The Burden of a Conscious

The Burden of a Conscious

Posted on May 29, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

The Green Mill


Chicago, Illinois


Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Following Hollywood’s fiery promo earlier this morning at the Best Arena, Hollywood decided it was time to let off some steam as he finds himself at one of his favorite bars he constantly frequents when in Chicago, The Green Mill.  Hollywood is seen sitting up at the bar and by the looks of things, he just got there.  The bartender instantly spots Hollywood as he wastes no time in coming up to him.  Hollywood sees him as a smile lights up on the face of the Executive and HOW’s Conscious.


Brian Hollywood: “Louis you fly ole fuck, how you doing my good friend?!  Wow has it been awhile!”


Louis Weller: “Hollywood you sly fucker, so good to see you brother!”


Hollywood shakes Louis’ hand as he was happy to see his friend again.


Louis Weller: “What can I get for you?  The usual I reckon?”


Brian Hollywood: “Bet everything in that secretive tip jar you probably still got under that counter!  On the rocks tonight!”


Hollywood and Louis laugh as Louis definitely doesn’t spill the beans whether or not Hollywood is right about that tip jar.  Louis was a long time friend of Hollywood’s.  So long, in fact, that Louis knew him when Hollywood was still a spry teenager just getting into the wrestling business.  He was also a personal friend of Hollywood’s family, particularly his father’s.  Obviously there was plenty of history between Hollywood and his father, but not much.  Where it concerned Louis, he served in the marines with Hollywood’s father in the Vietnam war.  Louis brings a glass over of Wild Turkey for Brian.  He gives a heads up nod behind Hollywood.


Louis Weller: “Looks like I’m not the only friend of yours popping in here tonight!”


Hollywood spins around as he’s pleasantly surprised to see another of his old friends in Phil Woods, a trucker friend Hollywood hadn’t seen in several months.


Brian Hollywood: “Well I’ll be damned…Phil I didn’t know you were in town!”


Phil Woods: “Haha, Hollywood ya sum bitch!  It’s good ta see ya brother!!”


Hollywood stands up as him and Phil share a handshake and a hug as the two of them embrace before sitting back down at the bar.  Louis brings over a Bud Light for Phil as Hollywood and him clank their drinks together before taking a celebratory drink together.


Brian Hollywood: “Phil my good friend if I would have known you were gonna be in Chicago, I would have given you a call!”


Phil Woods: “Likewise, brother!  I’ve actually got a layover here fer a couple days.  Dropped off a haul in Columbus the other day.  Now I’m fixin to pick up a rig here in Chicago taking it down ta the Dallas Metro area fer the weekend.  What brings ya to Chicago?”


Brian Hollywood: “Well actually I’ve been in town for quite some time for HOW.  Been wrestling in the Best Arena the last several shows so I’ve had an extended layover here as well.  I gotta say…with being on the road so long and so often, I forgot what it felt like to actually hang around one place for a long period of time.”


Phil Woods: “Man that’s great ta here brother!  Glad ya’ve been able to get some rest at least!  I’m sure yer wrestlin has been keeping ya busy but at least you can rest up relatively nice.  Ya been checkin in on family other friends while ya’ve been here?”


Hollywood’s smile quickly vanishes as his head sinks, staring down at his drink.  In fact, since Hollywood has been in town he still hasn’t gotten around to seeing his father yet.  Even worse, though, is the fact that the last person Hollywood saw was Audrey and as Hollywood thinks about her, his heart begins to break all over again.  Hollywood was finding it difficult to speak, but begins to speak as he shakes his head.


Brian Hollywood: “God where do I even begin Phil?  I’m living with guilt.  So much of it, in fact.  I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that I still haven’t even seen my father or the fact that I broke the one woman I ever loved in this world’s heart.  I don’t know who’s is in more pieces…hers or mine.”


Phil Woods: “Damn Bri…I’m really sorry ta here that.  Sounds like ya’ve been through the ringer.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea…you could say that…”


Hollywood says as he takes another drink from his glass.


Phil Woods: “Well…do I dare ask what happened between you and Audrey?  The two of ya seemed like ya were inseparable.”


Hollywood shakes his head as he really didn’t want to talk about it.  What he did to Audrey was still weighing heavily on his conscious.  He was so convinced that getting the guilt off his conscious and coming clean to her was the best course of action.  Now he definitely wasn’t so sure.  Perhaps what he had to say to her could have been left unsaid.


Brian Hollywood: “Once upon a time, we were, Phil.  But so much has happened since you and I last talked.  Discovering The Chair was my brother, Audrey coming out of her coma and hating me for all eternity for me coming clean to her about it and not to mention that as it turns out, my very own mother is still alive.  It’s definitely a lot for one man to bear.”


