Posted on May 16, 2023 at 12:28 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Toyota Center Parking Lot
Houston, Texas
Sunday May 7th, 2023

It was late in the Houston, Texas evening here at the Toyota Center. The crowd had gone home for the evening and the show was over. The parking lot was mostly empty but out of the back entrance walked the LSD Champion. Jace looked a little worse for wear after his defeat in the HOFC match that kicked off the show. He had his eyepatch over his eye and walked with a slight limp as he wheeled his bag behind him.

Davidson headed toward his rental vehicle but as he approached he noticed someone standing near it. The closer the LSD Champion gets the more clearly he sees that the person standing there is his biological father, Terrence Miles Davidson. Jace groans and begins to curse under his breath as Terrance turns to look at his son.

“You look like absolute shit.” The elder Davidson said bluntly. “You choose a barbaric profession so I guess it comes with the territory.”

“Great, you’re here yet again at the worst possible time,” Jace said as he walked past his father and opened the trunk of his rental vehicle. “If you hate wrestling so much then why do you follow me around like some lost puppy? Just to come and voice your sour fucking critiques about me and my performances?”

“I follow you around because I’m trying to help you,” Terrence stated but Jace turns around and looks at him.

“And just how could you possibly help me, huh?” There is aggression in Jace’s voice. “From the moment you came crawling into my life, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I don’t want you around me or my friends and family. Yet here you are, oblivious to the disdain I have for your very presence. How is that helping?!”

Terrence kept a stoic demeanor as Jace grabbed hold of his bag and tossed it into the trunk of the vehicle haphazardly.

“The keyword in my statement was trying, like a stubborn child you’ve denied my efforts at every turn.” Terrence turns and points back toward the Toyota Center. “What the hell was that out there tonight inside of that cage? Did you just walk in there trying to make an ass out of yourself? If that’s the case then you went above and beyond.”

Jace slammed the trunk shut and stood toe-to-toe with Terrence. Hatred burned in his one good eye but Terrence kept his poker face. Eventually, Jace broke eye contact and shook his head.

“What does it matter?” The was a touch of defeat in the LSD Champion’s voice.

“I thin–” Terrence was interrupted by Jace.

“That’s just it, you think all the time but you don’t actually know.” The younger Davidson spoke with emphasis. “I don’t give a flying fuck about HOFC matches nor do I care about how dumb I looked out there tonight. The objective wasn’t to leave it all out there in the cage just for some meaningless win against Mike Best. The objective was to survive. This entire time that’s all I’ve been worried about. Surviving enough to make it to War Games and here I am.”

“Survive?” Terrence questioned. “Please define your definition of surviving. What I saw was a lackluster showing from someone that had no desire to be there tonight. I saw a man that had completely given up and just want to get the hell out of Houston as quickly as possible.”

“Watch it, I am in no mood.” Jace threatened.

“Obviously not.” Terrence continued as he gripped his cane. “You’ve pushed anyone and everyone away from you. You’ve isolated yourself and gotten into this mindset that you can’t trust anyone. Now you’re walking into a match with a majority of the roster in it. You’re not being a team player and you have a target on your back.”

“And that’s how I like it!” Jace shouts as he points to his chest. “That is every single week here in High Octane Wrestling. From the moment I came back, all the way up to earlier tonight. All I’ve heard is Jace is washed up, Jace is a pervert and Jace had to die just to get into the Hall of Fame. Even when I was in The Board or The Alliance or whatever the fuck it was being called at the time. I was just a tool, not a person. And regardless of how much they try to dismiss me, no matter how many times they try to bury me.”

Jace begins to pace a bit in front of his father.

“I keep getting back up, I keep winning more matches than I lose, and I keep winning titles. As much as they hate to fucking admit it. I am a cornerstone in this company and have been since day fucking one. They hate me because they can’t change me or control me. I won’t bend over backward just to fit their mold. But here I am, beaten and battered? Sure, but I’m the fucking LSD Champion. I’m a former Wrestler of the Year, a Hall of Famer, and one of the most dangerous men on this roster.”

Jace stops pace and then looks down at Terrence.

“So, fuck everyone else. I’ve been doing this shit by myself in my own way for a long fucking time now.”

“I’m not denying your success.” Terrence paused as Jace’s single eye widened from the positive comment from his father. “It’s the fact that you’re in denial over the fact that you’re spiraling. You’re wrestling in two different companies, you’re running a women’s football team, and that Derby team you brought? It went belly up before the league even started. Your company is falling to pieces because you don’t have the time to sit down and properly run it.”

