Success vs Failure (A Decade Plus Long Story)

Success vs Failure (A Decade Plus Long Story)

Posted on March 9, 2024 at 9:23 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Best Studios

Date: March 9, 2024

As the scene opens up, we see the inside of an empty studio. Normally this studio is filled with a ruckus crowd cheering for their favorite wrestlers or booing the ones they hate, but today, it is quiet. No media scrums, no pay-per-views hype show, no guests to talk to Between the Ropes. Nothing, except for a single spotlight over a wooden desk where Jack Dawson does the hard-hitting questions, but he has other business to take care of.


A voice is heard coming from the shadows followed by the thumping of footsteps on the hard, cold concrete floor. As the sound gets closer, Scott Stevens appears from the abyss wearing a tailored 97 Red colored suit with a black button up underneath as he slowly makes his way over to the wooden desk. The Texan pulls the black leather chair back before taking a seat. Scott reaches into the desk and pulls out a tablet and presses a button on the device and the television screen behind him comes to life with a display of Steve Solex before is transitions to an image of Solex facing off with an image of Scott Stevens.

“Steve Solex, this is our decade plus journey.”

Scott informs as he looks at the screen and presses a button on the tablet and it brings up a snippet of their segment from Chaos 58.


Steve Solex: You think that’s what’s going to get you canceled and fired? Motherfucker, you are as dense as you are Texan. We’ve been doing this for a decade and a half, and your sorry ass has never, ever…not even fucking once beaten me in the middle of this ring. And next Monday, you’re going to face the fate that you’ve been facing for years.

Scott chuckles a bit.

Scott Stevens: All that is one hundred percent true, but I remember when you were supposed to be the next big thing from LPW and you crashed harder than Black Mamba in the LBI. I proved everyone wrong then and I’ve continued to do it to this day because that’s what I do and that’s why I will be your next world champion.

Steve Solex: Look how long that company lasted without me, Stevens? The minute you were in the main event, that motherfucker crumbled…and we both know that’s God’s honest truth. But I’m not here to talk about LPW, in fact I’m not here to talk at all.


The video pauses and Scott slowly nods his head.

“You know Steven, we have been doing this for so long that sometimes we actually believe the things we say because we think it is true.”

Scott pushes himself away from the desk and slowly rises from his chair as he makes his way to the front of the desk.

“Steven, in your world you believe certain things like you are better than me, more successful than me, and for over a decade you have believed this lie to cope with your distinction of being a failure, while I live in the real world where you can’t admit to yourself that I am better than you.”

The bluntness of Scott’s statement echoes throughout the empty studio.

“And tonight, we go down memory lane and look at what success looks like….”

Scott points to himself.

“And what is the definition of failure.”

The Texan uses the laser pointer attached to the tablet to highlight the Last Man of Wrestling.

“We’ll start at the beginning since you like to tell half truths anyway and thanks to the vast video library of High Octane Television we can explore our rivalry in depth.”

Scott presses a few times on the device before the screen comes out life with a very familiar logo with three large letters, “L-P-W.”

“Legacy Pro Wrestling.”

Stevens looks like he is about to get emotional, but it quickly dissipates as he turns back towards the camera.

“Most people don’t understand how important this company was to my career because without Mason Hardt and LPW I never would’ve been in HOW. Hell, I probably would’ve never continued wrestling. Mason Hardt is the one who convinced me to return to the sport I was raised in. Mason Hardt is the one who gave me the confidence I needed to continue to do what I love to do after I thought another major injury to my knee and a severe concussion had put me on the shelf for good. Mason Hardt and LPW is the reason I am standing in front of you today talking about a man over a decade later because without those two, there would be no Steve Solex and Scott Stevens.”

Stevens gives a nod of respect to LPW and Mason Hardt after his statement before continuing.

“Solex said some things on Chaos that didn’t set right with me because he said when I was thrust into the top spot the company crumbled and that is not true at all because when I was at the top of the company, the company thrived while you took your ball and went home when you didn’t get your way.”

Stevens presses the tablet’s screen a few times before an image of a young Steve Solex appears with no hair of any kind on his head or face.


Location: Fort Worth, Texas: Action Packed

Date: September 30, 2011

Solex: You know, I have to be honest…I’m a little disappointed. You’d think that being the first ever Legacy Pro Wrestling Champion there would be a little more celebration. Where’s my ceremony? Where is my confetti? How about a nice cake? Maybe not being “in” with the boss means I don’t get such treatment. Or maybe, just maybe it is reflection of just how little doubt this promotion had in me. After all, it was a far gone conclusion that I would be the Champion after Instant Classic.

The fans boo again.

Solex: Let’s just face it, having me as the champ is the best thing this company could have hoped for. The moment I got this gold the investors have flocked to LPW. We got a new logo, fancy new setup for the shows, even a brand new webpage. All of this…because of me.

The audience continues jeering with disgust.