Phil Woods: “Damn brother….wow…ya know I definitely didn’t know all of that either.  Yer life sure isn’t dull that’s fer sure.  I know we haven’t talked in awhile..but my phone is always on fer ya brother.  That’s a lot to keep pent up for one man.  Ya got to release that onto someone.  Yer tellin me that ya haven’t had anyone ta talk about any of this?”


Brian Hollywood: “Honestly Phil…the very few who I can confine in I’m not always sure I can trust in doing so.  Hell just working with my brother has been nice, but there’s things we’re still working out.  As for Buck, he’s been conflicted about it all being a law man and all.  Then there’s my other friend, Gerald Reeves.  Pretty sure that fucker is ready to put me in cuffs for even collaborating with my brother.  He’s the most conflicted out of them all.  But that’s all really taken a back seat right now.”


Phil nods his head but becomes curious as to why it’s all of a sudden been put on hold.  He knows all about Hollywood’s quest in hunting down his sisters killer and finding out where he is.  So it was very interesting to Phil as to why Hollywood was putting a hold on all of it.


Phil Woods: “May I ask why all of this is bein tabled?  Family is one of the biggest things ya should surround yerself with ya know?”


Brian Hollywood: “It’s my wrestling career and High Octane Wrestling.  Which has presented even more challenges for me as of late.”


Phil Woods: “Yea, I’ve been followin yer career pretty closely.  Ya seem pretty primed and focused.  I seen ya’ve got yerself  an LSD Championship match comin up here on Friday against Evan Ward.  I wish ya the best of luck in yer fight against him this week.  But ya want some fresh eyes from someone who’s a lookin from the outside in?”


Hollywood nods his head as he’s always open to some interpretation where his wrestling was concerned.


Brian Hollywood: “You know I’m always open to some great feedback from a friend.”


Phil Woods: “I’ve seen what ya’ve become in HOW, Bri.  Ya’ve become someone that not only I’ve been proud to watch wrassle, but ya look like ya’ve been expectin too much outta yerself.”


Brian Hollywood: “Honestly, I’ve got to, Phil.  As HOW’s Conscious, I’ve taken it upon myself to hold and kindle the temperature of the company as a whole on my shoulders.  I’ve come a long way this year.  I don’t like bullies and I hate tyrants even more.  I just want to make sure that everyone in that locker room can feel safe coming to work and being able to get the opportunities to let their talents and their passions take flight.  I’ve changed so much from the person I used to be.  I just want to give back and I just want to be able to be successful again.  Getting back to the top is still important to me.  Winning championships and holding them with pride and respect is something that High Octane Wrestling really needs.”


Phil Woods: “Hence this LSD Championship comin up I’m sure.  I just want ya to know though, brother, that ya shouldn’t have to burden yerself with that by yerself.  I’m proud of the man ya’ve become in HOW, but just don’t sell yerself short.  Ya know what I mean, brother?”


Hollywood nods his head in agreement.  He understood what Phil was saying, but he also understood the responsibility that he was putting on his shoulders.


Brian Hollywood: “I know what your saying, brother.  It’s just that someone has to do it.  For these last several months I’ve been one of the only people in that locker room to voice my concerns and my thoughts on Lee Best and his Final Alliance.  I know my worth.  I know what I’m capable of doing.  That’s why I’m going to show up on Friday Night Chaos and take care of business with Evan Ward before I turn my attention to War Games.  That’s the ultimate endgame.  That’s my endgame, Phil.”


Phil nods his head before he all of a sudden bats an interesting eyebrow raise at Hollywood’s last comment.  Hollywood’s endgame?  What did he mean by that?  Was he talking about his central standing in the company and what he wanted to do for the roster by the time the PPV ends?  Or was there an even more literal meaning to what Hollywood was talking about?  Just then, Louis walks back over as he brings Hollywood another drink, to Hollywood’s curiosity.


Brian Hollywood: “I appreciate the extra drink Louis, but I plan on calling it an early night so I can do some training the next couple days before my upcoming title match on Friday.  I don’t need you getting me drunk you irresponsible friend, haha!”


Louis Weller: “Oh perhaps I didn’t tell you, my bad.  Apparently you’re pretty popular here tonight.  This drink is from the man in the back there.  Apparently all your friends appear to be showing up here tonight!”


