Terrence meets Quackie Chan

Terrence meets Quackie Chan

Posted on November 25, 2022 at 10:13 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Planet Fitness
Melbourne, Florida
Wednesday November 23rd, 2022

It was the day before Thanksgiving and the Planet Fitness on 840 N Apollo Blvd here in Melbourne, Florida was mostly empty. A lot of people liked to come to the gym at weird hours in the morning or night. While a majority of people wouldn’t be hitting the gym until all of their Thanksgiving leftovers were gone.

Jace had flown here from Denver to see his son Brendan and to take him back to Denver with him for the Thanksgiving dinner that Samantha would be holding at their place. Brendan’s mother was not a happy camper at the thought of her son meeting Jace’s new main squeeze. However, seeing as how her son was only a few years away from being a legal adult. It was hard to deny him wanting to spend the holiday with his biological father.

That along with the fact that Jace had provided them the money to move them from the area of Tampa to here in Melbourne inside of a much nicer house. Nikki really had her hands tied as far as denying her son or her baby daddy. Before heading to the new home to pick up his son, Jace had decided to hit up the gym in training for his match Sunday night. Xander Azula might not have been the most threatening man on the HOW roster but when it’s for the HOW LSD Championship belt. Along with the fact there happened to be no disqualification rules, it meant Jace was going to take this match very seriously.

He was busy on the bench press at the moment. Pushing the heavy weight up and down off of his chest while thinking about the things he would do to Xander Azula. That is until a familiar voice interrupted his train of thought.

“When are we going to stop this cat and mouse game?” The voice inquired.

The voice was of Jace’s biological father Terrence Miles Davidson. He had found where Jace was at the moment and seemed to always pop up no matter where Jace was at any given moment. Jace shook his head slightly and continued pressing the weight.

“There is no cat and mouse game. There is just you continuing to stalk me even though I just want you to fuck off like you did for thirty plus years of my life.” Jace responded through reps.

“Is that the thanks that I get?” Terrence questioned in a holier than thou tone.

“Just what is there to thank you for, honestly?” Jace matched his father’s tone with one of sarcasm.

“How about the fact you wouldn’t be one half of the new HOTv World Tag Team Champions without me?” Terrence said in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

“Because of you?” Jace chuckled a bit. “Please enlighten me on how any of that is true.”

“Mr. Stevens and you were nothing more than volatile individuals who did not care for each other. I brought Mr. Stevens to your front door and forced you two to train together until you could stand to tolerate each other for longer than five seconds.” Terrence verbally gave himself a pat on the back.

“Both Stevens and I are still very highly volatile individuals. Nothing has changed in that aspect at all. You just decided to interject yourself into a situation and tried to claim credit for something good happening. Makes me wonder if your real last name isn’t Stevens. The fact is that regardless of you bringing Stevens to TEN-X or not wouldn’t have mattered. Especially since I went in there and won the match for the team. I’m responsible for being the new HOTv World Tag Team Champions. Stevens was just there. Then of course, thanks to Christopher America, Scott Stevens went night night and got told he wasn’t one of us. And by us, I mean one of the elite wrestlers in HOW. So, again, you can kindly fuck off.” Jace placed the weight back onto its holding position and sat upright on the bench.

Jace grabbed a hold of a towel and began to wipe the sweat off of his body. Even though his back was turned he could still tell that Terrence was still standing there and still casting judgment down upon him.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish here, nor do I care. The fact is that I already have a manager and regardless of the fact he’s a perverted little weasel or not, he gets the job done. So, your help isn’t wanted or needed. I would advise you to get to the point of why you’re stalking me here in Melbourne before something bad happens.” Jace threatens.

“It’s the day before Thanksgiving.” Terrence began, though he was struggling with his words. “And no matter how hard I’ve tried you’ve refused to acknowledge me or the help I have so graciously given you. So, since you’re immature and a lost cause I want the only thing worthwhile that you still offer. I want to see my grandchild.”

