Taco bout it. (I can do word play too)

Taco bout it. (I can do word play too)

Posted on May 22, 2023 at 10:12 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Everything eventually comes back into style. What’s old is new again. Call it retro, call it vintage, however you call it, doesn’t change the facts.

’80s mom jeans (the high-rise ones with like the five buttons.) Fanny packs! No one saw that making a comeback! Little bookbag purses, I might have owned a few of these back in the day. Albums have outsold CDs for the first time in almost 30 years. I almost regret getting rid of all of my mom’s old albums…

The clothes from the ’90s, the clueless clothes, the Kelly Bundy flower dresses which were technically just the 70s dresses, everything in your closet will eventually be back in style again so no need to actually ever get rid of anything. Your clothes will always be back in style again just give it time.

 But I’m not here to bore you about clothing and fashion. (Because most of you don’t have any fashion sense to begin with.) I’m talking about the nostalgia factor.

That’s why most of us have a career in HOW again after all isn’t it? But the perfect example of this is Steve solex.

Solex is relevant but in like the most cringe way right now. ( It’s not a good thing, it’s more of an ironic thing.)

But this old man is leading a war games team. I’m not jealous…

The reason I’m not jealous is because it’s simple I will not be used as a pawn for the man. He’s a corporate shell. Yes, they get cool clothes but I’m not about to be anybody’s sock puppet.

But again it’s not just solex look at America. He came back just for war games last year and still has yet to leave because no one’s defeated him. It’s nostalgia, it’s a fire that gets under you to where you want to return; no you need to. That fire once lit forces you to evolve. The fire, the passion, creates a new reason for fans to remember you. None of us being satisfied with the legacy we left behind previously and making whole new treads and marks on the world.

The thing is people lose that hunger they lose that drive they lose that passion. They just go through the motions. That’s what she’s been doing for over a year. Everyone’s noticed it and it’s been pathetic watching it happen. That’s why I’m back because Jesus Christ, I will end her myself instead of letting her ruin what I’ve built. We will deal with it all, one war at a time.




There’s a certain vibe that comes with war games. It’s not a cliche feeling of a wrestling match, nor is it the grandiose stage. 

It’s more than just a place or an event, War Game does something to all of us. Leading up to War Games there’s a feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on… no matter how hard you try, you never know what’s coming around the corner. Even if you think you know what’s going to happen you don’t. The only thing that you know for sure is  where shit gets real.

 It’s hard to explain because unless you’re part of War Games don’t understand it. Even then you don’t fully comprehend it. Winning it however…every single person who has won War Games knows exactly what I’m talking about.

 It’s not about commercialism, Though this is one of the biggest events of the year for us, but in that ring it means something different.. People can talk “teammates” all they want but when you get in that ring…your blood boils over or it runs cold; there is no inbetween. You either go in there with fear or go in there with hunger, with rage, with a chip on your shoulder, with determination… 

This match sets the tone of the rest of the trajectory of how your year is going to go. if you don’t have it in you to be ready for that, then you’re not ready for War Games. Though even if you think you’re ready; there’s no way you’re actually ready for what is going to happen that night. All the prepping, All the training, All the working out that we do; still does not prepare you for what will happen. Sure you can prepare mentally, prepare emotionally; but once you get in there.. everything you just thought you were ready for no longer exists. Nothing is What It seems and no one is safe. In that moment is when the chill runs down every person’s spine. (If they have common sense.) The stark reality is that you can trust no one in these teams! 

Everyone is looking out for themself. Sure, everyone wants to say teamwork but not a damn person here actually cares about being part of a team. It’s selfish we all are selfish; with every damn right to be; We didn’t get this far just the phone it the fuck in. And if you did or plan to phone it I  get out of my ring!

My life is wrestling. Did I take a break?  No! She did! She made me a Shell of who I was. She lost sight of what’s really important and why I’m here and it is taking me till recently to be able to actually show why the fuck I came back. If you’re still standing there questioning why you came back do me a favor and don’t even bother showing up because I don’t have time to waste on week people see you at War games bitches




Mexico City


Palacio De Bellas Artes 

The beautiful white building with large pillars and a golden rotunda looked breathtaking as the midday sun shines down on it. Tourists smile while taking pictures around it using their phones to capture the moment. There is one person there just being in the moment. The raven haired caramel complexion woman was in a pair of black and purple biker shorts and matching tank top. The woman had a pair of black and purple pumas on her feet. She’s got a pair of boxy sunglasses covering a lot of her face. We see this is none other than Nettie Carey. The queen bitch observes the building looking over it as she stands in deep thought. Finally she breaks the silence.

