Posted on August 6, 2020 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

“So that’s all there was to it…it sent a ripple effect through my entire life and I’m not even sure why I didn’t see any of it coming.  I’m not even sure why I expected myself to see it all coming…let alone why I didn’t see all the lies RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FUCKING FACE!!…my entire family legacy was a lie…or was it?  Was it a lie or did I just refuse to see the silver fucking lining?  Maybe I’ve been too far deep into shaping my whole life the way I was to not see all the red flags.  Perhaps I was too busy fighting a war for too long that I just simply stopped accepting all the warning signs that I would have seen right there in front of me all those years ago like the brilliant fucker I used to consider myself.  I never let anything get by me….whether it was information or knowledge or history or whether I was setting up the brilliant score in my mind…I should have been better than that…and I wasn’t…maybe I do need to take a step back from everything and regather myself.  It’s probably the smartest advice I’ve given myself in quite a long time…perhaps I should fucking eat a gigantic piece of that all too familiar humble fucking pie life throws at you.  Perhaps, contrary to the other side, I should take that gigantic piece of humble fucking pie and throw it right back where it got thrown from in the first place….yeaa….I like that a lot better.  No matter what path I chose to turn down, it was going to involve a hell a lot of thinking…and setting things up to get myself back to where I needed to be…and god damn did I miss having that side of me…that edge that makes me who the fuck I am!  It was going to take a lot of work to do, but when was I ever any stranger to the work?  It’s just another fucking day in the life of Brian Fucking Hollywood…because there’s never a dull moment or day in my world…and it sure as fuck was looking like from this day forward that that was definitely not going to ever be the case.  In the case of dull, it doesn’t exist.  Time is a funny thing…you never know what is going to be hashed or created from the investment…but the experience?  Well the experience is sure as fuck a funny thing…and so is the word investment…”


Los Angeles, California


Sheriff’s Department


It seemed like just another day at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement, but business was booming and the action level was turned all the way up for some people, like Brian Hollywood, who felt like this was not like any other day.  The paperwork and the paper trails of trying to piece together everything that happened when Hollywood Enterprises was set ablaze seemed like a lot to handle.  Where to begin?  Just how did it get that far to begin with?  Hollywood sits by the window of Buck Wringley, the Sheriff and a personal good friend of Hollywood, in Buck’s office.  There was definitely a lot of talking going on as Hollywood was sitting in complete silence…still in shock of his business being blown up after his outburst of wanting to storm into the blaze not thinking about his own well being.  However, there was some chatter going on as Hollywood sits in silence just looking out the window, Buck and Gerald Reeves were going at it talking about the incident.


Gerald Reeves: “How can you just sit there and expect this process to be just like any other day Buck?!  This is terrorism at its height and we just so happen to know who’s responsible for the explosion and you want to go through the proper channels?!  I have it under my authority in my standing in the CIA to investigate this thing my way and go after the fuckers responsible while you sit and play politics here in your office!”


Buck Wringley: “Don’t ya put this on me, Gerald!  You and I both know this happened under Hollywood’s watch while he was away and we shoulda paid more attention to Niles Omega from the get go!  No way should Bri have left that incompetent fucker in charge of Hollywood Enterprises in his stead!”


Buck and Gerald were basically bickering at each other with pointless facts and they were both right, but it was falling on deaf ears and it was coming to the point where they were getting nowhere.  It had already happened and it didn’t take any good police facts to be able to paint a picture of everything that had already happened…because that was the point…it had already happened…it was now a part of the past…something Hollywood fucking hated to dwell on as we all know which is probably why Hollywood finally butted into this fiery conversation between his two closest friends.


Brian Hollywood: “SHUT THE FUCK UP…BOTH OF YOU!!  This is now to a point where we have to deal with the actions of what’s already happened and move the fuck on!  I’m through being torn up about it!  I’m through being anguished and tormented of all my recent actions over the last several fucking months where I question myself morally and mentally!  I was never the emotional fucker and that’s all I’ve fucking been the last several months since I started myself on this new quest to be a better person.  I could still be a better fucking person…without giving in to all emotion.  Sure, it may have shaped me into a better all around person, but it didn’t have to take over my fucking life and that’s what I let it do.  Also, because of all that emotion, it has fucking BLINDED me from my thoughts and blocked out everything that was literally right in front of my fucking face the entire time and I’ve fucking had enough of it!  It’s time that I go back to being the Brian Hollywood who could move on from anything and start that next process of thought and scheming….instead of this sorry piece of fucking shit version I allowed myself to become!  I think that’s what has made me so pissed off to begin with over everything that’s happened!  I can rebuild and reshape but not if I’m in this shit pile of sob that I allowed myself to get the last several fucking months!  Now both of you fucking stop measuring yourselves against each other and let’s sit down and figure out what the fuck we’re going to fucking do about it!”


