Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike

Posted on April 28, 2023 at 3:16 pm by Scottywood

You getting fucking bored Mike?  Of course you are.  You think you have this in the fucking bag.  Cause you’re Mike Best and you literally are HOFC.  So why give your complete focus to the one of the few people who ever stand a chance at beating you in this arena.  Instead let’s get into “nice” HOFC battles with Carey cause you think you got this shit against me all wrapped up.

Mike wrapping something up, now that is fucking hilarious.  Hey, at least we still got the Morning After pill available… for now.

You also understand that being sarcastic isn’t being nice, right?  Of course you don’t, MIke Best has no idea what the fuck the word nice actually means.

Nah, continue to fuck around and not take this seriously.  No wonder daddy doesn’t trust you running HOW.  You are a man child who gets to do whatever the fuck you want cause of your fucking privlege.  Look how easy it was for Carey to bait you into a meaningless battle of “nice” words.  You can’t fucking help but to respond to everyone who mentions your fucking name.  You have the self control of a toddler and HOFC is your fucking pacifier.  Mike is unhappy and is gonna throw a temper tantrum, give him an HOFC match and he’ll be ok.

It’s a fucking sickness Mike, a literal fucking sickness that you can not fucking avoid.  Maybe you need to check yourself into a rehab facility.  I can recommend a few that have been suggested to me over the years.  You can overcome this sickness Mike, cure yourself from the demons that make you a narcissistic piece of shit.  I have f… fa… faith in you.

Or just tell me to shut the fuck up.  Man, if I had a dollar for everytime you said that to me.  How has that worked out for you Mike?  We can go round and round in endless circles here.  You tell me to shut up, I say I won’t, you say I should, I say I never will.  You find the ten thousandth different  word for idiot and call me that.  Maybe you toss in a few sorta cool pop culture references.

But ya know what Mike, I’ll let ya in on a secret.  Despite it being the same thing, over and over, fighting you in HOFC is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in HOW.  This pure cut throat trash talk against someone who I know isn’t gonna run off to HR with their feelings hurt.  We’re the same in that, no one has ever said something in HOW to offend me.  So you won’t believe how much my eyes lit up when I saw us against each other in an HOFC fight on the card this week.  Despite the fact I know how much of an almost impossible challenge it is gonna be… something about fighting you just brings out the Best in me.

It brings out maybe what I should have been.  You know I was you at one point.  Back in 2008 when Lee Best brought me into his Best Alliance.  I was his sadistic hired gun and given every opportunity I could have wanted.  Sure, I won some of them and have collected an impressive list of hardware in HOW, but you were right, I could have done so much more.  I decided I’d rather tear into a case of beer instead of tearing into my opponent’s flesh.  I was… and still am complacent in just collecting a check that will pay the beer bill instead of collecting wins and title belts these days.

But fighting you… it makes me see a glimpse of myself if I did give it all to HOW.  Would it have been awesome to be like you?  The unbeatable monster of HOW.  Sure, but fuck, I can only imagine the pressure.  That shit would drive me to drink… and then I’d just be where I am now.  In the end this shit is just fucking fun… maybe you feel the same or maybe not.  If only for the wins you get to keep piling up so you can fill those voids in your life.   Trust me, I do it with beer, I understand the feelings.  So probably never said this without being sarcastic, but thanks Mike. for making this so much fun.

Now, enough with the feelings shit, we still got 750 words to go.