Nettie: I’ve always wondered why Mexico? In the movie that’s where they escaped to and that is the end game. Mexico is where they plan on staying. And for the life of me I couldn’t understand why. Of all places, why Mexico? 

She walks around the outside towards The equestrian statue of Carlos IV (“El Caballito”).

Nettie: That’s when I realized because that’s where you can get away with anything. Where lawlessness is a way of life, even though they have police. Where for enough money they’ll look the other way. That’s why all criminals and all cowboys back in the day thought it was best just to go to Mexico.

She has her arms out wide displaying her surroundings.

Nettie: For wrestling  Mexico is the holy Land. Mexico has been the foundation of wrestling not as sports entertainment, but as a craft! In Mexico wrestling it is a way of life. Lucha libre means something with respect there. In Mexico is honored, it is respected. Here wrestling is treated as something far more intricate than it is in America. Wrestlers here are Gods that walk among men. In America wrestling isn’t taken as , but here… wrestling is legends told through generations. War Games here. It just fits… it feels right. 

Nettie’s hands are spread out wide as she gesticulates before she claps her hands together, rubbing them with giddy joy. She continues her stroll.

Between here Japan there are two places that every wrestler actually wants to wrestle. What we do in America is more pomp and circumstance than the actual craft of wrestling. No I’m not saying Canada, because we all go to Canada at some point.

A look of disappointment mixed with annoyance spreads across Nettie’s face. She continues to look at the wonders of the architecture around her.

Nettie: But the craft of wrestling, the storytelling, the pageantry, the athleticism, it all works together. The masks mean so much and there’s so much respect seeped within their history here so to have lucha libre in war games is respectful to a certain degree… Though if I’m being completely honest I love the idea of respecting the country we are in by letting them see War Games live. They are getting the chance to host something monumental. I’m not sure whose history we are enhancing theirs or ours.. perhaps both.

Nettie ignores the people around her as she shifts positions touching the side of the building.

Nettie: Everyone has plans for this War Games and ideas. I am looking forward to watching those ideas and plans exploding on all of them. I am all for being an agent of chaos at War games. I am all for making sure their plans don’t work out the way they intended.

Nettie smirks as she lifts her glasses on top of her head. Her eyes squint as they slowly adjust to the light.

Nettie: I don’t care about any of your plans. None of Your ideas and thoughts don’t mean anything to me. Loyalty  means nothing to me and these “teams” mean even less. This is officially a dog eat dog War Games. The last one standing has to be the one willing to maul the face off of everyone else. 

Her fingers curl into balls as Nettie’s voice starts to snarl.

Nettie: America’s ruthless sure that’s why he’s been the champ for a year. Let’s look at all the other titles out there. Are they even on the line? Will we be rewarded for taking out people who have been thorns and other sides? I’m here for the fame, and the payday. Obvs.. Last year I didn’t even get in…

She pauses, putting up an index finger.

Nettie: Not me, she didn’t get in, that was the realistic part it was her. She lost to a guy who is not even here anymore and she stayed. 

Nettie’s face looks of disgust mentioning the other half of her. Nettie looks confused and yet annoyed.

Nettie: Why did she stay? Because I was in the back of her head. My little voice kept her here. She wasn’t letting me out yet. I knew it would be a matter of time before I would get my time to shine. Nettie is in war games this year. That means you’re all fucked.

Nettie blows a kiss to the camera  before heading inside Palacio De Bellas Artes.





Mexico City

Taquería el pasito


We see a little eatery in Mexico. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, in fact it looks like a place where health inspectors would run screaming. This is not something we would expect from anyone with money. We see locals eating and drinking and having a good time. We go further to the back, in the back of a taqueria we see none other than the queen bitch of how Nettie. She’s got a black tank top on with a pair of jeans. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looks at her phone to see zero missed calls, she smirks and nods her head, setting it down. 

Nettie: I’m happy everyone’s doing exactly what I thought they would. Minus 10 for predictability of them all.

She shrugs. She pulls out a notepad. The war games entry list is on the paper. She sets several sharpies down purple, blue and pink.

