Starting from square one

Starting from square one

Posted on March 10, 2023 at 5:50 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

HellsGate Training Facility
Outskirts of Grand Junction, Colorado
Saturday, March 4th, 2023

From the moment Jace emerged from the room, everything had been a whirlwind. Jace managed to eat, bathe, and even get a haircut from a trusted barber. Once everything had been settled and plans were made, Jace and Choi made their way to the airport. The flight from Denver to Grand Junction was about 70 minutes, but Jace insisted on flying instead of trying to drive their way there. 

Choi didn’t argue much since Jace had remained quiet and brooding during the trip. They got a rental car and then made the last bit of the journey to the training facility that Jace had only heard stories about. Choi had no idea why they were headed here of all places, but the LSD Champion insisted that this was the first step in his plan. A plan to not only retain his LSD Championship belt but to get his hands on Lee Best for what he had done. The GPS beeped and spoke to the two men as Choi pulled the car in front of what appeared to be a large warehouse.

Choi and Jace both exited the vehicle and just looked around at the warehouse. The place was gigantic but it didn’t exactly scream training facility or wrestling school. At least, not to the standards that Jace had envisioned for his soon-to-be wrestling school.

One of the loading doors was open, which allowed Jace to walk right in followed by Choi. The LSD Champion roamed around looking at the various sections of what was called The HellsGate Training Facility through his one good eye. They had an octagon for MMA fighting. Wrestling rings for sparring and matches. And all the training equipment that you could think of lining the walls. Jace made his way through the place until someone familiar noticed him and rushed over with a nervous smile on her face.

“You could have texted me and let me know you were here.” Kat Jones told Jace before giving him one of her patented smacks to the back of the head.

“The door was open, so I just walked in uninvited.” Jace replied without even bothering to rub the back of his head. “Where is she?”

Kat shook her head and then looked around the facility a bit before gesturing to Jace and Choi to follow her. Jace followed instinctively as Choi sighed before catching up.

“You still look ridiculous with that eye patch.” Kat quipped.

Jace growled under his breath as Choi spoke up for the first time.

“He’s a little sensitive about the whole eye patch, Pirate thing. Awful thing that happened to him and I feel sorry for anyone that dares make fun of it to his face.” Choi said in the most kiss-ass way possible.

Kat stopped in her tracks and then turned around to look at both Jace and Choi. Both men just stood there in silence as Kat looked the man she considered an annoying cousin up and down.

“I’ll have plenty of time to make fun of it. It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving and besides, I’m not scared of him.” Kat pointed her thumb at Jace. “All jokes aside, I can’t imagine having something like that happen to me. Just promise me you’ll never show me what is under that eye patch, huh?”

Jace frowned… or frowned more than he was already… but reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. Satisfied, Kat continued on her path as both men followed behind her.

“I wish you would have let me tell her you were coming here today.” Kat admitted.

“I don’t need you to do me any favors.” Jace sneered.

“Are you kidding? Me even telling you how to get here was a huge favor!” Kat argued. “Not just anyone gets to come here inside of HellsGate as they see fit. You should be damn lucky that I’m even here to vouch for you.”

“I already bought you a whole bakery, Kitty. I do not negotiate with terrorists.” Jace huffed.

“You will pay for that comment somewhere down the line.” Kat chuckled.

“I still don’t know why we’re here.” Choi mumbled to himself.

Kat continued walking until she spotted the person she was searching for in the crowd. She pointed over and then nudged Jace in the side as a reminder to be on his best behavior. Jace grunted in response as Kat slowly approached the person Jace wanted to see. 

Kat reached out and touched the shoulder of the person who turned around. For the first time, Jace Parker Davidson was face-to-face with Becca Curci aka Whisper, who was the owner of Hellsgate Training Facility.

“Whisper…” Kat said her name out loud. “If you’re not too busy, I would like to introduce you to Jace Parke–”

Kat is interrupted by Jace who places his hand on her shoulder and pushes her to the background as he steps toward Whisper.

“I’m here because I heard this place was one of the best in the country. I know Kat, Kim, and Mac all train here and training is what I require.” Jace said in a deadly serious tone. “So, if HellsGate is everything it’s cracked up to be. I want to get started immediately.”

“Let’s go to my office. I want to get an idea of what your current condition is and then we can set up a game plan for the ring. Along with a training schedule that meets your specific goals.” Whisper said and she led the way to her office down the hall.

