That 50s Adventure

That 50s Adventure

Posted on January 15, 2020 at 10:09 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Unknown
January 13, 2050, 10:30 PM

The sound of explosions is heard as a bloody and dirty, Scott Stevens begins to awaken.

“You got to go!”

A voice yells at the groggy Texan.


Stevens replies trying to gain his bearings as his eyes begin to focus and he see red lasers being fired back and forth between humans and…..MACHINES!

“You got to go, NOW!”

The soldier yells at Stevens as he grabs him by the arms and shoves him towards a machine that as a floating liquid bubble in the center.

“You must stop him!”

The soldier shouts as he provides cover fire for Stevens as he stands there stunned.


Scott asks confused.

“The Solexinator.”

The soldier says before pushing Stevens into the bubble.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Forest
November 5, 1955, 10:30 PM


Stevens yells as he emerges from the time portal and hits the ground hard. He gets to his feet and he clutches his ribs as he breathes in heavily and steam is produced when he exhales as he starts to look around and gain his whereabouts.

“Where the hell am I?

He asks himself as he continues to look around before heading towards what he thinks is a bonfire. As he gets closer the bonfire he thought he saw becomes a reality and what he comes upon was a scary sight. A group of boys ages ranging from mid to late teens are all unconscious around the fire with red stuff coming from their mouths. Stevens continues to survey the scene when one of the boys cries out to help drawing the attention of the Texan.

“Who did this?”

Scott asks and the naked kid shakes his head.

“I don’t know.”

The kid said shivering in the cold night.

“It was a bald and muscular, naked man. He wanted my clothes, my boots, and my motorcycle.”

The kid replies coughing.

“We told him to get lost or there would be trouble and he proceeds to beat the crap out of us and rammed some bloody object down our throats before stealing my stuff!”

The kid shouts in anger.

“Don’t worry, let me borrow your cell phone, and I’ll call the police.”

Stevens says and the kid begins to cough up a lung from laughing so hard.

“Yeah right, and next you’ll be telling me you’re from the future or an alien from another planet.”

The kid replies and Stevens narrows his brow.

“Yeah, I must’ve hit my head pretty hard.”

Stevens replies as he continues to check on the kid and the surroundings looking for clues.

“By the way, do you happen to know the date by chance?”

Stevens asks the boy and the boy replies with…..

“November 5, 1955.”

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Strickland Motel
November 6, 1955, 8:30 AM

The scene opens with Scott Stevens tired, dirty, and definitely in need of a shower, approach the reception desk of the Strickland Motel and hit the bell.





Stevens thumps his fingers before rapidly tapping the bell until he finally gets service as an elderly gentleman comes from the back.

“Hold on. Hold on.”

The man says as he approaches the desk and looks at Stevens before yelling.

“What the hell do you want?!?!?!?”

Stevens smirks and replies.


“What do you think you mean, old bastard. I want a room.”

The old man is taken aback.

“Ok. Alright.”

He calmly replies before handing Scott a key.

Two hours later………….

The heavily bruised, possibly broken ribs, of Scott Stevens is seen in its full glory as the Texan sits on his bed contemplating his next move.

“Now talking with the clerk, everyone will be at the diner around lunch time and I believe that’s when the LPW-Model 001 will strike.”

Stevens says to himself as he rises to his feet clutching his side in the process.

“Got to stop him. No matter the cost.”

Stevens decrees as he begins to get dressed.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Joe’s Café and Diner
November 6, 1955, 12:30 PM

The scene opens up to Joe’s Café and Diner and it looks like a scene out of the movie Grease. You had your Greasers on one side of the diner with their ladies and the other you had the Socs. Mixed in to the social melting pot you had you nerds and geeks, loners, and athletes who didn’t fit into the typical cliques. A young man in his mid-teens wearing a Letterman jacket gets up from his table and makes his way over to the jukebox. He reaches into his pocket and places a nickel into the machine and a familiar rocking tune starts to play.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Rockin all week with you.
This day is ours
Won’t you be mine. (Oh Happy Days)
This day is ours (Oh Happy Days)
Oh please be mine.

The young man heads back to his table snapping his fingers to the tune. He takes a seat in front of a beautiful girl who is blushing and trying to hide her excitement.

