That’s a wrap Reynolds

That’s a wrap Reynolds

Posted on June 7, 2023 at 10:52 pm by Bobbinette Carey

I’m so tired of these crusty ass bitches coming out of the woodwork. People of the past have some huge grudge that they need to let go of! Build a bridge and get over it! No, this one takes the cake. And I’m sure every single fucker who watched it happen was happy about it. Sure they’re going to say it was my comeuppance, it was my karma I deserved what I got. And to that, I say: fuck you! 

Really? Over a decade and a half and now is when you take a dump on my glory? You greedy jealous bastard! 

I didn’t intend on winning war games, but I didn’t intend on being eliminated second after Aceldama! I didn’t even have a war games moment! He stole my moment!

Thanks for wasting my time, Shane Reynolds! Should have stayed dead. I’m a hair’s breadth away from going to every single wrestler who died and burning their bodies to make sure they don’t come back! It worked on “Supernatural”! The ghost can’t harm you if the body’s destroyed! Fucking Scooby-Doo and How Too…

Can we give Evan Ward a Viking funeral to make sure he doesn’t come back? I mean.. prayers and sorrows… 


Chicago IL

Warehouse District 

We come across the building that was an old abandoned factory that was bought to make up for the burned-down Loft. 

War games was a blur. Literally a blur for her. She remembered walking down. She remembered rejecting America’s offer for popcorn, maybe she should have sat back and had some. Maybe that would have changed it…

She’s watched the replay over and over and still didn’t know how it all went so bad.. her dark brown eyes squinted as she watched the replay over it’s been what a week? More than that? Time seemed at a standstill. She can’t tell how many times she’s watched this video yet it doesn’t make sense. To everyone else watching it did but to her it didn’t. Her face continued to burn red with frustration across her cheeks

She’s back in Chicago now, did it matter? She was at her Warehouse factory that she has turned into her own gym /place to stay when she was in town. A new safe Haven where other people, friends even could rest their heads. It wasn’t lavished, it wasn’t spoiled or exotic it was just a place to lay her head and to get some ring time in. The only thing it did have was central air because HVAC is important.

The main floor plan of the open factory had a ring in the middle of it. There was a large flat-screen 72-inch tv mounted on the wall.

The walls had mirrors lined to see all angles of the ring. It wasn’t a clean building, it looked as if mirrors were installed over the original dinghy paint.

War Games played in the background as Nettie was in the ring, running the ropes. Nettie’s hair was back into a ponytail. She was wearing a black sports bra and a pair of black biker shorts with dark purple lightning bolts on the side that matched her pumas. Nettie had her hands taped up as she was match ready. She did drop downs as if she was wrestling another person. Her phone vibrating on a table near the steps that lead to the next level paused the workout. She rolled out of the ring and grabbed a bottle of water that was on the table. She quickly took a sip of her water pushing her hair out of her face. Nettie grabbed her phone seeing a message from eggplant emoji star eyes eggplant emoji. 

She looked down at her text message from Eggplants

🍆🤩🍆”Remember try to be nice.”

 she rolled her eyes responding

“I don’t recall ever saying I was nice.”

🍆🤩🍆”For me?”

“You’re asking too much.”

🍆🤩🍆”You said you would.”

“Were you naked when I made that promise? In my defense, I wasn’t paying attention when I agreed to it.”

🍆🤩🍆”You’ll do the right thing.”

She sighed, putting the phone down with annoyance. She ran her fingers through her long dark locks flipping it to one side of her head. 

Nettie: I have a wrestling match. I don’t have time to make nice with people. 

She directed at the phone. She pouted for a second before picking up the phone. 


Was the response to the person as she put the phone down. She grabbed her remote control, fast-forwarding to her entrance. It was cathartic or maybe she was a glutton for punishment. Nothing added up. She stopped in her tracks, her eyes widened with confusion. She lean on the ropes watching it happen and reacting as a fan would watching at home.

Nettie: Wait what the hell are you doing?!

She says at the EPU.

Nettie: What the hell?! Like I get it but excessive asshole!

She screams with annoyance. She looks over at the mirrors on the wall and notices something off with her reflection.

Bobbinette: Shane Reynolds.

Nettie: What are you talking about? 

Nettie looks at the mirrored reflection of the weaker side.

Bobbinette: I saw his face…

Bobbinette’s voice sounds softer almost like she’s in a tunnel. She seems nervous as Nettie seems annoyed and frustrated.

Nettie: You’re not supposed to be out. How did you come out?

 Bobbinette looks nervously shaking her head trying to plead her innocence.

Bobbinette: I don’t know! I saw his face and I was out. I couldn’t respond! Before I knew it everything went black. 

There’s fear in Bobbinette’s voice as Nettie doesn’t seem pleased with this answer.

Nettie: How did you muster the power to come out?

Nettie’s questions sound almost threatening. Bobbinette backs up from Nettie.

Bobbinette: It wasn’t my fault! I don’t care about war games anymore. I won one already.

Nettie scoffs if she could have gotten her hands on the other side of herself she would probably strangle her. Nettie’s eye twitches as she looks at the shell of who used to run the show 

Nettie: This year I got to do nothing! So thank you for your amazing help at being a failure. 

Nettie flips off Bobbinette.