Solex: But I want all of you to know, I will most certainly be a fighting champion. I will take on all comers and will no doubt meet my contractual obligation to defend the title once every 60 days. I…

Solex turns his attention to someone in the audience.

Solex: I’m sorry, did you say something? Hold on a second…

Steve places the title on the mat and then climbs out of the ring, going over to the fan in question.

Solex: I believe you were trying to say something…

Steve holds the mic in front of the fan.

Fan: I said…you suck!

Steve brings the mic back up to his face and has a slight smirk.

Solex: Yeah…that’s what I thought you said. Normally I would kick your ass, but seeing as I now represent this company I’ll…oops…

As Solex says “oops” he knocks a drink out of the fans hand.

Solex: Looks like you spilled your drink. That must suck. But at least you’ll have a nice little story to tell all your friends.

The fan just stares at Steve, clearly annoyed by his actions.

Solex: You look a little angry, like you want to punch in the face. Well why don’t you? Go ahead, take a shot. You don’t have to worry about security or anything. Come on, give me your best shot.

Steve sticks his chin out and the fan looks around for a second before putting a punch right to the jaw of Solex. Steve stumbles back a bit and security begins rushing towards him. Solex lets loose a smile and motions for security to stay away.

Solex: Not bad, you’ve got some balls on you…but you just made the biggest mistake of your life!

Solex throws the mic down and grabs hold of the fan, pulling him over the barricade and over to ringside. Steve then throws the fan into the ring before removing his suit jacket and following in. The fan is still lying on the mat and Solex stalks around him, a trickle of blood on the side of his lip. Steve’s eyes go large as the fan kips up to his feet. Solex tries to clothesline the fan, but the fan manages to duck the move and hits the ropes to gain a little momentum. Off the rebound and just as Solex turns around the fan connects with a flying forearm that sends Solex to the canvas. The fan then mounts Steve and throws down a series of punches. The fan springs to his feet and the fans in the arena go crazy for him. The fan soaks in the cheers before going back to Solex. Then the fan hits the mat. Solex had taken the brand new LPW Championship title and slammed it into the skull of the fan. Steve kicks at the fan a few times and then begins to leave the ring. As he heads up the ramp a group of security and medical staff tend to the fan. The scene then cuts to the announce team, neither of which quite sure what to say.


The video screen pauses as Solex holds up the LPW World title overjoyed about beating up a fan.

“Wow. A great champion shown right there.”

The sarcasm and disgust fills the room as Stevens shakes his head.

“The reason why I showed this clip in its entirety because you said LPW collapsed without you, but it was you who was stripped of the title and left like a fucking bitch because you didn’t get your way. You were champion for less than a month and you bolted when they told you they didn’t have the money to raise your pay. I give credit where credit is due and where you worth the increase in pay, yes. You were the hot name in the industry and you were wanted by a number of companies, but you also had a reputation for not being reliable when you wouldn’t get your way and you would either hold titles hostage until you got your pay or you would no show your scheduled appearances until you were outright released from your contract.

Unlike the lie you told, LPW didn’t crumble when it left, it actually survived, but more importantly, thrived, with me on top. It was I that held it together when you left and Mason Hardt was going through his legal issues. I was the one who got the attention of The League of Competitive Wrestling and they agreed to take on the contracts of LPW wrestlers until Hardt had everything under control. For nearly a year, I carried the company on my back with no ounce of gratitude or anything for it and when you came waltzing back into the company you were given a title opportunity instead of earning it like I had to.”

Stevens shakes his head in disgust.

“But that’s ok. Even then, when you were given the world and everyone was still throwing money out for your services you still failed because it was me that got the attention of HOW, it was me that gave us a home for a year, and it was me that made the greatest impact between the two of us.”

A smirk forms over the Texan’s face.

“While you were wiping your ass with the HOW contract that Lee Best sent you, I was sending HOW a message not to fuck with us when I was introducing Lee’s face with the steel ramp until he was unconscious and bloody. I then sent the message that you don’t fuck with Scott Stevens when I tossed baldie’s lifeless carcass off of the stage like the piece of trash he is. While you were too busy letting Mike Best Reign Supreme all over LPW, I took the opportunity as the World champion and face of the company to prove that I was better than whoever stood in front of me and at the Bottomline pay-per-view I decimated my opponent and Lee Best immediately offered me the contract and not you, and I was making more than I was making in LPW. However, all good things must come to an end, and they did when you and I faced one another for the championship and you defeated me. Shortly afterwards, LPW folds and HOW buys the assets and contracts and yours was purchased, but you didn’t last long. You soon disappeared like you always do while I stayed and never left!”

Stevens says emphatically as he presses on the tablet and different images of Solex throughout the years appear on the screen.

“How is it you go from a sophomoric degenerate, to a hardcore biker, to the Number One Dad, to beer snob, back to Number One Dad, to a dead-beat dad, to soldier, to kiss ass, to a misogynist and homophobe, back to soldier?”

