the call pt 1

the call pt 1

Posted on July 20, 2023 at 8:20 pm by Raziel Reynolds

He looked over the poker chips and took a minute to think for the rules of poker has escaped him but he knew that if he took a second and went over them in his head then he could win. He had finally been put in a match again but this time he got to team with Scott. A tag match which the truth was that he did not mind. It gave them a chance to work together and he did enjoy that. Their opponents, well he had looked it over and he could talk about them but his time off had only made Raziel realize that he needed to focus on his inner self. “Bet it all,” he said as he pushed all of his chips in.

He did not mind any set of poker because it was actually, or there were actually very valuable lessons in poker. The most important one that he could find himself in the middle of remembering however was thatyou needed a poker face. All in all you never had to let someone know what you had up your sleeve. “Yeah I think that is even too much for me,” he said. He could not believe it, a lot of times he would not mind seeing someone again but the fact that he was going to be in the ring with that chubby girl again, because that was as pg as he could get, he did not mind it. “I’ll be back after my tag team match,” he said.

Tag matches were a little different because even if you did your part, that did not matter. Now he would be on him and Scott every time but still, were they, had they been a team long enough to beat these two? That was something he did not know if he would could bet on but not for the reason that most would think. Still as far as High Octane Wrestling went he knew they were just now scratchng the post, but he did not have any time to think about that as he felt himself turned around and punched in the face. “Take him out before time,” the voice said as Raziel tried to fight back but it was in those last few seconds everything went black and the only thing that was heard was him simply saying. “What?”

Perhaps it was just yet another round of karma but he did not know if that was the case as the bag was removed from his head but his hands and feet were tied as he looked up but did not see anyone and still he took in the scene but more than that the rancid smell. “Come on guys, not funny,” he said as he had figured that a few of his social media followers had decided to play a trick on him and wow did they suck at it but still it was what it was and then he heard the voice. “Oh Mr. Reynolds this is not about that, you see we got good wind that you know someone who has done something to piss me off.” Raziel took a minute to catch his breath as he then spoke. “That could be anyone,” he said and the voice broke in again. “Yes normally it could be anyone but you are associated with Scott McKlayn are you not?”

Raziel slowly blinked. “I am but I fail to see what business of yours that is?” he said as the voice spoke again. “There is a lot that you do not know, a lot more than you are going to find in your stupid fucking tag match and even more sadly so a lot more than you will ever know about while you sit back and think that the world owes you Mr. Reynolds.” Had Scott got caught up in something that he did not need to? Raziel did not understand it but all he knew was that his head hurt. “Look guy whatever it is that you are after I can’t get it for you, honestly all the hell that you are doing is wasting my time.” He did not like that no matter who he was and the man spoke again. “I need you to get in touch with Scott since the two of you are tag partners or what not,” he said as Raziel heard the small buzz and was handed a phone on a tray. “Call him,” the voice said.

“And if I don’t?” Raz asked because ever since he had learned what defiance was as a child, he had forever been defiant and though he knew that it was not good it still was a trait that followed him as a child. “I just mean just because I call someone does not mean that they are going to pick up.” The man chuckled almost like he knew something that Raziel did not. “Trust me,” the man said.

Raziel finally for once in his life listened and had a thought. “I’ll call him in a minute, I need time to put all this together in my head,” he said. He knew that people held secrets and at the end of the day had this been poker then the house would win but he hoped he was wrong and that his friend, the man that he had thought that he knew was not into some shady dealings. Was it possible? Yes it was and he was aware of that much but it did not make it anymore easer to swallow in a way because if he did make that phone call then what was next. Would it be all truths that he could be told or was it all going to be lies?

It was still a bit for him to believe. “Fine, hand me the phone.” His focus was going to be his career but he simply had to get past this hurdle. He heard Scott pick up and simply said. “Scott it’s me.”