Nettie: Everyone is attempting to do their own thing and it’s going to be chaos, maybe even anarchy. Connor’s the first person in. The poor kid doesn’t stand a chance… He’s got the heart of a hero. He’s the perfect underdog. I get why people route for him. They want to believe in good conquering evil. They want the fairy tale come back story from the kid who lost it all to come back with fire in his heart and destroy everyone who relished in his demise at the last war games. He walked in there the world champ and walked out changed…

She highlights Conor’s name with a blue sharpie.

Nettie: Second in is Solex…

She squints at the name tapping her foot against the table

Nettie: Connor…he’s going to murder that poor kid there might not be anything left by the time Jatt gets in the ring… we can’t have that. We need Connor to take him out.

She looks around the pretty empty place and grabs a pair of small readers out of her purse. 

Nettie: I need to come up with a backup plan…Jatt’s a giant idiot. Which can actually come in handy because we know he isn’t smart. 

She highlights Jatt’s name with a  purple sharpie.

Nettie: Then there’s zion.. do I even need to go there? No no I don’t, I beat him so that’s a non-facto. 

She looks at the purple sharpie still in her hand and highlights his name.

Nettie: Solex can take his pound of flesh out on Zion giving Connor a chance to recoup. And then there’s America, well shit…

Nettie throws her glasses off with a pissed off look. She doesn’t highlight the name. She sets the purple sharpie down, wrinkling her nose.

Nettie: Then there’s me.

She grabs a pink Sharpie and highlights her name. Her smile fades looking at the name below it.

Nettie: Followed by Jattass 

She quickly swaps out the highlighter and puts him in purple. 

Nettie: I cannot wait for that. Karma will hit him. After the last chaos. Right before War Games was proof he doesn’t intend on playing nice with me. So I intend on slapping him around like the little bitch he has always been. That’s if Connor leaves anything left over for me.

She smiles and doodles a stick figure with x’s for eyes and writes Jatt’s name over it with a smirk.

Nettie: I get in right after America. I have to be more strategic about how I’m going to go about this.

Her mouth nibbles on the tip of the pen. She looks deep in thought.

Nettie: I could just sit on the outside of the Ring until Jatt has to get in and throw him to Conor. Connor should eviscerate him after everything I told him that is going to be delicious.

She claps her hands together laughing almost evilly.

Nettie: I set it up, all Conor has to do is deliver the rage. I can’t say I blame him. But Connor’s dad…who knew he had a dilf? If I wasn’t presently distracted I would totally holler at him. 

She bites the side of her lip and looks off to the side. She then writes “Conor’s dad… check into that later.” She underlines this and nods.

Nettie: Seasoned is definitely a good thing. 

Her thoughts are disturbed as the waitress walks up to Nettie. Nettie realizes she hasn’t looked at the menu. looks over the menus.

Nettie: Can I get tacos and fries? 

The waitress writes it down

Waitress: papas? 

Nettie: No, I wanted the fries.. 

There is clearly a language barrier between the two.

Waitress: Si papas fritas.

Nettie: Fritos okay… then let me get the street tacos chicken and steak.

The waitress looks annoyed at the ignorant American and continues to write down the order.

Waitress: Si Pollo, and carne asada.

Nettie: Let me get some chips and queso while I wait.

The waitress nods.

Waitress: queso Blanco?

Nettie: Just queso thanks.

Nettie hands her the menu then motions for her to leave. She looks back down at her papers.

Nettie: I skipped Aceldama… I think we all did. He beat her but I beat him..so… has anyone even heard from him?

She grabs the blue sharpie crossing him off. She smiles with a sigh of relief.

Nettie: After Jatt-ass is Scott Stevens.

Nettie chuckles and hits his name with the purple highlighter.

Nettie: Thank you, Next. Bergman…

She thinks about this crossing her arms in front of her.

Nettie: It’s not like it’s a battle royale where he can enter twice, once his Bergman the other time as halitosis…

She picks up the blue Sharpie and highlights his name then Solex’s name followed by america. The next name on the list is none other than STRONK.

She rolls her eyes and highlights him in purple, not even giving a pause.

Nettie: Might have gained his weight back but dead weight is still dead weight. The Best’s bet on him, I know better. Conor broke the boy.

