The Ballad of John E. Legend

The Ballad of John E. Legend

Posted on April 18, 2023 at 8:17 pm by Scott Stevens

You hate me Mike?

You really hate me Mike?

In the words of Doc Holliday, “If I thought you weren’t my friend, I don’t think I could bear it.”

Now I know how Johnny Legend feels when you didn’t want to be his friend.

It breaks my heart you say these harsh things to me Michael. I mean where is this anger and hatred for me coming from? I……fuck it.

You actually think I give a flying fuck what you think of me?

Mother fucker please!

If I gave a fuck about what you thought about me I would’ve quit years ago like the million fucking snowflakes that have come and gone in HOW, but yet here I am. Over a decade later after you brought me into HOW I’m still that itch you can’t scratch or as you called me the human genital wart, and I’ll still be popping up because I’ll always be there because you can’t stop putting your disease filled dick in places it shouldn’t.

I’m the physical embodiment of disappointment?

Bitch, I’m your greatest accomplishment.

Outside of everyone that you have brought into HOW, who has had the career that I have? Who has had the success that I have? Who has achieved more accolades than I have? The answer is no one.

You may hate me Michael, but like Batman and Joker we are forever entwined to do this forever you and I.

I’m glad I make the thing you love into a chore because you should know better than to pick me to a HOFC fight. You telling the world that I’m the worst trash talker that you’ve ever faced is fucking rhetorical you idiot. Everyone knows I am and you picked me out of everyone on the roster with better trash talking ability. You bitch about wasting your material on me instead of better opponents, but like I said a second ago, you picked me. It wasn’t the other way around. If you wanted better competition I don’t see you knocking on Jatt’s door. I’m sure he’ll be glad to discuss the finer things like how Conor Fuse’s mom likes to be bent over and twisted like a pretzel. I don’t see you challenging your childhood idol, Dan Ryan. Is it because the Hammer of God will make you a headline when he beats you at your own game? I don’t even see you challenging STRonk Daddy himself. Is it because he’ll STRonk smash you into paste? Hell, you could’ve challenged Jr. Kostoff, but he may hospitalize you just like his old man.

The most exhausting thing Lee has to endure isn’t me constructing a sentence, but it’s talking you down from jumping off of the ledge because you got your panties in a bunch and got all pissy about a result you disagreed with. You’re the reason why the 24 Hour rule was created.

Continue to whitewash your history because Mr. This isn’t fun for me anymore because it’s turning into a job is the only one to blame for it. You begged to have HOFC return and then you bitched and complained to papa Best because no one would face you.

Who’s fault is that?

It’s yours.

Not my fault the supposed “best trash talkers” in HOW or the wrestling industry weren’t knocking down your door to face you.

Don’t blame Jatt Starr.

Don’t blame Christopher America.

Don’t blame Dan Ryan.

Don’t blame Clay Byrd.

The best go seek the best to prove they are the best and you don’t do that.

The reason why you hate me Mike is because I’m the only one in this company who isn’t scared of you. I may get my ass kicked, but I’ll be happy to get back up and do it again. My trash talk isn’t supposed to be funny or cute or have you busting a gut laughing. I’m going to beat your ass and win or lose you’ll have to work for the victory or you’ll be looking at the lights. Simple as that.

You say you’re the best trash talker, but I don’t have to have your cell number to know that was a bad call in picking me.

Jesus said, “The only way to the Father is through me”, but according to Kneesus, “The only way to pad my stats is through Scott Stevens.”

Get ready to work for this layup bitch.