Posted on April 29, 2021 at 8:24 am by Hughie Freeman

Aye, congratulations mate. You’ve retained. Go and have a wank. Actually, have two wanks cos that’ll be two victories to boast over Hughie Freeman you can mention every thirty seconds of your sad pathetic life.

You talk about how Hughie Freeman used to be this or used to be that. Aye mate, you know everything about me. Is that the same bastard narrative you’re still going with? Fuck mate, have you just met Hughie Freeman?

I’ll set the narrative you fucking dick. And if Hughie Freeman wants to be in BA all of last week but today just decides to up and walk out on this company because of you winning by technicality, then your man will do just that.

Call the match off? You haven’t the onions.

All hail the greatest LSD champion of all time cos you’d happily accept a technicality win over The Famous Gypsey Warrior instead of facing me one on one without the bullshit.

Nah mate, you’re a pussy. And your girl knows it, too. She wants to be with a REAL man, yeah. But she’s too considerate of your feelings to tell you Hughie Freeman rocks her world.

How about that narrative? Technically speaking.

See you cunts.

And remember: win, lose or draw your man still lives in every single one of your heads rent free.