The Begining

The Begining

Posted on March 21, 2023 at 6:32 pm by Zach Kostoff

A quiet day as the sun begins to set. Zach is seen sitting on his back porch drinking a beer. His dog sits at his feet. A slight breeze kicks up as his hair lightly blows in his face.


Zach: I know that some will think or feel that I got here because of my last name. I know there will be jokes, stupid comments, all the above. I know this and I am ready for it.


The sun still blazes down on this time of day. He pulls back his hair out of his face and ties it into a pony tail.


Zach: Mr de Lacy, I got to be perfectly honest with you. I don’t know anything about you. I did catch your match with Bobbi. Man, I will say if that is a piece of what to expect then shit this is going to be one hell of a introduction to HOW.


He laughs some as he leans forward. His dog looks up annoyed, stretches and makes his way into his yard. Watching his dog get comfortable in the grass, he closes his eyes and looks up.


Zach:  Let me say this so you and the roster can fully understand. I’m not my old man. He died for this business and he died for this company. Go back and look at the history, from day one of HOW. My old man bleed, he was the monster that struck fear into people.


Zach: Not because he won all the time, but because he brought hate and pain to every match he was ever in. Will I do that?


He lowers his head and opens his eyes. The youth in his face tells the story. He has no scars. He has no battle wounds. The son of Kostoff sits there ad sweat begins to beed on his head and drip down his face.


Zach: No. I’m not my old man. I am my own man.


Zach: See, I grew up in this business. I was alive the entire time this place has been open. And let me set this record straight, because Lee and his goofy idiots love to try to paint a different picture.


Zach: See, de Lacy, I do want to apologize upfront to you. You see, as much and as bad as I am wanting this match of ours to be a barn burner, and I’m sure it will be. But you my dude are not the only thing on my radar.


Zach: Now, back to my point…the record. Let it be known that as young as I was back then, I knew how this business worked. I got to see all the bullshit that goes on.


Getting up from the chair, he makes his way into his house. Walking across a tiled floor you can hear his foot steps echoing off the walls. He turns and enters his living room. Sitting on his couch his gaze hardens.


Zach: Lee, you are a coward. Always have been, always will be. I know I’m fighting for to start my career, but you agreed to bring me on. This wasn’t me begging like you want to have folks believe.


Zach: Just like how you loved to say my old man would beg you for work. When we all know….we all begged him. Each and every time you rebooted this, he got a email. A phone call. Texts, shit I got his phone and I got access to his emails. You aren’t some badass tuff guy Lee.


Zach: But because you wanted to give me a swirly…and that was fucked…now, once I do what I have to do to stay here, I’m gonna do what needed to be done before. I’ll end you, I’ll finish what my old man could not. He had pitty for you, he really did. As much as he got chubbed up at beating you senseless, he did pitty you.


Leaning back on his couch, he kicks his feet up onto the coffee table.


Zach: De Lacy, you will be the stepping stone to my career becoming more than what was expected to be. I do look forward to this first match.


Zach: I’ll see ya soon man…and Lee. Sleep with your one eye open. I’ll catch ya when you least expect it.


He looks up at the ceiling fan spinning and let’s out a long sigh. As the scene drifts to darkness