Jace sneers but Terrence paid it no mind.

“You’re clinging onto it for dear life even though it’s slipping through your very fingers. You sit that Choi fellow away because you’re suspicious of his involvement with your former friend Godson. There is no one holding all of this together for you and frankly? It might be better if you just stopped all of this and just handed the company back over to STRONK.”

Jace reaches out and grabs a hold of Terrence with both hands by the collar of his shirt. The LSD Champion lifts his father off of the ground and speaks through a clenched jaw.

“Why?! Why do you keep fucking doing this?!” Jace begins to shake Terrence a bit while holding him. “Why do you make it your mission to linger in my life and pour salt into every single open wound that you can find?! Do you realize that I could end you right here, right now, and not feel a damn bit of remorse about it?”

Terrence raised his arm holding the cane into the air and whacked Jace in the side of the head with it. Jace released his grip and Terrence landed back on his feet. The LSD Champion grabbed his head in pain as Terrence smoothed out his clothing.

“You think that violence is the answer to all of your problems,” Terrence said with disappointment in his voice. “Didn’t you learn anything from the whole situation with Dennis Brown? You would undoubtedly end up behind bars and your precious reign with that belt you hold would be over and your company would be gone.”

Jace growled as he lowered his hand from his head.

“However…” Terrence paused as he looked his son up and down. “If you head instead of your fists for a change, you wouldn’t nearly be in as much shit as you currently are. You’re walking into a War Games match where certainly your Championship belt will be on the line. You have no friends, only enemies. So, do the smart thing and listen to me for a change.”

“You have three seconds,” Jace replied.

“You need to focus on getting yourself right for the match in Mexico.” Terrence proclaimed proudly. “While you’re doing that, you need someone to manage the day-to-day business of your company. Someone that will do everything possible to make sure Mr. Godson doesn’t forcibly take it away from you. I could be that person.”

“If you think for one second that I am going to allo–” Jace is interrupted by his father.

“What other choice do you have?!” The elder Davidson asked as he slammed his cane down onto the asphalt.

There was a long silence that lingered between the two men. Jace didn’t like anything about the idea but he couldn’t come up with words that would disprove his father’s words. Terrence smiled and moved toward the passenger side of the vehicle.

“Come on, no need to linger around here longer than needed. We have much to discuss.” Terrence opened the door and stepped inside the vehicle.

The door slammed shut as Jace once again started to curse under his breath. He pulled out his keys and headed to the driver’s side as the scene fades.


I lost a HOFC match and looked like an idiot.

I know that is all anyone is ever going to talk about, so let’s just get it out in the open. I lost a match that was not my forte nor something I wanted to be involved with, to begin with. I lost to a man that thrives inside of that cage. I lost to Michael Lee Best.

If someone wants to shame me for losing to Mike Best in a HOFC match then please, by all means, show me where you win against him in such a match happens to be.

And yeah, I’ve been quiet about the fact that I lost to him. And Mike has been trying to rub it on on Twitter and I’ve ignored him. It’s not my job to feed Mike Best’s ego by liking or retweeting the fact he beat me in a cage.

Mike beat Scottywood in a HOFC, beat Scott Stevens in a HOFC match, and he also beat Xander Azula in a HOFC match. Did you see him screaming it from the rooftops on social media? No? I guess whether he wants to admit it or not, beating me is something worth bragging about.

I’ve also been quiet because I’ve been focused on something else. See, while everyone else is sucking Mike Best’s dick, I’ve been celebrating the fact that my reign as HOW LSD Champion has now surpassed 280 days. I am the longest reigning LSD Champion in HOW history now that I’ve surpassed Sektor’s record.

Most days as LSD Champion, longest reign, and most title defenses all belong to me. Silent Witness can call himself the LSD Legend and my ‘teammate’ Scottywood could try and lay his claim also. Neither of them has done anything close with this belt that I’ve done. Scottywood might have five different reigns with this title but I’ve tripled his time as Champion with one less reign.

So, excuse me if that dinky little HOFC cage isn’t something that holds my interest.

I ran Lee’s gauntlet and now I move towards the War Games match in Mexico. Once again the objective is survival. I was put on the team with the least likely odds of winning the War Games match. I walk in as the LSD Champion and I do everything in my power to walk out as the LSD Champion.

Fuck teamwork.

Fuck Scottywood, Fuck Scott Stevens, and Fuck Zach Kostoff. Fuck them all. They will all run headfirst into that buzzsaw thinking they can play hero and take down the Final Alliance singlehandedly. They’ll all have dreams of being the last person standing, holding 97red high above their heads.

