Starr Child

Starr Child

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 8:40 am by Chris Kostoff

(The scene opens up on the patio or a coffee shop. A young woman sits with her back to the street as he sits and watches. The feeling of, nervousness and almost a sense of unknown. He stands on the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets as he shrugs his shoulders and makes his way to the patio.)

Kostoff: Gilda?

Gilda: Yes?

(The newly tossed together tag team stand and stare at each other.)

Gilda: You must be the Kostoff.

Kostoff: That I am ma’am.

Gilda: My father has spoken about you.

Kostoff: I’m sure it has been half bad.

(A nervous laugh escapes his throat as the tension loosens up some.)

Kostoff: So, how and where would you like to begin to discuss our match?

Gilda: Well, we can just go out there and fight?

Kostoff: We could, but the issues with that is we are taking on the Bruvs, they know their stuff in and out of the ring. They are good make no mistake about it, so we might be in for a fight but let me add this..

(Kostoff sits a little more straight in his chair as Gilda keeps her eyes on him. She watches the animal known as Kostoff because she knows he is a lose cannon. Her father told her what to expect, Jatakas explained in detail to his daughter what kind of idiot Kostoff is. He leans forward and clears his throat.)

Kostoff: Your father and I were not best friends..

Gilda: You sure can say that again.

(She glares at him as she takes a sip of her coffee. He stares back for a moment and then nods in agreement.)

Kostoff: Right. My point is, I will make sure I take care of you in the match. I won’t let you get hurt. Your old man and I might not have been best buds, but I respected him because he is a tuff bastard.

Kostoff: I say that because we both know that the Bruvs are good, real good. We can be better. I am sure your dad taught you well, I bet he did. We are going to get into a fight this week, one we might win or we might lose.

Gilda: Aren’t you a ray of sunshine.

Kostoff: Look kid, I don’t like tag matches. I prefer to go at it myself alone. This was not what I wanted. You can make snide comments all ya want to, I have heard it all. Your old man was a warrior. And a man I had respect for. He might not have had it for me and that is fine. But when the time comes this week for us to get dirty, right now there is not anyone else in HOW that will go to war with you because of your old man.

(She looks at him as he gets up from the chair. He reaches into his pocket and tosses some cash on the table.)

Kostoff: For your time, I hope your dad taught you as well as I hope he did.

Gilda: Wait…

(He stops and looks at her.)

Gilda: Dad said you were a tough one. He said you would go into any fight because you just like a fight.

Gilda: What is a plan to use for us to get this win?

Kostoff: Well, right now all I can say is we just go in there and give the hell. Watch each other’s back and do what we can.

(He looks at her as he stays on his feet.)

Kostoff: Look, I’m gonna head off to my hotel. If you talk to your old man tell him I said hi.

(He walks off leaving her sitting at the table. She nods her head as she keeps her eyes on Kostoff as he makes his way down the street. The scene fades to darkness.)