Jace got up off of the bench and snapped around to face his father.

“Absolutely fucking not!” Jace shouted. “I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you. I don’t believe a word of anything you’ve ever said or done. I am certainly not letting you sink your claws into my child or use him for whatever twisted plan you’ve been trying to cook up.”

Jace walked past Terrence and headed towards the locker rooms of the gym. Terrence followed right behind him since he was clearly not done with the conversation.

“That’s your problem. You can’t let go of the past and you think everyone is out to get you. If you would just grow up and stop spending your time around some strip club whore that fashions herself as a professional wrestler. Then both you and my grandson could enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner at my place.” Terrence offers in a condescending manner.

Jace stops in his tracks then turns around to face Terrence who stands there in front of his son.

“That’s the thing. I have grown up, I grew up on my own because you, because Dennis, and because of my mother all decided that your own selfish wants and needs were more important than I was. That is something that I am never going to expose Brendan to ever. I don’t want him to have to meet you then ultimately feel the heartache when you inevitably disappoint him and disappear from whence you came.  So, one more time… Terrence. FUCK OFF!” Jace says in an aggressive tone.

The LSD Champion turns back around and disappears into the male locker room of the gym. Jace takes the time to shower, put on a fresh change of clothes, and gather his things. Jace walked out of the locker room to find Terrence still standing there defiantly. Jace walked right past his father and headed towards the exit of the building. Terrence once again began to follow his son.

“You can run away all you want but all I have to do is follow you and you’ll end up leading me right to where my grandson is. You can quit being stubborn and ride with me to pick him up.” Terrence lectured as he followed Jace out of the gym.

“Ride with you? Never again, see ya!” Jace waved before flipping Terrence the bird.

Jace ducked into an Uber he had ordered back when he was in the locker room and slammed the door closed. The vehicle pulled off as Terrence snarled while heading to his own vehicle.

“Follow him and do not lose him under any circumstances.” Terrence commanded his driver as he got inside of the vehicle.

The driver nods his head and closes the door behind Terrence. The driver enters the vehicle and takes off in the direction of the Uber that Jace was inside of headed. This went on for a good twenty minutes until Jace’s Uber pulled over. Jace paid the driver and then got out of the vehicle. He disappeared into a store as Terrence’s vehicle pulled over. Terrence exited the vehicle and looked around at the store that Jace entered inside of just moments ago.

“What in the world…” Terrence mumbled to himself.

He looked up at the Tractor Supply Co. store that Jace went into and backed away a few steps.

“My word, the smell emanating from that place is absolutely rancid.” Terrence reached for a cloth inside of his pocket and raised it up to his nose to try and avoid the odor.

Terrence stood there with a disgusted look on his face as people walked in and out of the store. Every fiber of his being wanted to turn around and leave but the chance of meeting his grandson was way too strong to give up now. Finally, Jace exited the store carrying a large box in front of him.

“I insist you cease these foolish games and take me to my grandson immediately!” Terrence ordered through the cloth held to his face.

“Foolish games? I already told you no, but you insist on stalking me. I am just going about my day so if anyone’s playing foolish games here it’s you.” Jace said accusingly.

“You’re trying to lead me on a wild goose chase to throw me off from finding out where my grandson lives.” Terrence fired back.

“Not goose, duck.” Jace corrected him.

“Excuse me?” Terrence raised his eyebrow.

Suddenly, the box Jace was holding his arms made a noise.

“What was that?” Terrence looked around confused.

The noise rang out once again before the top of the box opened and a white male domesticated American Pekin Duck popped its head out.

“Why do you have such a filthy thing?!?!?!” Terrence asked frantically.

“This ‘dirty thing’ as you call it is my new pet. I decided to reward MYSELF for becoming a Triple Champion on MY own.” Jace replied with a smile on his face.

“I demand you get rid of that thing this instant.” Terrence tried to use his power as Jace’s father.

