The Call pt 2

The Call pt 2

Posted on July 21, 2023 at 4:22 pm by Scott McKlayn

1 win
2 loses
33 percent win rate

I was never a man who focused solely on statistics but I couldn’t get these out of my mind. I had busted my ass since I was 12 to get to this moment. I had fought against those who wanted me out due to what my father had done, I had fought and convinced myself that they were all scared of the truth. The Truth that I was a unstoppable force of nature, a being that who one day redefine all of the professional wrestling industry.

Before my father’s untimely death he was considered a generational talent, he was being groomed to be the face of a movement that would make Pro Wrestling Main stream once again. Then after he was accused of murder, after his ‘suicide’ they tried to erase his very existence. I KNEW his talent, his natural charisma, his potential was inside of me. But was all that just false bravado? Some sort of delusions of grandeur? Because in reality, I am in the big time, no one holding me back and yet I am 1-2. That’s not the record of a generational talent, its mediocre at best, jobber status at worst.

Of course it was only 3 matches in so there may not be any need to hit the panic button. Still my intention and the actual reality was not coming close to matching up. Despite this, it may not just be my arrogance that was taking a hit. Other than a harsh reality check the only other thing my short career in HOW has brought me is a very dangerous stalker. This stalker was more than a distraction, he already had blood on his hands and proved he could hit close to home whenever he felt like it. Still he had something on me, or at least he claimed to know what me and Lexie had done to keep Raz out of trouble. This information was something neither of us could afford to be made public, still it was the odd grudge he seemed to be holding against me. He seemed to know about my father, it felt more like he wanted to hurt me and draw this out then actually bring me to justice. This cold, calculating approach seemed to give us time to figure out how to counter punch but maybe, it was all fruitless. Maybe we were just like a mouse running for it’s life before the cat decided to make it into dinner for the night.

This could very well be the source of my failures, this extra pressure, a serious distraction that keeps me from focusing and achieving my full potential. Yes this had to be it, my entire life could not be wasted on becoming some mediocre curtain jerker. I was a star, I was game changing, I WAS the future but if I ever wanted to achieve this. If I ever wanted to establish my family name as the biggest name in the wrestling industry, the same way my father should of, then I had to get rid of this stranger. This was something I understood, but as I continued to work out lifting, running, working out my core there was nothing I could think of to rid myself of this nuisance. For weeks now I had waited, giving Alexandria time to pull strings and try to find the identity of the stranger but so far nothing.

As I continued to work out my body and focus on what I could control, the match coming up. A tag match, a perfect chance for me and Raz to show what we had as a team. His chance to get revenge on his first lost, a chance to climb the ladder and get attention back on us in a positive light. I should of been game planning, watching tape and coming up with a way to exploit them but my mind instead just kept wondering into the shadows, the deep shadow of the stranger that lurked over everything I did. Thankfully my phone rung to break me out of it. I shook out the thoughts, as I picked it up and glanced at the phone number…

Well Fuck..

The scrambled, encrypted numbers and letters sent chills down my spine. What horrors could the stranger have for him, the last time he reach out he attacked Lexie at her home, before that the life of an innocent was taken. I looked at the number contemplating? Should I even answer, maybe if I stopped he would stop the games.

No, I couldn’t. My gut wouldn’t let me, I HAD to know. I answered the phone, my voice almost in a growl.

“I TOLD YOU to leave me the fuck alone,”

The voice on the other end wasn’t the raspy voice of the creepy bastard I had expected.

“Scott it’s me,”

Raz?! Why was he calling from this number? What on earth, was he the stranger? No that didn’t add up, I swallowed hard losing my voice as if the breath had been knocked out of me. What on earth was going on, again the voice on the other end spoke up.

“Scott, you there?,”

“Raz, what the hell..,” I finally got out

“That’s what I want to know,” You can hear the frustration and fear in his voice. He wasn’t the stranger, but why was he calling from this number?

“Are you ok?,” I replied as I begin to get my wits about me and figure out that this was just another part of the game.

“I..,” Before he could finish I heard a loud collision and the phone hit the ground, I shouted

“Raz! Raziel you there, Raz..,”

“Call down,” The Raspy voice finally spoke “I had to shut him up, a quick left hook did it. He should be glad he didn’t go into boxing, kid has a glass jaw,”

“He has nothing to do with this..,”

“Oh he has everything to do with this Scotty, he’s the Second Sinner. The catalyst in our little story,”

“What the fuck are you talking about,”

“Your father was the Original Sin, your family drew first blood. It was Raziel, his sin triggered something inside of you. Brought out the animal that had been hibernating inside, it was he who proved that you were just like your father. How you responded, what you did for him allowed me to realize that the son should pay for the sins of the father,”

“If you want me, let’s do it face to face. take me, turn me into the cops do whatever..,”

“Oh I will do what I want, but you have do so much to keep your little friend in the Dark. Trying to keep him out of your little secrets, if you trust him you should of let him in. So now, I force your hand. This story plays out exactly how I want it, and this is what I want. I want all the players aware,”

“So now what,” The anger, panic, fear was rushing through me, fighting for control of my actions. This fight almost paralyzed me, one part of me struggling to shout threats while the other wanting to beg for mercy, still another part of my mind wanting to sit in the corner and cry.

“938 Matthews Street, that’s where you go next..,”

And with that the phone line goes dead. What was I to do? Should I get Lexie? Should I call her? Did I have time for any of that, he didn’t give me a time, I needed to move. What if his life was on the line. So I did as I was told, rushed out of the gym and put the address into my GPS. Rushing almost 20 minutes away as fast as I could until I came up to the address. Once I got there it hit me, the address was a large home with a big for sale sign in the yard. More importantly it was the house my father had promised to buy us once he signed his contract. This was personal alright, I just wish I had some idea who the hell was on the other end. I quickly walked around trying to be silent, as I come up to the side door I saw a note. I reach out to read it.

“Door’s Open, talk to you soon..,”

I gritted my teeth and put the note in my pocket as I opened up. Walking towards the middle of the room I saw the limp body of Raz tied to a chair. My heart begin to beat as I rushed to his side, his head had a bag over it which I quickly ripped off. He was still alive, I shook him a bit

“Raz, brother you ok?,”

“Scott?! What the Fuck is going on..,”

He muttered as he came too. I grunted and untied him not saying anything

“Scott, this aint fucking funny,”

“I know, look lets get out of here and I will give you all the details, at least all them I know..,”

With that I got him out of the chair and we meet up with his sister. It took a few hours but eventually we all got caught up, now with everyone in the loop we some how had to keep ourselves safe and still focus on HOW. This should be fun..