“Oh Cary, I love this song.”

The girl says in a fluster.

“I know baby, that’s why I played it.”

Cary says and an “AWWWWWWW” is heard.

As the diner is hopping and a rocking a bell rings as the glass door opening collides with it and everyone looks towards the entrance. Standing in the doorway is Scott Stevens, wearing jeans, a Green Bay Packers sweat shirt and sunglasses. The Texan slowly takes his shades off in super, slow, mo, you only see in a movie or tv show, and hangs them from the collar of his shirt. Scott surveys the scene and doesn’t see the Solexinator and makes his way towards a booth in the back so he can survey the entire dining establishment.

“What can I get ya hun?”

A waitress asks as she comes over to the booth.


Scott says as he fiddles with the menu and orders the first thing he sees.

I’ll have a cheeseburger and a Coke float.”

He says to the waitress completing the order.

“I’ll have it right out.”

She replies before disappearing to turn in the order. Stevens continues to survey the establishment looking for any signs of his target, but to no avail.

30 minutes pass…………

“That was a damn good burger.”

Stevens says to himself before finishing off the Coke float when the loud revving of a motorcycle is heard that garners the Texan’s attention. Watching like a hawk towards the entrance, Scott’s eyes never shift to anything else, but to the front door anticipating the arrival of his target. The door flies open and a man fitting the description of the young man in the woods steps inside almost robotically. The bald man never takes his glasses and scans the room and makes his way over to the booth where that kid named Cary and girl are sitting but he bumps into the leader of the Greasers causing him to spill his milkshake all over his leather jacket.

“Watch where you’re going wet rag.”

The greaser says, but the bald man is emotionless and tries to pass, but the greaser steps in his way.

“I’m talking to you wet rag. You’re going to apologize and replace this jacket you ruined or you’re going to catch a couple of knuckle sandwiches.”

The greaser says as he cracks his knuckles as his posse cheer him on.

“Kick his ass Johnny!”

One of the greasers yells to the leader to support him, but the bald man doesn’t apologize or replace the jacket. In fact, he doesn’t do anything except try to go around once more, but Johnny steps in front.

“You are really cruising for a bruising pal.”

Johnny says before he tries to take a swing and the bald man catches his hand. Johnny takes a swing with his left and the result is the same. The bald man starts to squeeze the fists of Johnny who begins to yell out in pain causing his crew to attack the bald man who swats them away like flies. The bald man brings Johnny to his knees and lets go of one hand so he can reach inside his jacket to receive an oblong shaped item that is colored red on the end.


The bald man replies in monotone voice before sticking the bloody tampon into the mouth of Johnny causing the leader of the Greasers to puke and causing him to gag as he rolls around on the ground. Cary and his lady friend try to run passed the bald man, but he quickly grabs Cary and slings him backwards.


As the bald man attempts to put the tampon down the gullet of Cary Stevens, a loud crack is heard as a metal pipe collides to the back of the head of the bald man sending him to the ground temporarily.

“Come with me if you want to live.”

Scott says to Cary as the two make a break for it. Scott and Cary make a dash for Cary’s car, a candy apple red, Chevrolet Bel-Air convertible. Cary has trouble starting the engine as the bald man kicks down the glass door and starts walking towards them. Cary is able to get the engine started and the bald man starts to chase after them. Stevens tries to defend Cary as he throws baseballs at the bald man to no effect and he is finally able to catch up…..temporarily as the sound of wood cracking is heard as the Louisville Slugger snaps in two after it collides with the face of the bald man. After a few seconds the bald man’s glasses are crack to reveal a red glowing eye underneath the deep lacerations from the bat and concrete. The bald man smirks and simply turns around and walks back towards town.

The Bel-Air comes to a screeching on the side of the road and Cary begins to yell wanting answers.


He screams.

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?”

He continues.

“You’re not going to believe me if I tell you.”

Stevens replies and Cary shoots him a look.

“Try me!”

He shouts and Scott mouths, “Ok.”

“You wanted to know what that was that attacked you well it is a machine known as The Solexinator.”

Scott tells Cary and Cary looks at him with a confused look.

“A what?”

He asks and Stevens shakes his head.