“Yeah, that’s not happening. Quackie Chan and I are going to be best friends. You should pet him then you might actually like him.” Jace nodded towards the duck.

“I don’t do… live animals. They are absolutely filthy, and disease ridden.” Terrence confessed.

The duck, or rather Quackie Chan as Jace referred to him, began quacking angrily towards Terrence.

“Looks like you pissed him off.” Jace teased.

The duck raised up further out of the box and began flapping its wings while honking at Terrence.

“Make it stop!” Terrence pulled the cloth away from his face and waved it at the duck.

Quackie Chan hopped out of the box flapping its wings until he landed on the sidewalk. He continued honking and raced towards Terrence. Jace’s father dropped his cloth and raced towards his vehicle as Quackie Chan angrily gave chase. Terrence entered his vehicle and slammed the door shut and ordered the driver to get the hell out of dodge before the duck got him. The vehicle pulled off and disappeared down the road as Jace smiled. He leaned down and grabbed a hold of Quackie Chan then placed him back into the box.

“Duck Norris, my doood! You have more than earned your new home and all the food that you can eat.”

Jace picked up the box and headed towards where another waiting Uber was parked so that he could pick up Brendan before heading back to the airport.


Oh Xander, where are you?!

I know you’re usually Mr. 11:59pm but even for you this is a bit ridiculous. I thought someone that prided themselves on being a fighter of your supposed caliber would do better than this. Or maybe I’ve been right all along and you’re not more than a fraud of a professional wrestler. You get booked into a no disqualification match for the LSD Championship belt and this is the effort you put forth?

I’d say I was disappointed but honestly, I’m just amused.

What happened? Did you see your name across from mine and decided to join the Witness Protection Program? If I had to fight me I’d bury my head in the sand also and tell myself it was all just a bad dream. Is that what is happening here? If it is then all you have to do is bend the knee, ask me for mercy, and I won’t completely beat the ever-loving shit out of you.

Or did Mike Best finally confirm that he’s just not that into you?

Looks like your ‘path’ or your yellow brick road to relevance turned out to be nothing more than a dead end. The Son of God isn’t going to tarnish his legacy by coming out of retirement to face lowly Xander Azula. He’s also not going to reinstate the HOFC division and leave it to someone like you to spearhead. Those are nothing more than fantasies of yours that will never come true. You have a better chance of finding a hot girl on the side of the road with a broken-down car, willing to give you a blowjob for a ride to the mall.

Sorry, I know how much your V card means to you. It’s okay, the scary vagina won’t hurt you. But I will.

It’s just funny that you had all this piss and vinegar just last week. You had vowed to make Jatt Starr, Christopher America, GREAT SCOTT, and yours truly pay for what we did to Joe Bergman. You said and I quote that you took it ‘PERSONALLY!’ Seems like you actually care about old Ordinary Joe more than his actual teammates The Highwaymen do. None of them have gone out to the ring and decided to exact revenge for his unfortunate circumstances. But I guess that’s because you two share that coach and student bond.

For fucks sake, Xander.

You’re 35 years old, why the fuck do you need a coach? What in the hell could Joe Bergman teach you that you wouldn’t already know? Whatever he is charging you I would ask for a refund because his coaching has done jack shit to improve your wrestling ability. Though, I’m not surprised you and your little Scooby gang like spending your time inside of a smelly barn in the middle of nowhere. Honestly Xander, if you got that much of a fatal attraction crush for Joe Bergman then why don’t you just quit HOW and join MVW full time? I’m sure Madison would have fun kicking your ass inside of the ring. Wait, they still do the separate men’s and women’s divisions. Fucking rednecks.

So, how did getting revenge against Jatt Starr for what he did work out for you last week, Xandypants?