The reality is that none of them have 5 functioning brain cells between them.

They will fight over who is the leader of the team, who will be the best one out of the bunch, or think that Mike Best will come and rescue us at the last moment like in some kind of B-list romantic comedy.

None of that is going to happen. On this team, it’s every man for them-fucking-selves.

I’m not going to have anyone’s back. I’m not going to dive on a live grenade for anyone. If you can’t survive on your own skill and talent, then I have no problem stepping over your broken bodies to make sure I leave with what is mine.


Denver, Colorado
Wednesday May 10th, 2023

It was Wednesday inside the Estate shared by Samantha Tolson, Madison Carter, and the LSD Champion. Everything was quiet in the master bedroom where Samantha was in bed, leaning back against the headboard while scrolling through her phone. Jace was seen inside the adjoining bathroom staring at himself in the mirror above the sink.

His one good eye blinked as he glared at his reflection in the mirror. The eyepatch covering his eye still stood out like a sore thumb on his face. He looked like Hell itself but he was still in one piece, mostly.

Absolute failure.

The pain and ache from his bad eye returned and was turned up to a 25 out of 10. He gripped the sink with both hands and took all of his strength to stay on his feet. Every part of him wanted to collapse down to the floor and curl up into the fetal position due to the pain. But he was stubborn, to an extreme fault, and refused to give into the pain. Every sharp stab that he felt reminded him of Lee Best.

I should have made sure that you stayed dead.

He turned on the cold water and cupped his hands under the faucet. He splashed his face with water a couple of times before turning off the water. He stared back in the mirror once again as he raised his head. He still saw the same thing he say before, an image he didn’t like at all. The image of a man that was forever marked by someone that had no business having the audacity to do such a thing to him.

I said you needed to cause pain and suffering, not take on all the pain and suffering yourself.

Jace grabbed a towel to dry his face and then walked out of the bathroom. The television in the room was on but Samantha was still focused on her phone. The LSD Champion walked around the bed before sitting down on his side of it. He did his best to keep a poker face whenever Samantha or Madison were around. The more he didn’t have to talk about the pain or what Lee did to him, the better.

If you expect to survive the War Games match then you need to use it.

The LSD Champion shook his head violently trying to the voice to shut up. Samantha turned away from her phone and noticed what Jace was doing.

“Are you alright?” Samantha questioned with concern in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Jace responded before he stopped shaking his head and started to work his neck. “Neck is just a little stiff from wrestling, travel, and all.”

“Sounds like you need a massage.” Tolson pulled the covers back and then got up on her knees behind him.

Samantha placed her hands on his shoulders and her thumbs on his neck and started to rub and massage the area. Jace lowered his head and closed his eye.

“You’re really tense,” Tolson commented as she continued to rub. “Are you stressed out about something? Did something happen that you’re not telling me about?”

Use it or the pain will just keep getting worse and worse. You’ve got nothing to lose except a bit of your life span but with the way things are going. Is this honestly a life worth living?

“It’s nothing really,” Jace answered in the best fake voice he could muster. “My father just happened to show up again and I was stupid enough to listen to his bullshit. It’s one of those long processes with him but I’m working through it.”

“I know your father is a touchy subject for you.” Samantha applied more pressure to the massage. “Just know that you don’t have to take on that burden alone. You have me, you have Madison and plenty of other people who are here for you if you support or just vent about anything.”


“That’s good to know.” Jace let out a light chuckle but that was only to appease Samantha.

“You met my parents and knew about everything going on with my family,” Tolson said trying to comfort the LSD Champion. “I can understand that things can get messy and complicated more than anyone.”


“Your parents aren’t that bad at all,” Jace commented. “A lot more stable and drama free than mine will ever be.”

“That’s not exactly true.” Samantha corrected him. “Just the other day I was talking to my father and…”

Samantha’s voice trailed off into static because the only thing Jace could hear is the voice screaming inside of his head.


“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” Jace yelled at the top of his lungs.

Samantha stopped talking and then took her hands off Jace as she moved back a little bit. Her eyes narrowed as Jace pulled himself up to his feet and tried to apologize.

“I didn’t mean you, I definitely wasn’t talking to you.” Jace stumbled over his words. “I was just replaying the whole situation with Terrence in my head and I just sort of blurted it out.”

“What is truly going on?” Samantha demanded with a stern voice.

“Nothing, I swear to you,” Jace confessed before reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone. “Nothing that a text message that’s long overdue can’t fix.”

Jace lowered himself back down onto the bed and begin to type away a text message. Samantha shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest in frustration.