because let’s be honest, Dan Ryan or Jatt Starr coming to your company to take on your company’s top performers not only brings headlines, but also lots and lots of cold, hard cash as well. If Joe Bergman wasn’t an EVIL little prick HE wouldn’t have a problem with him carrying around the HOTv championship because Joe Bergman is one of the very best to step inside a wrestling ring and wherever he goes his faithful always follow.

At March to Glory I can ascend and be what HE wanted HIS Final Alliance to be, the dominant force across PWA.

There is no one to blame for the situation we are in except for the Final Alliance because if Jatt would’ve did his fucking job at ICONIC, Joe Bergman probably wouldn’t be around anymore, but he failed just like he has been ever since John Sektor dropped his coattail riding self. If Dan Ryan wasn’t a junkie and had the shriveled-up balls to put down the needle and just say no then HE wouldn’t have had to try and replace Dan Ryan with a fictitious serial killer.

I am not part of Final Alliance because I am HIS insurance policy. I am called in to make sure you two don’t fail HIM again. The mission is to make sure Bergman doesn’t leave Manchester still the champion, but you two don’t deserve the distinction of holding that title either. Only I, the Demi-God of HOW, am the only one deserving to hold that championship proudly in the eyes of our GOD, Lee Best.

I have not failed HIM.

I have done everything HE has asked.

Becoming the HOTv champion is my reward from HIM.

However, it isn’t my only reward. You see, March to Glory isn’t the end, but the beginning because being HOTv champion is the first step number into my metamorphosis from Demi-God of HOW into the GOD of PWA. I will transcend all streaming platforms, networks, and affiliates when I, Scott Stevens, spread HIS word and take on any blasphemers who disagree with HIS gospel.

After March to Glory you shall all kneel before your Demi-God.

In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the Holy HOFC. Praise be the House of Best and praise be Lee mother fucking Best!