And there it was…that fire that had been missing from Hollywood for so long, finally bursting back out into the fold with authority.  Hollywood had found that authority he was so desperately missing for so long.  It’s what had defined him his whole career.  All of a sudden, the scene fills with utter silence.  Buck and Gerald stopped bickering among themselves and had slowly started to sit down as they gave Hollywood their undivided attention as they realized that there friend was back.  Buck waited for a few moments before he spoke as he saw the anger in Hollywood’s eyes.  They were eyes of vengeance and retribution and he couldn’t help but let a small smile cross his face in letting out a bit of his feelings.


Buck Wringley: “Welcome back, brother…it really is good to have the real you back again.  I know ya’ve been through a lot Bri, but I am really sorry about everything that has transpired.”


Gerald Reeves: “I feel the same, Brian.  Buck and I may not always see eye to eye, especially given our professions, but we’re all friends here and I truly am sorry.”


Brian Hollywood: “Appreciate the sentiment gentlemen, but I could really give a fuck about being sorry.  I brought this upon myself and I’ve known you long enough, Gerald, to know that there’s an I told you so lurking somewhere inside you…and don’t fucking deny it because that’s not who you are.”


Of course Gerald was thinking I told you so.  I guess Gerald was feeling vindicated on that feeling because he knows that his best friend knows him well and he did tell him so.  This allows Gerald to show a slight smirk in consolation of his feelings on that exact matter.


Gerald Reeves: “Well since that’s out of the way…you’re fucking welcome you jackass!  But if you know me as well as I know you know me, you know what I’m going to fucking say next!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yes, and I’ve been thinking about the retaliation over everything.  I know you’re wanting to know the next move and I’m going to tell you what the next move is..”


It was easy for Hollywood to put it into words, but even he knew the next part would be the most difficult and that the next move would not be an easy one.  It would require a lot of thought process and really dive into the education of figuring out his family’s legacy and why Hollywood was denying what was right in front of his face for so many years…he just could never bring himself to actually believe what his family legacy was all about.  That was the obvious painful truth Hollywood found so hard to grasp.  How could he allow himself to miss all the warning signs of his family heritage?  With the business of what Hollywood was involved with, and the people he had dealt with over the years, there shouldn’t have been any denying the hints of the heritage that was lying right there for him to dip his feet into.  It was uncharted waters for Hollywood, in a way, but not so uncharted that Hollywood wouldn’t be able to navigate himself through.


Brian Hollywood: “Gentlemen…how could I have missed it for so long?  I mean, look at everything we’ve been through?!  Battling Lukas Montana before he became a friend and an ally, and the dealings with The Chair and the Men in SUITS, or to the point of watching my sister get murdered in front of my very eyes in a drive by shooting when I was ten fucking years old…what I did in order to track down the murderer and the way I went about it.  You gotta admit…with all the information I was able to obtain…with all the connections that I had and how I went out of my fucking way to find out about everything, I have always had that natural mafia like mindset in my blood.  It was just brought out of me the worst way that it could have been.  My former best friend Darin fucking Zion….fuck if I’m acknowledging him as Matthews!  The guy is delusional and changing his last name for the millionth fucking time isn’t going to change who the fuck he is!  Was it really a coincidence that I had been best friends with him my entire fucking life and how he learned of my family’s hidden heritage?  You know me gentlemen, I don’t believe in fucking coincidence and here we fucking are.  With how fucking genius I have always been, I should have always seen the writing on the wall.”


Gerald Reeves: “Now before you let your ego go to your head like you always do Brian, might I point out, that while it might have always been obvious, your life has always been a gigantic fucking puzzle piece, a maze, a labyrinth of complicating moments that have been put together to arrive to where you are at life currently.”


Buck Wringley: “And let me tell ya Bri, that while I’m your friend, I’m also a Sheriff.  Your family being tied to the mafia is a concern.  It’s nice that you can be open to me, but you’ve also got to look at this logically as well.”


Brian Hollywood: “Hey now, what are you fucking saying?!  It’s not like I’m a career criminal or anything…sure we’ve all done some questionable shit that blurs the lines of legal and illegal…but you can’t deny that this needs to be looked into more.”


Buck Wringley: “Wait…what are you getting at Bri?  What do you mean this needs to be looked into more?  Ya gotta be careful how you go about that one, ya reckon?”


Gerald Reeves: “Well of course he’s going to be careful you dumbass!  You forget who you’re talking to, Buck!  Brian is one of the most careful, thought out, conniving and plotting sons of bitches you know!  Hollywood is always thinking about the next move!”


Buck Wringley: “Obviously.  I meant no offense.”