Jace grabbed a hold of Choi by his shirt and hissed down at him.

“Go grab my gym bag out of the trunk and you wait here for me to get back. Do not do anything to make me regret bringing you here, are we clear?” Jace threatened.

Choi nodded his head up and down furiously before scurrying off to follow his orders. Jace turns and followed Whisper down the hall and through the door. Upon entering he notices happens to be a half office and half trainers room. 

“Sit on the table and let me see the damage they did to you.” Whisper pointed towards the table.

Jace narrowed his brow but did as he was told. He sat down on the edge of the table and then looked around the training room a bit.

“I can already tell you what I need…” Jace revealed. “I am already good at what I do but I need to start from the ground floor. I need to be trained as if I’m just some kid off the street that thinks becoming a professional wrestler would be cool. I need to be given a full course of training from top to bottom.”

Whisper walked around the table to his blind spot. “You need to relearn your instincts. You are battling with half your vision and now you need to rely on all of your senses. I have been there…” 

She walked back into the sight of his good eye before she spoke again. 

“You need to feel where they are by the tremors of the ring. You need to feel their body heat to know they are close. Smell them if they coming at you. Hear their breathing as they grow tired and locate them by your senses. Is that what you are looking for?” She placed her hands on her hips.

“That’s exactly what I need.” Jace nodded his head. “As you can see, this wasn’t exactly the birthday present that I had been asking for. I have until the 12th of this month to fit in as much training as possible.” 

Whisper nodded her head and thought for a moment. 

“Are you going to stay with Kat or at the house with me and Renegade? And the sidekick… Is he staying or going?” She grabbed a clipboard and started making notes on the specific training she had in mind. 

“The house is fine if you’ll have me. I’d like to stay as close as possible to get as much training in as I can…” Jace said with determination. “The sidekick will be lingering along with me throughout. He can sleep in the car outside. He will not be a problem. However, If he is? I’ll personally beat the shit out of him myself.”

“Jace… I would not have offered it if I did not want you in my house. I will show you and the sidekick to your rooms later. First, I think we need to start working on the feeling of where your opponents are in the ring if they move out of your sight. Kim is not here to help train, but Rene is and Kat can help too. Right now, locating your enemy is first. Destroying them is second.” Whisper said in a cold tone of voice. 

She hated cheap injury tactics and this was one.

“You can send every single person in the building at me.” Jace might have been biting off more than he could chew but he believed his words. “I have no delusions over the fact that I’m going to be outnumbered more often than not. I need to be able to move and react just as well as I would with both eyes… if not better.”

“And you will… I will personally make sure of it.” This was more a statement of a fact than anything else as she was confident that she could make it work. “What did the doctor say on recovery?”

“I don’t trust doctors and I don’t want to talk about it any further than that.” Jace got up off of the table and turned to look at Whisper. “So, we good to start?” 

Whisper held his arm and pulled him in. 

“Nobody trusts doctors, but there was damage done. Is there anything you can do to help the healing process besides rest and patching up the eye?” 

“As of right now? Beating the ever-loving dog shit out of Steve Solex to get my LSD Championship belt back.” There was blood lust in his voice.

“Steve Solex?” Whisper asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Former Army veteran turned nutjob who hates everything that isn’t right-wing or doesn’t favor ignorant overly compensating white males. A piss poor professional wrestler that thinks he stands a chance against me in a fair fight. Lucky for him, a fair fight is the last thing I will be walking into for the foreseeable future.” Jace chewed on his bottom lip a bit. “Steve Solex has aligned himself with the guy that did this to me. Their out to get me because I pissed off the establishment instead of kissing ass or begging. There is a whole group of them I need to go through before I get my hands on the man in charge.”

“Kind of sounds like a suicide mission to me.” Whisper interjected with a stern tone.

“I’ve faced worse odds but the thing is that this match is happening in Manchester, England. It’s not even a fucking wrestling match. They’ve taken my LSD Championship belt and hidden it somewhere in a fucking soccer stadium.” Jace shook his head. “So, my one eye and I have to find out where it is while fighting off Solex and whoever else they are going to throw in my way.”

“You know that eye patch is going to be a huge target, correct?” Whisper gave Jace a look that said it all. “You’re walking into this with a handicap. You need to be able to protect yourself and your vision. You need to accept the condition you’re in right now, whatever that is.” 

