Storytime with Pops Freeman

Storytime with Pops Freeman

Posted on June 30, 2023 at 11:51 pm by Xander Azula

Footprint Center
Phoenix, AZ

ReVival 30 has come and gone, and some time after Kenny Freeman ADDRESSED HIS ENEMIES in the middle of the ring, but now we focus our attention on the pairing of Freeman and Randall Schwartz leaving the arena with their Red Army comrades Ivan Stanislav and Alexei Ruslan. As they head toward the nearest parking lot, we can see Kenny chuckling to himself. This gets the attention of Schwartz, sitting in the wheelchair Kenny has been pushing along since they left the ringside area, as the Entertainer nudges Kenny with an inquiry.

“What’s so funny, Kenny?”

“Thinkin’ about the announcement we got just moments ago,” remarks Kenny, a smirk on his face as the group arrives at the vehicle intended to transport them to the airport…but that smirk quickly fades when he realizes the car is much smaller than he’d imagine. He leans over to Alexei with a murmur.

“Um…weren’t we supposed to get something bigger than this?”

“Nyet,” replies Alexei, shaking his head at the junior recruit of the Red Army as he points to Stanislav. “We are set to take this car to the airport, to get moving toward Tropical Turmoil, but you two will be taking a separate car for a separate flight, since you’re off to Brazil for the PWA tournament.”

Kenny thinks about this for a moment, reluctantly nodding in agreement. The plan made some sense, given the different directions…and as Kenny looks at the stern Stanislav getting into the car, he realizes it’s better not to question the plan any further this time around…perhaps somewhere down the line, but certainly not tonight. Alexei gets ready to step into the car himself, but not before patting Kenny on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry Kenny, I trust that you and comrade Randall will be able to pick up the win for the Red Army, for Stanislav…for the Motherland!”

“For the motherland,” mutters Kenny under his breath, but Alexei is too busy getting in the car to notice the almost sarcastic tone of the response. A moment later, the car pulls away from the spot, heading out of the lot on its road to the airport…leaving us with just the Masters of the Moscowverse for once.

“So what’s the plan, Kenny?” Randall asks, looking up at the freestanding half of the duo…but as their car finally arrives to pick them up, all Freeman can do in response is shrug.

“We do what we do best, buddy.”

And just what DO we do best? We prove haters wrong.

Don’t believe me? Just look at PWA-2, Night 1. You’d almost be surprised at how many people thought we were gonna lose to the Kings of the Wild Frontier.

That’s right fellas, I know the name. You earned that much respect from me with how crazy that match was…but the Masters of the Moscowverse won, at the end of the day. Hell, I’d say we had a better night than fellow tag team specialists Winds of Change, making US the winningest team in PRIME across the whole weekend…and now, we’re looking to make good on the promise Fontaine and Phillips could not.

When we heard about the PWA tag team tournament for a shot at the titles, we just HAD to get our names in the hat. There was no way in hell we were gonna pass up an opportunity to take on whoever the PWA would bring against us, on our path to tag team gold. We would love nothing more than to take Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr down a peg or two when HOW goes Down Under on August 6th…but first, we focus on the best pairing that SHOOT Project was willing to put up against us.

El Paria and Madison Senton–sorry, Seton.

With all due respect…what the actual fuck. This is a tag team tournament with a shot at the PWA Tag Team Championship up for grabs, and y’all couldn’t send in a proper tag team? Not even the Unholy Cyber Army? For fucks sake…well alright, then. Fuck it, I’ve got just the way I’m gonna tackle this situation.

Lemme tell you about my grandpa.

Pops Freeman he’d go by, sometimes we’d call him Pop-Pop, and he looooved telling stories. Some real out there stuff, man. This was a man that lived past 97, so you just knew he’d really been through some shit in his time.

Sometimes these stories would go long and way off the rails, but we still enjoyed hearing them. Whenever he’d offer to tell one of his crazy stories, we’d say “sure, shoot Pop-Pop.”

One of his favorite stories was about a pair of robbers that tried breaking into the store he worked at, way back in the 40s. Some real old-timey stuff, man, I’m talkin’ bandanas on the face and fedoras on the head. Pops wasn’t one to mess around, though, so when these guys came into the store lookin’ to clear the cash register, he knew just what to do…and he grabbed the nearest revolver, played the grand hero against these villains.

The man took two bullets to the shoulder for his trouble, but he still managed to scare the daylights out of them and run them out of the store. Because he did what he needed to protect something he cared about.

And that’s what we’re gonna do at CHAOS 35, out in Brazil. In front of everyone watching at the Goiania Arena, and for everyone watching at home through High Octane Television.

The way I see it, advancing to the next round and taking the next step toward those tag belts is something we care about…and we will do whatever is needed to protect it. Which means taking down invaders from SHOOT Project, a pair seemingly put together for the sake of having a team slotted in…and we will send you runnin’ right back, empty-handed.

Even if we take a couple bullets in the shoulder for our troubles, we can hold our head high knowing we got the job done. Because a lot of folks may have their doubts about the goofy tag team famous for traversing the multiverse, but come Sunday we’re gonna take what belongs to us. That next step in the tournament, and all the respect that comes from it.

Anyone wondering what Kenny Freeman and Randall Schwartz are all about are gonna get their answer, and it’s gonna taste sweeter than a damn Grimace Shake.

For the Masters…for PRIME…for the Motherland.

Cyber Cafe Central
Goiania, Brazil

“Hold the hell up, Kenny.”

We now find ourselves inside a nice-looking Internet cafe, not too far from the location of this weekend’s Chaos 35, and the Masters of Moscowverse have been making good use of the ‘net access allowed to them. Sure, they could have enjoyed the free Wi-Fi at their hotel, but a complaint from the staff about Randall “making too much noise” has led to the Masters taking their perusal of the World Wide Web out on the road.

We see Randall looking over the shoulder of Kenny toward his laptop, looking at–of all things–the blog post posted just moments ago by the more chronically online of the duo, ahead of their big PWA tag tournament match. We soon realize the nature of Randall’s inquiry as the Entertainer shakes his head in disapproval.

“You really threw in a Grimace Shake reference at the end? Why?”

This draws a heavy sigh from Kenny as he too shakes his head, clearly not amused with the query as he finally responds.

“You wouldn’t get it, Randall. I told you what a Grimace Shake is and you asked if it made people cringe when they drank it…which, in a way, kind of? But still…”

Kenny stops himself, not wanting to get too deep in the weeds on the matter.

“No no, we’re not going through this conversation again Randall. Now that I’m done here, it’s time to get out so we can prepare for the match. I need you to be able to actually use your legs this week, my man…Paria and Seton may not be an established tag team, but I’ve read up enough to know that they’re quite capable on their own merits. This ain’t the Kings, man…they’re not a team, but they’re also not green as grass. I wanna win this thing, and I know you do too…’cause Lord only knows what happens if we head back to PRIME empty-handed.”

Randall takes a moment to process all of this, before nodding in agreement.

“So that’s the plan, then,” Randall states matter-of-factly. “We go in, beat up SHOOT’s random duo of Paria Hilton and Senton Jones, and move on?”

Kenny nods with a chuckle, confirming more or less what his tag partner just said.

“That is indeed the plan. After that, we see if it’s gonna be sVo or MVW we deal with next. That’s tag champs from both companies, definitely a test worthy to take on once we get past this first round. You ready to go?”

Randall nods with a smirk as Kenny closes up the laptop, placing it inside his knapsack before he rises to his feet. Kenny takes a hold of the handles of Randall’s wheelchair, pushing the Entertainer forward as they make their way to the exit, a million questions running around in Kenny’s head as we fade to black.