Scott asks before shrugging.

“We may be both Hall of Famers, but the only thing spectacular and rememberable about you is your endless amounts of failed gimmicks and being Lee’s top bitch not named Kirsta Lewis.”

Stevens starts to chuckle to himself.

“No wonder he keeps you around because you’re both good at sucking.”

Scott’s laughing grows as he has to hold onto the desk so he doesn’t fall over and after about a minute he wipes the tears from his eyes and continues.

“Granted, you’ve had some moments in High Octane Wrestling.”

Stevens shows Solex as a HOW Tag Team champion, the first ever HOTv champion, and as a HOTv Tag Team champion along with him victorious over Lindsay Troy.

“That’s it.”

Stevens takes a few steps to the side to allow the only accolades that Solex has ever accomplished repeat on the screen.

“This is what you are know for….”

The Texan begins to press on the tablet and a reel of Solex’s losses pop up. First the back-to-back world title losses to Christopher America.

“Outside of War Games, these were your only two shots at the greatest prize in our sport and you failed.”

The image switches to last year’s March to Glory where Jace is standing victorious with the LSD championship.

“I got to ask Steven, how good of a soldier were you? I mean, you had two weeks’ worth of prep time to booby trap the Old Trafford Stadium almost guaranteeing your victory over Jace and bring the LSD championship to the Final Alliance, but again you failed.”

Scott shrugs.

The screen shows images from ICONIC 2022 where Jace Parker Davidson is victorious over Solex in the LSD match and Scott Stevens has his hand raised high in victory during the tag match.

“In one night, you had two title matches and you came up short both times.”

Stevens lets out a sigh.

“I’m starting to get the picture of why you were discharged from the military Steven because you have failed in all of your missions.”

Scott puts the tablet onto the desk and his tone grows serious.

“Steven, you can claim to be an Alpha, and the Last Real Man of Wrestling, but my name isn’t Lindsay Troy and I’m not a fifty-year-old woman past my prime because you are looking at the definition of what a real Alpha looks like.”

Stevens’ eyes grow and he nods as he mouths “that’s right.”

“I may be a Lonesome Loser, but I’m a loser that has won the world title.”

Scott shows three fingers and mouths “three times.”

“While you beat up fifty-year-old women in the honor of HOW and stay in territory of safety, I actually invade enemy promotions like it was a covert operation and with my back against the wall and the enemy all around me I emerge victorious. Did that against HOW, and at War Games when I lead a team to victory against Boardwalk Wrestling.

Stevens nods his head.

“I am the definition of what a real man of wrestling looks like because I have balls big enough to leave the comfort of HOW and beat my opponents in their home promotions because I am that confident in my abilities!”

Stevens shouts before taking a moment to calm himself.

“Steven, I told you on Chaos that you were a bonafide failure and I meant every word of it because everything you’ve ever touch gets hurt or dies.”

Stevens begins to extend a finger with every statement.


Your marriages.

Your relationship with your kids.


The Highwaymen.

Joe Bergman.

Scott’s tone mellows to a somber tune.

Christopher America.


Lee Best.

Scott shakes his head in disappointment.

“You brag about how you are this great soldier and how you a better prepared than every one else. If that is true Steven, how come you didn’t you know about STRONK’s depression and allowed him to commit suicide like he did? I mean, weren’t you, his friend? How in the world did you allow Christopher America to get kidnap, beaten, and tortured half to death by terrorists? Weren’t you ordered by Lee to make sure no harm comes to him? With protection like that I see can why Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers got hit. The biggest question of them all, how in the world was Jace Parker Davidson allowed to get so close to Lee Best and get violently attacked like he did with you in the building?”

Stevens lets the question linger as he slowly raises a brow.

“The only thing I can think is you were in on the attack because if you were half as good of a soldier as you claim to be, Jace wouldn’t have gotten within one hundred feet of the building much less taking a sledgehammer to the boss’ spine.”

Scott presses a few buttons and the image of Lee Best injured by Jace appears on the screen.

“I would ask how does it feel that you’re the reason for Lee not being here, but I forgot besides being good at failing, you’re the BEST at selling out your friends.”

Scott motions for the camera to zoom in.

“How does it feel Steven to sell out the man that gave you everything only for your greatest rival to take it away from you?”

Scott presses on the tablet and turns off the television.

“Monday night, you are going to do what you do best Steven and that is fail in your mission to win the 97 Red Blooded Group because I will be the one standing victorious. I will then go on to defeat the other group members and main event March to Glory and walk out of Madison Square Garden as the new world champion and there is no GOD, SON of GOD, or GRANDSON of GOD that believes in you that can stop me.”

Stevens proclaims as he stands straight and fixes his suit before raising his arm and holding a military salute.

“Goodnight Steven.”

Scott lowers his arm as the screen fades to black.