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Nettie: The two men who should have done us all a favor and stayed dead. 

She crosses JPD and Scottywood’s names with the purple sharpies.

Nettie: I don’t understand why she feared that one. You can see how weak he is. The cracks in him… again defeating him should give me at least a title shot if not his title. But that’s never been announced. I refuse to even attempt to think like Lee Best because I don’t want that type of headache. And Loserwood… 

She looks less than enthusiastic about both of these names. She pauses and puts blue over the purple of JPD.

Nettie: He still is unpredictable…Then Daniel.. I know he thinks he’s hip but I’m willing to bet that a few good hits to that will take him out. Almost beating him doesn’t mean shit. Weakening him to destroy him for War Games was the purpose.

She runs the purple highlighter through his name.

Nettie: I know what I was doing. Except I wanted to win that title too damn it. So I’m a little better and a lot of petty.

She takes a deep breath as her nostrils flair.

Nettie: The weird ass Captain Cowboy… ugh. His rallying the troops meeting was less enthusiastic than a pap smear. I could get a mammogram and be more moved. Hopefully this is the last year that he’s War Games Captain because I’m tired of him actually being a war games captain and not winning like I think he’s put here just to lose. So…. Maybe?

She puts a blue line across Clay’s name.

Nettie: But if he and I are the last two standing for his team…that will mean that is my second war games victory. That will also mean that he has finally had a winning team but that would require him to trust me. Which, I do not expect him to do it all but I am on his team so hopefully, hopefully he’s actually smart enough to know that I want this win. I wanted enough that I am willing to even attempt to cooperate with him. He’s gotten broken, bent and thrown around by the best alliance. I might actually be his only hope. You know come to think of it he should be calling me and blowing up my phone using my expertise in my strategy. Look at this paperwork! It speaks for itself that this is science. I will allow him to lead our team to victory with me as his teammate and his compatriot for this mission. A true leader knows when to step aside and allow someone else to take the lead…

The waitress brings back the queso Blanco and nachos. Nettie nods with a smile.

Nettie: Grassy ass.

(We know what she was trying to say, it didn’t sound much like muchos gracias. In fact, we are starting to see that she is not someone who should ever attempt to speak Spanish.

Nettie: I work with Clay against Ward. How pretentious douchebag can one man be? And also cringe at the same time like how is that even possible? Like you could be a douchebag but you’re also super cringy to the level of you should be canceled. Like dude legitimately is so arrogant that he’s calling it Ward games. I get the wordplay but I just want to punch him in the face for that arrogance alone and then for everything else he says I just shut her. I am willing to work with people I don’t like just to punch Evan Ward in the face. Like a sneak attack or a nut punch, I would be okay with punching him in the dick too like both of those seem like reasonable things and reasonable requests just for how much of an asshole he is alone. Like I know I have an ego but it’s deserved and earned and his is just not. It’s not entertaining, it’s not moving, it’s more so repulsive…. Fitting fuck Ward games. I wonder if there’s a way to get him canceled and get that trending on Twitter? I wish I was a little more tech-savvy. 

She dips her chip in the queso and then takes a bite.

Nettie: The holes in the walls are the best foods.

She says with a nod.

Nettie: Charles de Lacy… Yes it’s random, I know it’s random Jesus fucking Christ but the last spot to be the most refreshed in the match he’s a lucky bastard…but no way.

She strikes his name as blue.

Nettie: He had a good debut against a loser. She’s not here anymore lucky for me, sadly for him.

She laughs smirking.

Nettie: Then there’s the straggler match. Yeah no…

She highlights them all as purple.

Nettie:  Who cares? She had this match last year against a person who doesn’t even exist in here anymore. Should I honestly care about these kids who want a chance to be in war games? Thank God Kostoff isn’t alive to see what’s going to happen to his son…I’m not worried about what happens to them. Because they are the least threatening people out of the entire list of names for this event I’ll sleep easily. I just have to worry about these blue ones…

The woman brings Nettie her food in a to-go container. Nettie hands the waitress cash not looking at how much she gave but obviously more money than the meal cost.

Nettie: Keep the change I’m keeping the queso bowl. 

Nettie says grabbing her chips and queso bowl up with her paperwork. She seems in a hurry and relieved to have her meal on the go. There’s relief as well as an urgency with Nettie as she quickly exits the restaurant hailing a taxi.