“Look, The Solexinator is an infiltration unit: part man, part machine. Underneath, it’s a hyper-flakey combat chassis, ego inflation-controlled. Fully armored; very tough. But outside, it’s living human tissue: flesh, skin, hair, blood – grown for the cyborgs. The Psycho Sam series had messed up noses. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human… sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him.”

Stevens responds and Cary stares at him as if the man who saved him is insane.

“You’re trying to tell me a robot is trying to harm me. Yeah, ok. I’ll be leaving now.”

Cary says and as he tries to leave the car Scott yanks him bank in.

“Listen, and understand! That Solexinator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you have a tampon shoved down your throat!”

Scott yells as he grabs him by his Letterman and Cary understands the seriousness of the situation.

“Why me?”

Cary asks and Scott sighs.

“Because of what you’re going to do.”

Scott replies and pauses before continuing.

“You will become a great wrestler and become the Patriarch of a great family dynasty and some people cannot let that happen. You see, the tampon was shoved down the throat of one of your children, but it didn’t tarnish his legacy as they had hoped so they thought sending one back to do the same thing to you before you even began your wrestling career it would humiliate you to the point you wouldn’t want to be recognized thus preventing the Stevens Dynasty from ever forming.”

Scott says and Cary looks shock.


He replies and Scott nods.

“Wow. Indeed.”


Cary and Scott try their best to hide from The Solexinator, but the relentless machine finds them and after a chase through the town towards the outskirts they find themselves taking refuge in a steel mill.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Marty Brown Steel Mill
November 7, 1955, 2:30 AM

“What are you doing?”

Cary shouts as he does his best to hold up a bloody and bruised Scott Stevens.

“Cover, so he can’t track us.”

Scott replies hitting whatever buttons he sees as The Solexinator is beating down the door to come after them. The duo make their way through the mill as the Solexinator busts through the door and the machine in the mill have the tracking systems going crazy for the Solexinator since it can’t lock in……until…….Cary accidentally knocks over a steel pipe drawing the attention of The Solexinator. Stevens picks up the steel pipe and yells at Cary to run.

“Come on mother fucker! Let’s dance.”

Stevens says as he attacks The Solexinator but it hardly fazes it as the machine hits a few big punches that sends Scott flying backwards and dazed after hitting his head on the concrete floor.


The Solexinator says to Scott and as the bloody tampon gets closer and closer to the mouth of Scott Stevens we hear a voice calling his name.



Wake up.

Wake up.

“Huh! What?!?!?”

Scott says as he is forcefully awakened.

“What’s happening?!?!?”

The Texan looks around and notices he is in his house and his wife has a concerned look on her face.

“You were hollering at somebody and telling your dad to run and hide.”

She informs her husband who looks around embarrassed.

“What were you dreaming about babe?”

Lisa asks and Stevens chuckles.

“A horrible place. A place of horror and despair. I was dreaming about the fifties.”

Scott replies and Lisa rolls her eyes before heading back to bed.

“I’ve got to cut back on the late night binge watching.”

Stevens says to himself as he gets up from the sofa and follows his wife to bed.


So is that the outcome of ICONIC Steven?

The unstoppable Steve Solex continues to defeat Scott Stevens because that’s what he does?

I think not.

Solex, you like to live in the past and yes I am guilty of that as well, but at ICONIC the outcome of our past will be different as I defeat you and prove to you that the man you faced in Legacy Pro Wrestling is not the same Scott Stevens that hails from High Octane Wrestling.

Here’s the truth Steven.

If I wasn’t in LPW, I still would’ve still ended up in HOW. Whether it was through the HOTv partnership with TRUE Wrestling or the feud with DEFIANCE Wrestling I would’ve found HOW and my career would’ve been pretty much the same because everything I have fought for, I have earned. I have scratched and clawed my way to the top many times before being sent back down to do over. You may have been the man in LPW, but I’ve been the MAN in HOW, and that’s something you will never be!

Because what is it that Lee has always said Steven?

What you do in FISHER PRICE FEDS doesn’t mean shit in HOW.

When it comes to you and I in HOW, I’m the man. You’re living in my shadow and I’m going to whoop your ass at ICONIC.