Nettie: I have a match this week. A new kid So now we get to face either a sister or brother. I wasn’t paying attention…with the last name Reynolds.

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow, her index finger interjecting an idea. 

Bobbinette: Any relation? 

Nettie: Doesn’t need to have any relation? it could be sutlers cousin for all I fucking care.


Nettie starts running the ropes again. She stops and looks over at Bobbinette who is still out apparently. Bobbinette appears to be deep in thought in the ring. Nettie rolls her eyes dropping her shoulders to the side. These mirrors were a bad idea.

Bobbinette: It’s really weird to me that I’m old enough to have coworkers whose kids are wrestling now. Kostoff’s kid. Sutler, Tyler… 

Nettie seems annoyed at her.

Nettie: That is the weird thing? Not the fact that your daughter has been begging you for the past 2 years since you came back to get in the ring? You know, you hang it up and you train the next generation maybe?

Bobbinette: Do I look like Mike’s best to you?

Nettie:  No he’s more successful! 

Nettie looks at the mirror and closes her eyes as she waves to Bobbinette. Bobbinette reflection runs towards the mirror not ready to be locked back away. When Nettie opens her eyes seeing herself looking back at herself and adjusts her hair. Nettie grabs the remote and sees what she missed there’s a picture of her opponent with his sister. Nettie cringes and looks horrified.

Nettie: Who is this fetus? Did this toddler really just walk into HOW?

She jumps over the top rope to the outside landing gracefully. She grabs her phone googling Raziel Reynolds.

Nettie: I realize I don’t care.

She tosses the phone

Nettie: I know kids are ignorant nowadays but Christ! This pampered privileged idiot doesn’t realize what he signed up for, does he?

She chuckles softly.

Nettie: This isn’t a regular wrestling promotion. People die here… granted they come back. 

Nettie wrinkles her nose as she stretches for her cook down.

Nettie: I don’t think the kid read his contract. He would know this isn’t ordinary wrestling. People get hurt, it isn’t just wrestling; brutally, it’s violence, it’s carnage, and.. chaos. He clearly doesn’t know who the hell I am.

She looks at herself in the mirror. She looks over her body as she puts her foot on the apron flexing to get a full stretch in.

Nettie: When you sign with the company, you should do your due diligence. You should know who the Legends are.

Nettie switches legs out as she cools down 

Nettie: I didn’t get a Hall of Famer ring as a participation trophy. I’m the only woman in HOW to make the Hall of Fame. The new kid seems like he’s a trender and more obnoxious than Tyler Best. 

She walks back over to her table and grabs some water.

Nettie: This makes me miss Tyler… I didn’t think that was possible. 

She grabs her phone and walks through the warehouse to a room with a metal drum tub filled with ice cubes  

Nettie: I was hoping that I was going to be wrestling his sister. It’s been forever since I’ve had a female battle. Really, It’s been ages and at least she seemed like more of a challenge to wrestle, a new woman in HOW. Unfortunately no it’s some basic broski with no actual describable personality.

Nettie gets into the tub with ice cubes floating around it.

Nettie: Brother and sister Duo but as a woman, she couldn’t be the actual power? Cliche and sad. I’m disappointed in both of them. Her for not taking the opportunity to be the star and him for … douchebaggery. Clearly, there’s no relation between Shane Reynolds and either of them.

She kicks her shoes off and dips her toe into the ice bath pulling her foot back quickly. She hesitates before sticking her leg into the water and her other leg following up into the ice bath. She stands there frozen as she adjusts to the temperature.

Nettie: At least none that Shane Reynolds would openly acknowledge any relation.. she might have come out at War Games seeing him. But I’m ready for him. These idiots that he has as a distraction are all part of his game. I’ll make short work of Raziel and then he can come out and we can settle it at Chaos. She may have been distracted at War Games but it’s Nettie’s turn. Reynolds’s family members have no place here in HOW. It’s that simple and I will send them all packing on Chaos.

Nettie says as she finally sits down in her metal drum tub. She seems more comfortable as she finally relaxes in the ice bath. Her eyes seem more relaxed at the fridge temperature. Her hand grips the phone as she closes her eyes, putting her head back and enjoying the silence in the room. After a few moments of silence, Nettie seems impatient as she sits in the ice bath fully clothed. She wrinkles her face as she doesn’t seem to be comfortable sitting there. Nettie stands up grabbing a towel wrapping it over her clothes.

Nettie: What if that’s why Shane sent them? Shane sent them to be annoying? I deserve better than this trash!

She says getting out of the tub with water dripping on the cement floor. She sighs and walks back through the factory. She walks past the ring and her lip starts to tremble from the cold.

Nettie: People ruining things intentionally. All because of that bitch… Raziel wanted to come to HOW but why? I’ve never known somebody who could say nothing and be so underwhelmingly disappointing at the same time. But yet here we are congratulations new guy I’m going to knock your teeth out of your face just because of your last name. I won’t apologize, your name alone has instigated the ass beating. Congratulations douche.

She says to the tv screen. She turns off the tv in the gym. Her thoughts seem scattered. The torment Bobbinette endured at War Games and the frustration Nettie has to live with after missing the opportunity of her plans foiled at the event of the year. Control was something Nettie needed to regain and that was the plan for Chaos to regain Nettie’s nation in HOW.