Taking the turn

Taking the turn

Posted on September 28, 2023 at 5:20 pm by Zach Kostoff

[The last few months, shit years, have been a trial for the kid. He was lost, and that was on me. I failed him. He was a good kid, is still. He has alot to learn, but he is learning as the days go by. He is a tuff son of a bitch, and the idea he wanted to go about this road on his own, in his own way. He didn’t want to follow in those footsteps.]


[And I get it. He wants to pave his own path, live his own life. He has gone through hell. A hell that….well he didn’t deserve. And that is where the failure for him started. He deserved better, hell they all did. The emptiness that he has to deal with is not fair to him. But, it is what it is. I failed him as his father. And he pays for those failures. I can’t do anything but be in his ear. In his heart. And in his soul. And right now, it is time to give his soul a little shock…




His eyes shoot open. Laying in his bed he lets out a small sigh. Blinking to get his bearings back, he swings his legs over the edge of the bed. His hair hangs in his face as he runs his hand through the long blond hair.


Zach: Shit, sounded like my dad was standing over me telling me to get up.


[I am.]


Reaching for his phone, he sees a text that catches his eye.


Zach: This week’s card…


Reading, his expression stays the same as he sets his phone back down on tbe night stand


Zach: A 6 man match? I mean, whatever Lee. I will say that being on a team with Fuse is gonna be good. He is solid. My dad spoke highly of him, not sure they ever got in the ring before. But my dad said in passing he was good.


Zach: Azula, now I know you and my dad had a match. He was a fan because your entrance song was a song he used back before.


Sliding out of his bed, he stands and stretches. Touching the floor with his hands, he grabs his calves and pulls himself tight. Loosening up the legs some he stands straight up.


Zach: But enough of the pleasant stuff. Right now this week the three of us are going against the “new and improved” Best Alliance.


He laughs some.


Zach: And kind of like my old man, I don’t give a fuck about any of them. See, before I wanted to be low keyed and all that shit. And it got me nothing, so I noticed that once I started to get a little angry, things started to go a different way.


Zach: So now here we are. I’m taking these matches against these mother fuckers. I’m not running. I’m getting into that ring and fighting.


He begins to make his way out of his bedroom. Entering the hallway, he walks slowly into the kitchen. Looking around he shakes his head.


Zach: I guess right now, I guess all I need to do is keep getting into that ring. Maybe, the fight in me is starting to come out more. Maybe that is what have been needing to do. Maybe instead of just going about my business the way I wanted to…carve out my own way…maybe letting the Kostoff come out and just fucking fight.


Zach: Instead of trying to do wild shit, just punch a mother fucker in the mouth. I mean, that is what got me to this point in my life. I took over a business that Kostoff ran and ram fucking well. I have a life wheel this is meaningless in the long run. But yet here I am…


[God fucking damn right here you are. Act like a Kostoff. Fight like a Kostoff. God damnit son, harden the fuck up!!!]


He stops. Looking around, he shakes his head.


Zach: Maybe all those shot he took to his head had some impact on me.


Zach: What the fuck ever. I got a plane to catch and I got to get my shit together.


Zach: Fuze, Azula I look forward to us teaming up. The fucktards we are facing…fuck y’all.


Zach: See y’all in the ring mother fuckers.


The scene starts to slowly drift out…


[Hmm, he might just be starting to get it]