“My condition is as good as it’s going to get. I’m moving forward as if I will only have one eye for the rest of my life. Anything that improves beyond that is just a bonus.” His words were course but that was due to the pain he was trying to hide. 

Whisper nodded and saw right through the act. She usually does it herself. 

“Wanna work with the pain or with less pain? I have mild painkillers here and you can have those… None of the heavy stuff, though.” She informed the LSD Champion.

“I’ve been on every painkiller you can think of for the last few days…” Jace said with a sarcastic chuckle before he raised his hand to the eye patch. “I prefer to work with the pain. It fuels me to do what I know I need to do.” 

“You will take them for the night, so you can get some decent rest. And I will hear no discussion about it either. You need that rest because you’ll be doing months of training in days. And we will get you to the best you can be, just like if you had both eyes.” Whisper held her hand out to him to take.

“Fair enough.” Jace grasped her hand with his as he accepted the conditions presented to him.

“Okay, I will show you where you can change into your gear and I will get the rest informed on the plans we made. Let’s get to work.” Whisper opened the door to start his crazy journey to rebuilding himself.


Jace was tired and sore from all the training he did today. Every muscle in his body wanted to retire to his room in Whisper’s house and get some sleep. However, there was another piece of business that he needed to tend to. 

He showered and changed clothes and then got Choi to get some paperwork from the car that they had brought along. Jace made sure everyone else was gone before walking up to the door of Whisper’s office. He knocked gently before opening the door to step inside.

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for me. I appreciate it more than words can say, but I was wondering if you had a moment to discuss something else, now that everything has calmed down.” He questioned.

“Sure, come sit down…” Whisper said pointing towards the chairs near her desk. “What is on your mind?”

Jace took a seat and rolled his neck a little bit.

“This is an impressive establishment that you have here.” He began. “I was involved with a place that was somewhat similar to this, but it was someone else’s pet project. They completely left it to die and I got tired of trying to manage someone else’s mess. So, I decided to try and start a training facility of my own that would also be a wrestling school.”

“Sounds good. What did you have in mind for it? I see you are not just thinking about it… You are already taking action.” Pointing to the paperwork in his hand, she smiled at him.

“I already purchased a place in Denver that’s going to be the location for it.” He handed over the paperwork to her. “I have been stretching myself a little thin financially recently and I was told that you had some equipment that you’re not using currently. I can’t exactly pay you for that equipment, but I think I can offer you something better than just money.”

“Yeah, I have all the equipment from the Tampa location in storage right now because we took it out of the building before the storm hit. We were going to remodel the place, but the building was wrecked, so it has been sitting in storage ever since. It is the same setup as I have here.” Whisper was not too concerned with money as she was not without nor would she be.

“That sounds like exactly what I need, but I’m not one to just keep taking from someone without offering something in return.” Jace reached out and pointed towards a section of the paperwork. “So, if you’ll let me have that equipment in storage then I’m offering you one-third ownership of my facility in Denver which will be called The Kingdom.”

“The Kingdom, I like it. Between the Kingdom and the HellsGates one might think I was religious, which I am not. Okay, you have a deal. Just let me know when they can deliver it there and I will have Renegade help get it set up. That is his thing. He did this place as well.” Whisper once again extended her hand out to Jace.

“Glad to have you on board.” Jace shook Whisper’s hand as she signed her name on the paperwork as the scene fades.


Congratulations, Steve Solex.

You managed to get your first-ever win against me by pinning my shoulders down to the canvas during our tag team match at Chaos 024.

I’m sure you think that’s quite an accomplishment. It’s probably got you feeling pretty damn confident heading into our match for the LSD Championship belt at March To Glory. 

I’m almost certain that you’re standing naked in front of a full-length mirror masturbating over it while running a fine-toothed comb through that Chia pet you have growing on your face.

What is it with guys in HOW and body hair? 

If it’s not Bob Jared’s chest hair, it’s Sektor’s mustache, and now Solex’s beard. Are we going to celebrate and praise Xander Azula’s pubic hair when his balls finally drop too? Fucking ridiculous.

Anyway, like I was saying, I’m pretty sure that you’re pounding your chest pretty proudly over the fact that you pinned Jace Parker Davidson in a wrestling match. Maybe that alone will earn you that hug from dear old Dad that you’ve lacked for far too many years. In any normal circumstance, this is something that you should shout about from the rooftops.

