Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone

Posted on January 15, 2020 at 7:28 pm by Chris Kostoff

(The scene opens up inside of a small dim lit room. The dank smell of water fills your nose as the camera slowly pulls back to show him leaning against a wall. Sweat drips from his face and onto his body. He runs his head slowly from side to side as he begins to laugh softly.)

Kostoff: Reeves. Here we are man eh?

Kostoff: Here soon the folks of HOW and the fans that fucking adore us will watch the two monsters here rip into each other.

Kostoff: This is what it is all about right?

(His laugher picks up to a almost manic state. He slowly turns to face the camera. Leaning against the wall he lets out a slight sigh.)

Kostoff: But see Reevse, this is our story to tell isn’t it? I mean we have been down this road before you and me right?

Kostoff: Reeves, this is about tiring man. I am over this shit. You are a worthy opponent, you are. But what did I tell you the other day boy?

(He leans into the camera. The camera zooms in on his face as he tilts his head back and forth.)

Kostoff: You are my stepping stone to what I fucking want Reeves. You are the last thing in my path to me getting what I want, and will fucking get.

Kostoff: It is going to be fun tho Reeves. You and me. One last time. The two monsters that can tear a building down to it’s foundation. We will burn the building to the ground, and we will fucking enjoy each and every damn minute.

(He leans back and spits on the floor. He nods his head and grins.)

Kostoff: Reeves I am done talking to you boy.

Kostoff: See ya in the ring big man