Oh, right he beat you in the middle of the ring. Clearly, it was a day that ended in Y in the career of Xander Azula. And I guess I am next on that adorable hit list of yours. Here I am, you know, taking this match seriously and working towards retaining MY LSD Championship belt. And where exactly are you? Did you and the Scooby gang go on the hunt to find Joe Bergman? Are you out in Bumfuck, Missouri somewhere trying to dig up what is left of him to get some last-minute sage-like advice on how to become the HOW LSD Champion? I mean you’ve vowed many times that you were going to do things like shut me up, throw fireballs at me, and beat me in a match but none of these things have yet to happen.

Are you a pathological liar or just delusional?

I can’t tell anymore, but what I do know is that I hit the nail right on the head when I said a match against you was like a week off. The only thing I’ve had to fight off when it comes to you is boredom.

The great and mighty Xander Azula.

The man that has as much of a chance of winning MY LSD Championship belt as a pebble in my shoe has of making me a cripple.

I hope everyone else is out there watching. I hope you’re all seeing this. This is proof that when I say that ‘people are literally scared of facing me’ isn’t just bullshit. I’ve brought a fighter down to his boney knees by just having my name listed alongside his in a match. I didn’t have to wreck his locker room, I didn’t have to set him on fire, I didn’t have to kidnap any relative or former high school sweetheart of his to do it either.

All I had to do was be me.

The name Jace Parker Davidson carries weight in this business. It either brings out the absolute best in my opponents or it makes them wet themselves and wish that they were never born.

Clearly, Mr. Azula is the latter.

I hope this piss poor effort ends any hope of you getting a title shot of any kind in the future. I am making the LSD Championship belt mean something again. Having to defend it against you does nothing for me or that title if this is the effort you’re going to put forth.

I matter.

This title matters.

Wrestling matters.

And you Xander Azula? Your mother should have swallowed you and saved the oxygen you’ve consumed for the last 35 long years for someone more worthy of having it.


Jace and Samantha’s home
Denver, Colorado
Thursday November 24th, 2022
Thanksgivings Day

The day was filled with an uncomfortable tension of uncertainty. Samantha was busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm even though she tried to spend as much time with Jace’s son Brendan as she possibly could. Jace worried about how the two of them would get along. Then there was also the fact that Samantha’s parents and family were coming to spend the day with them and would be staying overnight in their new place. Jace had no idea what to expect from them even though Samantha continually tried to reassure him that it would be fine.

Jace distracted himself with alcohol, football games, and spending time with Brendan until the family finally arrived. After all the pleasantries and greetings were made everyone sat at the long dining room table and enjoyed the large Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Samantha. Sam’s brothers and parents plugged Jace for information while using old stories of a young Samantha to cover for their true intentions. Which were to interrogate the man that had moved Samantha to Denver and taken up a very important spot in her life.

Questions about how he felt about Samantha, their relationship status, and all of Jace’s past relationships were at the forefront of discussion between everyone at the table. Jace had managed to answer all the questions as best as he possibly could but also tried to change the subject many times to either football or his new pet duck. As the evening dragged on things got a little more relaxed, especially after Jace made an obvious show of kissing Samantha on the lips in front of her family. However, Jace had noticed through all of the madness that Brendan had disappeared off on his own. Jace excused himself from Samantha and her family before heading off in search of his son.

Jace looked around on all three floors for Brendan until finally heading out onto the patio to find Brendan leaned over the railing looking out at the night sky. There was a chill in the cold night air, but Brendan was at least smart enough to put his coat on. Jace was not.

“Hey, is everything okay?” Jace questioned as he leaned over the railing beside his son.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just needed some air.” Brendan replied.

“How was the food, did you like it?” Jace tried to get his son to open up.

“It was good.” Brendan answered in a short response while nodding his head.

“What about the mansion? Pretty sweet, huh?” Jace nudged his son with his elbow.

“It’s pretty cool, I guess.” Brendan shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay, so, how do you like Samantha?” Jace turned his head to face Brendan.

However, that question didn’t get an answer from Brendan. He just continued to stare up at the night sky as Jace sighed.

