The End

The End

Posted on December 31, 2019 at 6:01 pm by Noah Hanson

Ya know I have been trying to come up with something to say about Steve Solex but ya know what I have got nothing. Don’t know a thing ’bout the man, don’t have an issue with him as well. This is just a random ass match where you have two men that are probably sitting at the bottom of the pecking order here in High Octane Wrestling. Does that matter to me? Nope, don’t need anyone to show me that I am at the very bottom of the barrel here in HOW. I have said it before you need someone to hold the door open for someone as they enter this company. I would have to say that I am that man. So Solex there is no ill will here, not gonna talk shit about ya either. I mean why bother, I am the fodder of the company. I am the shit the Best Clan scrapes off their designer shoe. I know my place and I have finally accepted it. So Solex ya wanna fight, great we can do that. I am sure you’re an incredibly talented fighter, I am sure that you are more than capable of doin’ whatever it takes in the ring. Now don’t get me wrong you won’t see me just lying down in the middle of the ring for you to get a cupcake win. You’re gonna have to earn that, you’re gonna have to come and get it and I am sure you won’t disappoint me. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of good memories about HOW but I think my time in this business is nearing its end and I would rather not take beating after beating, no matter how my heart and soul feel about this business there is a part of me that wants all this to end. There is a part of me that sees the light at the tunnel finally. I have tried to put on the best smile that I can for this company but I don’t have that in me anymore. The good feelings, the times that I have spend with people that I used to look at as friends are all I have these days and even those are now starting to fade.

And don’t worry this is the end, no more reboots, no more coming outta retirement a few months latter when someone comes up with some great plan. I don’t want this future anymore. I’ve had enough, my body has had enough, the mind is broken, my soul has been torn to shreds and there is nothing left for me to give to a company that has left me to rot. And don’t take this as me crying about this and that, this is me being done. This is me having had enough of everything, this is me being done with everyone that has ever been involved with me in some form or another. I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to, there has to be something better out there, there just has to be. I mean I have known my place in HOW, for a while now and I had accepted it for a while as well. But the way this year has went, the way I have dealt with everything I know that this is the way it has to be. Being the doormat for a company something that should only be accepted for certain people for the John Blades and LaToya Hixx’s of the world those are the people that types of people that are just to blissfully ignorant to see that they are being mocked, that they are being used as doormats. And some people will say that my talents have faded as I have gotten older. Please my talents have never gotten older, my body has gotten slower, it taken more time to heal from certain wounds. But the skill has never went away, just have to be smarter in my approach that is all.

I mean it’s not like HOW is gonna miss me, they won’t even notice me walking out the back door anyway. So it really is better this way. Fisher Price talent can go right back where he came from right? Solex good luck with whatever you do man. I don’t know what else to tell you man. I don’t hate you, so me sitting here talking about things is just me basically telling a company that I never meant a thing to in the first place that its done, I’m done, I’m done with it all. As I sit here, I have thought about all the good times I have had in HOW, working with Zion and Hollywood, working with two of the best guys a man could ask for but there have also been some really bad times. Time where I thought I was at my lowest points in my life personally, where I really thought that the best way to deal with it all was to climb a really tall building in Chicago put a nice letter to Lee Best in my jacket and just jump. Get all out of the way, be done with it all because I let it all get to me. I admit it, I let it all in, let it cloud my mind and that is why I am walking out while I can. While I still have a little bit of self worth in my own body and life. See you people have looked down on me for a while now after this yer gonna have to find someone else to kick around, won’t be me. It was dumb for me to willingly let this happen to me, just let this company drag me around by my balls but that is exactly what I let happen. Again my fault but something that I am now fixing. And I know how some of the people around here are probably gonna talk. “Oh Hanson is just gonna go back to his Fisher Price company and do whatever he wants.” And yeah that would be partly right. I do plan on goin’ back to my Fisher Price roots but when my contract is up there I am done. See I have been planning this for a while now and this was always going to be the way. Nothing but respect for HOW. This company has been doin’ what it was doin’ long before I was here and will probably be doin’ it for a while regardless of whether I am at the front door waiting for the next new recruit.

No cute little headers, no amusing little lines to tie it in a little bow. Just me turning off the camera…