The Best Foot Forward

The Best Foot Forward

Posted on August 8, 2022 at 10:45 am by Lee Best

As the HOW logo disappears we open to a live shot of none other than Lee Best sitting behind his desk. He nods as he acknowledges that the cameras are hot, and we are airing live on the High Octane Television network.

There are a few cameras set up in the room and they all focus as we see Lee’s personal assistant pull out a small black bag. She quicky unzips it as we see Lee start to unbutton his shirt. He takes off his dress shirt and leans back in his chair as he watches his assistant fill the syringe with today’s vitamins.

“Make sure you guys zoom in on the needle. I want EVERYONE to see it inject directly into my veins”

The nearest cameraman follows the direction and zooms in as we watch Lee’s assistant insert the needle into his right arm and without hesitating she pushes down on the syringe and injects the GOD of HOW for what is now the 28th day in a row.

Assistant: All done sir.

Lee leans up and looks down at his arm as he watches his assistant put a 97red colored band aid over the spot where just injected him.

Lee nods at the woman and she quickly packs up and exits the room.

Lee slowly sits fully up and begins to put his shirt back on as he begins to talk to the cameras.

Lee Best: There is a very specific reason that I have you fucknuts here recording this. I want EVERYTHING documented this week leading up to me burying that fucking has been Kostoff. I want this to be a special that airs on HOTv and PWA a week from today. I want the whole world to see the buildup to a live fucking murder being shown live to the masses……I mean we are the death murder company after all right?

Lee smirks as he finishes putting his shirt on and rolls up his sleeves.

Lee Best: You know how many assholes I have allowed to come back to HOW over and over again just to embarrass themselves and hurt their legacies? Do you know how many favors I have granted to have quote unquote GOOD people back in?

Lee shakes his head as he hears himself say that out loud.

Lee Best: HOW is not for the weak. HOW is not for the fucking good people. High Octane Wrestling is chaos. It is unpredictable and that has always been the vision for this company. Those that can adapt and overcome have always been successful here. The ones that haven’t been successful…well its got nothing to do with me or the rest of the locker room. Look in the fucking mirror assholes.

Lee reaches into the top drawer of his desk and pulls out a very thick 97red colored book.

He holds it up to the camera.

Lee Best: Inside this book is the names and dates of those that have quit High Octane Wrestling over the years. It is a thick ass book.

The GOD of HOW puts the book flat on his desk and opens it up. He flips closer to the back of the book and begins chuckling as he looks at some of the names:

Lee Best: 24K, Warrick Hill, Noah Hanson, High Flyer, Teddy Palmer, Alex Redding, Crash Rodriguez, MJ Flair, RICK….Lindzee Troi.

Lee can only shake his head as he closes the book.

Lee Best: All those folks had small instances of success in High Octane Wrestling but ultimately flamed out due to the pressure cooker that is HOW. They ultimately decided to go back to being a medium sized fish in a small ass pond. I get it. Some folks just like it easy. Some folks just like hearing others telling them how great they are every day. Some folks just cannot handle the truth that they were NOT as good as they thought.

Lee tosses the book back into his top drawer and immediately opens the bottom drawer and pulls out a bottle of rum and a small glass.

He continues to speak as he pours himself a drink.

Lee Best: Why bring these names up? Partly because as I sit here literally DYING as the cancer cells compete in a literal last man standing match against the vitamins I just got injected into my veins, I am in a reflective mood. I want it to be known I do not HATE anyone that has come thru High Octane Wrestling and ended up quitting. There is this PERCEPTION that if you quit that you immediately make some sort of an internal list with me and are no longer welcome back. That is not even close to the truth……I would take any of those names listed back……..every team has spots on its bench that need to be filled.

Lee smirks again as he takes a sip from his glass.

Lee Best: You see I am not under some grand illusion that I am the perfect boss. The perfect GOD. Nah…I get it…I fuck up. I have always made mistakes and I will continue to make mistakes. But what I can say with 100% conviction is that I have always and will always confront any obstacle head on. I am not one to cower and fade into the darkness due to the internal shame I feel for quitting not only on myself but a whole roster….nah that’s not me. Now that is some of the folks in that book….but that isn’t me.

Lee stands up and walks to the other side of the room and slowly opens the door to his office….he leaves it open as he sits on the top of his desk.

Lee Best: My door has always been opened. I am one phone call away. I am one text message….one email….one letter….fuck I am one twitter fucking DM message away. I am not hard to find. But to some…..they assume the door has been closed because of PERSONAL choices they have made. They assume they know what and how I think. You all are wrong.

The GOD of HOW reaches behind him and picks up his glass as he continues to look at the open door.

Lee Best: My door has never been fully shut on ANYONE and their ability to come into High Octane Wrestling and COMPETE. I pushed hard for the creation of the PWA just so more than just my door is open for people. These assholes will not appreciate me until I am gone, and I know that. I know that if by some miracle Kostoff puts me six feet under this Sunday that I might…I MIGHT finally get the appreciation and respect I deserve. Maybe.

Lee looks down into his glass as he continues to reflect.

Lee Best: I have forgotten more about HOW than some companies have been around. Some places rely on something that happened 20 years ago and assume they are just as good as they once were. I am ALWAYS pushing HOW forward. ALWAYS.  I see the old names coming back to places like PRIME and OCW and they pat themselves on their backs about how good they once were….not realizing that once that honeymoon period is over they are going to have to realize the simple hard truth. You avoid High Octane Wrestling because you are afraid to compete. You lack the confidence to compete outside your comfort zones. You simply would rather listen to everyone suck each other’s dicks than do what made you so popular 20 years ago……COMPETE.

Lee finishes off his drink and stands up and walks to the front of his desk and now motions for each camera to focus on him.

Lee Best: I do not hide from competition. I thrive on it. High Octane Wrestling is open for business, and I am not just saying to get some soft reaction from the toxic wrestling community….nah I am proving it. The High Octane Television championship is out there for anyone to compete and win. The Tag Titles are being retired and replaced with straps that will travel. The time for everyone to stand in their locker room and bullshit each other with fake love and respect is over. It is time to get dirty. It is time to get in the mud. It is time to truly find out if you are one of the best wrestlers in the world. It is time to compete.

Lee smirks one final time at the camera before the red light turns off and we are no longer live on HOTv.


The crew immediately begin packing up and exiting the office as Lee pulls out his cell phone and begins reading thru some text messages.

“These fucking idiots. I swear if I told them the sky was blue it would be 97red by the time it got to the last guy”.

Lee puts his phone back in his pocket, clearly frustrated with whatever text string he is referring to.

Lee follows the last crewmember out of the office, and he shuts the door behind him. As the crew heads off to film whatever promo is next for this Sundays Dead or Alive PPV, Lee and a lone cameraman go to the right and makes their way out of the building to a waiting limo.

The driver quickly opens the back door and as we see the door open we see that another person is inside the limo.

Lee enters the limo and immediately smiles as the cameraman captures ALL of the footage.

“You ready motherfuckers?”

We can hear different voices say yes as the driver shuts the door.

A moment later and the limo is seen speeding away as the video fades out.