“Listen, I didn’t bring you here to force you to like her. I just wanted you to meet her and to enjoy the holiday with you. If it’s uncomfortable for you then you never have to come here again. I still got the place in Miami, or we can go get a hotel room or something if that works. Regardless, you don’t have to like Samantha just to spend time with me.” Jace placed his hand on Brendan’s shoulder.

“It’s not that I dislike Samantha. She seems nice enough. It’s just seeing you and her together along with her family…” Brendan’s voice trailed off.

“Yeah, I get it. I’m sorry things ended up the way they did but I can’t go back in the past and change anything. All I can do now is try and make the most of the present and help build a better future for you.” Jace confided.

“But why did it end up this way?” Brendan turned and looked his father in the eyes.

“Well, I mean when you’re a teenager and you’re dating a woman like your mother. Things don’t always end up how you wanted them to be. Your mother didn’t like that I was spending a majority of my time training to become a wrestler. She found the lack of attention I was giving her to be unacceptable, so she cheated on me. We fought and broke up for a time but tried to make things work. Of course, seeing as how she felt guilty for what she did, she got it in her head that I would end up doing the same exact thing to her. Any woman that even spoke to me led to an argument from your mother to the point I just had enough. We split up for good before I even knew she was pregnant with you.” Jace turned his head back towards the night sky.

There was a silence that fell between father and son as they stood there on the patio until Brendan spoke up.

“I understand all of that but it just still kind of sucks, you know?” Brendan lowered his head.

“I get it. But regardless of the fact that me and your mother aren’t together doesn’t mean that we aren’t all still a family. The moment I found out about you, I’ve done everything in my power to make sure that you and your mother have been well taken care of down to the last detail. This is why I got you both the new house in Melbourne.” Jace rubbed up and down his son’s back.

“The new house is nice, and the neighborhood seems like a good area.” Brendan smiled a little bit.

“I’m glad you like it.” Jace had a smile of his own on his face.

“How do you deal with it?” Brendan questioned in a low tone.

“Deal with what?” Jace looked down at his son.

“The dysfunctional and torn apart family. I know your own father has shown back up after all these years. I know that you and he are practically at each other’s throats. It’s like that sometimes with me and mom, especially when your name gets brought up. How do you deal with it?” Brendan raised his head up and rubbed the sleeve of his coat over his nose.

“Honestly? I take out all of my aggression inside of the ring. And your mother’s short temper is why I’m letting you do your wrestling training in secret. But I handle my issues by beating the snot out of my opponents inside of the ring. Punching someone repeatedly before stomping their head into the canvas is quite therapeutic.” Jace laughs.

“So, beating down Xander Azula on Sunday night is like therapy for you?” Brendan raised his eyebrow at his father.

“It’s better than therapy. Instead of having to deal with someone asking me all sorts of questions. I get paid to legally kick the shit out of another human being inside of the ring. I am definitely going to take out any aggression I currently have on Xander Azula on Chaos. That sorry sack of crap gets put into a title match against me and can’t even be bothered to show any effort. I’m going to show him that you do not disrespect the LSD Championship belt or me. He’ll be lucky if he’s able to walk out of our match under his own power when I am done.” Jace says with murderous intent in his voice.

“Must be nice.” Brendan adds with pity in his voice.

“Message delivered, Mr. Dramatic. I can’t make you any older or help you learn your moves any quicker. But what I can do is let you come with me to Chicago and hang out backstage. That way you get to watch me turn Xander Azula’s face into hamburger meat. That a fair deal?” Jace held out his fist towards his son.

“Hell yeah!” Brendan extends his fist and bumps it against his father’s fist.

“Alright, sounds like a plan to me. But let’s get back inside because I’m freezing my balls off out here and your mother will kill me if you catch any kind of a cold.” Jace cringes at the thought.

The LSD Champion wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulder as the two of them re-entered the mansion. They joined back up with Samantha and her family to enjoy the rest of their Thanksgiving night and to root the Vikings onto victory against the Patriots.