Brian Hollywood: “I know you both mean well.  I get where you both are coming from.  However, this is new territory gentlemen.  However, how we go about it is not anything new.  We go about it how we always have gone about our lives boys.  We start with a plan…but a plan starts with thinking and research.  I’ve got a lot of thinking to do and a lot of backtracking to do.  Obviously I hate having to go back and pry into my past, or my families past for that matter, but it’s something that needs to be done.  It has to be studied…no matter how much I fucking hate it.  But right now, guys, I have to get out of here.  I’m going to hit the gym and do some training and get my mind off this right now.  I do have a match coming up in a few days in HOW.”


Gerald Reeves: “Oh Jesus H tap dancing Christ….”


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t want to here it Gerald, so shut your cunt fucking mouth!  This is something that is going to continue to be a reality, and I don’t need your approval to keep doing it…now that you guys know it’s public knowledge.”


Gerald Reeves: “I’m just saying Brian, if we know it’s public knowledge, who else do you think knows that?  I mean, you haven’t exactly been quiet about the fucking thing!”


Brian Hollywood: “And I don’t intend to be quiet about it moving forward, either.  I accept your busy ass, dangerous fucking job being in the CIA, and as a member of Hollywood Enterprises…so I don’t want to fucking hear it!  I love you, brother, but you’ve got to let me have this.  It’s actually been pretty therapeutic and that’s a good fucking thing.”


Gerald Reeves: “Very fucking well.  But don’t let me tell ya I told ya so again…getting really tired of being right about shit lately.”


Buck Wringley: “Oh…dick move.”


Hollywood smiles and shakes his head as he knew what Gerald was getting at.  Gerald smiles and shakes his head before all of a sudden, all three guys let out a good laugh with each other.  They all meant well and this was very much needed…especially what the road ahead of them would entail.  It was only going to get more difficult from here now that things were forever changed.  Hollywood, Gerald and Buck share one more last laugh before Gerald and Buck nod their heads as they each shake hands and hug Hollywood before Hollywood headed out of the office to train…knowing full well that there would be difficult tests that lie ahead of where they all would head from here as the scene slowly fades to black….



“I haven’t exactly had the greatest last month.  A lot has definitely went down for me personally, inside and outside of the HOW ring…but when shit got difficult, no matter how difficult, HOW was always here for me when I needed it to be.  Last week I felt like I let a lot of people down.  However, one person I never felt bad about letting down was that two bit cock fake of a fuck in Darin Zion.  That piece of shit can kiss my fucking ass.  I don’t have a single nice thing to say about that fucker.”


“It’s kind of sad, though, to see where he’s at right now.  Seeing him get a shot at Mike Best for the HOW World Championship and me opening Refueled sure feels fucking weird.  What doesn’t feel weird, though, is that I’m opening up against another newcomer to HOW in Gilda Starr.  What’s not new, however, is Jatt Starr.  Now that’s a man I have some history with.  I may feel like I should have some advantage against Gilda, but the reality is that I don’t.  That’s because Gilda has someone such as Jatt Starr in her corner.  A man who knows all about me and will be able to help Gilda prepare in her match where that will give her the obvious advantage.  You know what, I’m totally fine with that.”


I get it.  However, all the advice and all the history Jattlantis gives Gilda, will not tip the scales in our match because she still has to lace up those boots against me.  Jatt cannot predict the moves or what will go down in our match.  Gilda, while I praise you and how much I look forward to our match this Saturday night, all you are is Starr lite.  All puns intended, that’s the truth of the reality.  I’ve been in that ring for quite some time and I’ve been in and out of training and that hasn’t died down the last several months.  I’m still going to be relentless in that ring when we square up and I expect you to understand that I’m not going to go easy on you just because of your last name.  I also expect that Jatt will tell you that you that you won’t get any handouts.  I know that you have equally been training for our match and that you will have to work as hard as I will to obtain victory…but there is also something else that you have to take into consideration, Gilda…”


“I have a lot of rage and a lot of pent up frustration within me.  I’m not going to hold back in our match this weekend and I’m going to look at bouncing right back because that’s who I have always been.  I’m going to take all my training I’ve been prepping over the last several months to continue to build building blocks to getting back on the winning path.  While I can’t wait for our match up, you have to understand that I will do what I must to get back on the right path.  I have to fix what I fucked up last week, regardless of whether or not I wanted to be in that match with Zion or not.  The match was an utter failure and an embarrassement and I’m not looking to repeat that scene again.”


“This Saturday, you WILL get my all Gilda!  That I promise you and it will be nothing short of basic instinct that I set myself back up on the right path…one way or another…I’ll see you Saturday, Gilda…and I truly do wish you the all the best!  You are definitely going to need it!  See you soon, kid!