Brian Hollywood: “Ha, what the hell are you talking about Louis I don’t have any more friends that are-“


Hollywood turns around as he’s saying that last comment and stops very short of finishing his statement as his eyes light up with shock and his defense goes up almost immediately.  Hollywood’s eyes darts towards the exit of the bar as he looks like he’s getting ready to barrel out of the bar.  Hollywood’s eyes then darts back to the mysterious man that had gotten his heart pumping.  Was this how it was going to end for him?  His upcoming title match and his War Games plans were things that were going through his mind as he looks directly at the man who is staring back at Hollywood.  The man’s eyes haven’t left Hollywood’s either and it appeared that an ultimate standoff was inevitably coming.  The man’s intentions were clearly unknown as this could go either way for Hollywood.  That man staring back at Hollywood in the flesh and finally within literal feet of him?







I’ve put a lot of stock on myself, lately.  But one thing I will clearly not deny is the pride I see in myself.


Pride is an interesting thing isn’t it Evan?


You know for someone who seems to think he knows everything that is going on in HOW, you sure as fuck don’t seem to have a very good memory, Ward!


There’s been one constant that has remained since the turn of the new year and that has been my focus on making things better for EVERYONE in High Octane Wrestling!  You want to keep claiming that you’re the only person who’s been doing something about the Final Alliance around here?  The only other person on this roster that has had more wins against The Final Alliance on this roster has been me, Evan!  Hell at March to Glory, I made sure to take the Final Alliance out of the equation when it came to getting a shot at another championship.  Noah Hanson and myself took action and I made sure that the opportunity would go to either him or I.  That’s exactly what happened, too, Ward.  We took out Teddy Palmer and we made it about ourselves.  You can call that a selfish move if you want.  Me?  I saw it as a chance to hand an opportunity to someone who actually fucking DESERVED a shot before potentially giving another unearned title shot to a Final Alliance member.  What did it get me?




It worked, too, Evan.  Noah and I tore down the house and we fought for the chance to fight John Sektor for the HOTv Championship.  Noah won and it was the shot he deserved. Look at what it did for him too, Evan?


It fucking ELEVATED him!


While you’re bullying your way to War Games and looking out for yourself, I’ve been taking it upon myself to actually CALL OUT people in that locker room and give them praise.


I’ve tried to help Christopher America get some of his memories back and I actually APPROACHED him because unlike you, I was actually CONCERNED for his wellbeing.  Sure..he may be Lee’s favorite.  But all Lee has been doing is brainwashing him.  Lee doesn’t care about America’s well being.  I’m aware of his past and I walked into his locker room thinking that I could get ambushed.


Did I care?  No, I didn’t.  Simply because I care more about trying to guide America’s morals somewhere where he can redeem himself.  Sue me for seeing the good in America to know the man can be redeemed.


It was a selfless act.  I wasn’t looking to push my own agenda.  I actually cared for him as a person.


Hugo Scorpio?  Same fucking thing.  We got the chance to team together and I looked out for his interests as well.  His growth in this company.  Hugo is a promising rookie and I took the fucking time to address his growth as well.




Lexi Gold?  Same damn thing.  She got cowardly attacked from behind behind my best friend, Noah Hanson.  Completely uncalled for.  What did I do?  The following week, I went down to that fucking ring and addressed the situation.  I didn’t condone Noah’s attack and I even stood up for Lexi publicly…despite Noah and I’s friendship and wasn’t afraid to address it in that ring.




You’re focus has completely been on War Games.  I don’t fault you for that whatsoever.  But we both have had very different paths towards War Games.  You’re so focused on War Games that you’ve practically taken your eyes off of our match this coming Friday.  That is a fucking mistake.  And while we’re on the subject of me addressing grievances on the roster, I addressed ours by attacking you from behind with a lead pipe because I wanted to back my claim that there are consequences for the actions you take on this roster!


I’ve been the only motherfucker to actually stand up for everyone on this roster and the only fucking person who has stood up to you, if I’m being fucking frank.


You’re a fucking bully, Evan, and come time for Friday night, I’m going to show you what happens when you have tunnel vision around here….when you have tunnel vision on me.


I’m focused and primed up for our inevitable showdown this Friday night.  Everything I’ve done I’ve backed it up with my words and come time for Friday, I’m going to back them up with my actions because you’re going to face the Consequence and it’s going to stare you in the fucking face HARD when I take the first thing away from you.


That LSD Championship.  I’m going to become a three time LSD Champion this Friday night and it’s only going to be the start before I turn my focus to War Games.


Eventually bullies get their due and yours has fucking been long overdue.


So come time for Friday, after I ultimately draw first blood on your careless ass, I’m going to leave you questioning just why you can’t hold a championship for very long in this company.


War Games is coming Ward…but first I’m coming for you..


And the LSD Championship is just the very fucking start!