The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour

Posted on May 12, 2022 at 11:53 pm by Brian Hollywood

I fucking hate this.


No, I don’t think you understand…I absolutely fucking HATE this!


This is what my career has been reduced to.  I get gypped out of War Games again and now I’m stuck on the outside looking in.  Do you know how I feel about that?


You can claim all the fucking things in the world that you want, but now…I get to take that anger out on you, Xander.


Sure you made War Games and I didn’t.  You didn’t have to be caught up in a conspiracy to be kept out of the greatest action Pay Per View of the fucking year!  I’ve been left out of War Games time and time again!  I’ve been straight up passed on without having to have a match to qualify for War Games…then I get that chance and I have to miss out because I lost to Jeffrey James Roberts…a man I’ve faced more times in HOW than ANY other fucking person in this company has had to face!  What does that tell you?!  I know what it tells me…the fates don’t want me in the War Games match for fear of catching lightning in a bottle.


Take what you did to qualify for example, Xander.  You had to take on Chris fucking Kostoff.  He’s never an easy out, but he’s noticeably declined in recent years ever since Michael Lee Best supposedly and quite literally killed his career.  He’s never been the same man since.  You got a shot at beating him and you qualified for War Games.  I got a murderer who, in my opinion, is the best in High Octane Wrestling today.


You got in over a washed up has been who clearly hasn’t been effective in the ring in several years.  Me?  Well…everyone fucking saw it.


It’s a god damn conspiracy and you can bet I’m going to expose it as such.  I’m tired of missing my chance year after year over stupid bullshit.


That doesn’t make me a threat….that makes me god damned triggered and a dangerous man to step into that ring with.  But we’re not stepping in the ring this week, are we Xander?


No, we’re stepping into an octagon and locked into a cage and right now all I’ve felt like lately is a god damned mother fucking caged animal and I’m looking for blood, looking to rip someone to shreds.


That man will be you this week, Xander.


But what makes you great enough to compete in War Games over me?  It’s not like you’ve been that effective in the ring in your HOW career.  You’ve been just about as low as I have which doesn’t make you better in the slightest.  You’re going to get destroyed at War Games and whatever team you are on, which pardon me for not giving a fuck, you’re sure to get made quick work of when War Games comes up around the corner.


You and I are no strangers to each other and you really have nothing to brag about seeing as I own more wins over you than you do me so I’d advise you to curb your little bark.  Truth is, you’ve got more bark than bite when it comes to doing anything worthwhile in that ring.


This isn’t going to be a match, but rather, a fucking fight and I’ve been dying to beat the fuck out of someone to take out my frustrations.  You have no idea how bad I want to beat you to a bloody pulp so hard, I send you through at least ten different mulitverses in the process.  You need to be reminded just how humbled you need to be to be ready for War Games.


You’ve got one bloody win in how many weeks?  So you’re all big, bad and mighty right?  I don’t know what universe you think you’re in this time, but you better fucking wake up and remember who you’re stepping into that cage against!  I may have been on a bad streak lately, but I’m still Brian Fucking Hollywood and I’m out to hurt you really fucking bad!


You think this will be a cakewalk?  You think you’re going to humble me, remind me where I think I belong and all that?  Are you the big bad wolf then?


Fuck all that shit Xander.


Fuck you and fuck what my place in HOW is right now.


I’m not down and out and you’re about to find out that out the hard way.