However, let’s look at what happened through the scope of reality.

Steve Solex didn’t pin Jace Parker Davidson in a wrestling match. Steve Solex will never beat Jace Parker Davidson in a wrestling match. 

Lee Best and the use of a dirty fucking pen beat Jace Parker Davidson in the main event of Chaos. All Steve Solex did was follow orders from Lee Best to lay on top of me as he counted to three. Everything that was done to me in that match and after it was Lee Best’s doing. Steve Solex was just the puppet there made to dance as Lee pulled his strings. 

Par for the course when it comes to the MercDad. 

Lee got what he wanted. Christopher America has ended Conor Fuse’s momentum heading into MTG. And now I have only one good eye heading into MTG where I have to defend the LSD Championship belt against you, Solex.

You have all the cards stacked in your favor. But wait… that’s not all!

Lee Best also decided to name the situation for our Championship at MTG. Not only was I stabbed in the eye with a pen. Not only did I have the LSD Championship belt taken from my possession. But now I have to defend MY Championship belt against Steve Solex in a match that is nothing more than a perverse game of Hide and Seek. 


The LSD Championship belt is hidden somewhere in Old Trafford and me, with only one eye, have to find it before Solex does if I want my reign to continue.


I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to answer that because it has fuck all to do with an actual wrestling match. I said heading into Chaos that Steve Solex couldn’t beat me in a wrestling match on his own. I should thank Lee Best for confirming what I said to be 110% accurate. Lee Best had such little faith in Steve Solex being able to beat me one-on-one, that he had to show up on TV for the first time in a long time, just to bottomline me. Which was just the step up to turning the LSD Championship match at MTG into a kiddie game.

Solex… how does it feel to know that Lee Best has zero confidence in your ability as a wrestler or a fighter?

You served this country and probably can kill a man with your thumbs, yet, Lee Best would rather use you as a bloodhound than a fighter.

I bet it stings. It should fucking burn.

Lee Best has always been known to try and pervert the legacy of the LSD Championship belt. From starting it off as the Lee Superstar Division to letting John Sektor turn it into a bootleg version of the ICON Championship belt. And finally this… what is fucking next? Are we going to do a freeze tag competition for the LSD Championship belt?

I’ve fought way too hard and spilled far too much blood to sit back and watch you and Lee Best turn the LSD Championship belt into a fucking joke.

But I guess that’s fine with you, right?

As long as you get your dirty little fingers around MY belt, just like Christopher America let you hold 97red for all of five seconds.

Do you want to know why you’ve never won the World Championship belt or the LSD Championship belt? Do you want to know why no one takes you seriously as a competitor or a Hall of Famer?

This is EXACTLY why.

You can’t ever do anything yourself. You can’t even accomplish anything when you’ve got a whole fucking group backing you. From The Best Alliance to The Highwaymen. You’re a career-long weak link, Steve. They don’t value you, they don’t respect you, and they sure as fuck don’t like you. They pity you. They pity the fact that you served and turned into absolutely fucking nothing. 

If Tyler Best was still in HOW… you’d be one of the homeless fucks in an alley fighting to the death for a five-dollar bill and a ham sandwich. 

But that won’t happen, not as long as there is breath in Lee Best’s body.

Lee Best tried to permanently turn me into a cyclops and then turned around to add a stipulation that would ensure that I couldn’t focus on beating the unholy fuck out of you.

And you call yourself a soldier. You pathetic, protected, piece of shit. 

You’re only threatening with your have a gun in your hands and even then it’s debatable. You’re going to wish you had a gun in your possession back at Chaos because you should have finished the job. You should have put me out of my misery once and for all but instead, you let Lee Best go on a shopping spree and let him leave you with the bill.

Payment is long overdue, Solex.

I hope your faith in the GOD of HOW is enough to carry you into the next life, Steven. I hope the money, the Hall of Fame spot, and the sweet nothings that he whispers into your ear are worth it. I hope your faith in that false fucking prophet is enough to take whatever it is you have left and toss it all away. 

The GOD of HOW loves you… r willingness to be used as a meat shield.

I hope you find some comfort in that because you’re going to be the first one to be sacrificed for Lee Best’s sins. 

It won’t be an eye for an eye.

It’ll be my eye for Steve Solex’s career.