Posted on March 10, 2021 at 10:33 pm by Sutler Kael

Sutler’s eyes found themselves wandering to the flickering mechanical oculus that had once occupied his adopted father’s head. His mind raced with all the secrets that might be locked away inside, if any at all. Perhaps it was just an inert chunk of metal and wires that still had a little juice in it, it’s idle flickering little more than a meaningless echo of it’s previous purpose. 


“Mr. Reynolds-Kael?”


He snapped out of his idle musing by the sound of his own name, his brooding brown eyes quickly locking onto the balding middle aged man who sat on the other side of his desk. He had almost forgotten the man was there along with two other individuals who had been sent by Elenore to try and “get him back on the right track” as his aunt had phrased it. 


“I’m sorry, what were you talking about, I think I might have been having a mild stroke.” the sardonic youth quipped blinking away the thoughts of the eye. “You said you were some kind of couch?”


“No, son, a COACH.” the man said, his face flashing red for a moment. “Herman Gale, professional athletic coach, as I said your aunt, Elenore Sinclair-Kael sent myself, Dolores Quinn and Jeremine Dante Green to help you.”


The President of Human Resources leaned back in his chair as he folded his hands in his lap while a wry smile cracked across his lips. Behind him on the wall was a brand new portrait of himself looking exactly as he was, dressed exactly the same. In fact it looked like someone snapped a picture of him, converted it into a painting and printed it out.


Chances are very good it was Sutler himself. 


“So I have names, you’re some kind of coach, what to your associates here do?” Sutler asked as he nodded to both Dolores and Jeremine. The woman introduced as Dolores Quinn, a smartly dressed twenty something year old with raven dark hair and olive skin, spoke up.


“I’m a Life Coach, while Herman helps focus what you do in the ring and the gym, I’m here to help cultivate your life outside of work. You would be surprised how many professionals in high stress, high demand positions don’t often balance their lives.”


Lifting one of his eyebrows Sutler nodded before he turned his head toward Jeremine who appeared in his mid to late thirties sporting a beard that helped fill out an otherwise thin face while a carefully styled haircut hid the obvious signs of thinning hair. 


“I’m DOCTOR Jeremine Dante Green though you can just call me JD.” Jeremine started emphasizing that he was a doctor with a look of annoyance in his face at both Dolores and Herman’s omission of his title. “I have a PhD in Psychology and I’m here to help you understand yourself and move forward beyond any trauma you might have experienced. Mental health is as important as physical health.”


As he finished the four of them sat in Sutler’s office/broom closet in the Best Arena in complete silence for a few moments before Sutler stood up with a nervous chuckle. 


“Well while I do appreciate my aunt’s efforts I think I’ve got things well under control here, thank you for your time.” he said as he moved around his desk. “But I do have a big match coming up, lots to do, not much time and all that business so I’ll have to see you out but if you speak with my secretary on the way out I am sure she can pencil you in for a future lunch appointment or something, sound good?”


He didn’t wait for an answer though as he pulled the door open urgently shooing them out of his office. The trio look amongst themselves before they stood shuffling out in single file, first with Herman then Dolores and finally with Jeremine pulling up the rear. The doctor paused as he stood in front of Sutler shaking his head slowly as he looked down at the boy with what Sutler thought might have been pity. 


“You’re not the first young man to turn away help and you’ll not be the first. Elenore hired us because we’re not just the best but we’re persistent as well. We’ll see each other again soon, I’m sure Sutler.” 


“Not likely.” 


Winking Sutler turned and kicked the man forcibly out of his little office as he slammed the door shut with a crack. He threw himself up against the door, as if bracing it, while he heard the murmured voices of the trio outside. He was certain he heard one of them remark about his lack of a secretary to set a future appointment up followed by a few knocks. After a few moments he heard the voices grow distance and disappear all together, the young man letting out a relieved sigh.


From the corner of his eye something caught his attention. The damaged orb on his desk had somehow turned to stare at him.


It burned away any thoughts of the trio that had just occupied his office. His feelings toward his Aunt and her machinations in his life were forgotten and instead, like a moth drawn to the flame, he moved toward his desk and stared down at the broken eye. Slowly easing down into his chair he leaned forward as his mind tried to rationalize how this thing had moved on its own.


“I must have bumped it when I stood up..” Sutler muttered to himself as he picked the tiny red globe in his hand. “..stupid thing.”


Opening the drawer of his desk Sutler tossed the eye in with a clattering noise before slamming it shut loudly.


“Elenore thinks I need help huh?” 


He said to himself as he turned to gaze up at the portrait of himself with a smarmy look on his face. 





2020 had been a pretty bad year for a lot of people but for Sutler Kael it had been a breakout year. A break out year in that he had been undefeated and managed to free himself from his father’s control when Mike Best murdered him on Alcatraz Island. 


2021 hadn’t been so kind.


Right out the gate Sutler lost his match to Dan Ryan during the HOFC Tournament and then he had immediately turned around and lost to Bobby Dean meant that the previously undefeated Sutler Reynolds-Kael was now looking down the barrel of a 0-3 record, something he hadn’t been particularly thrilled about.


That made his match against Rah at March to Glory all the more important, a chance to set his year back on a winning track as well as prove the superiority of youth over the 4000 year old concept of a Sun God or whatever the fuck Rah claimed to be. There were other things on the line as well. A victory over Rah would also propel Sutler toward a meaningful title such as the LSD or even World Championship. Only guys like Darin Zion, Brain Hollywood and the formerly employed Scott Stevens are rewarded with title shots after losing and Sutler had no interest into falling into the pity party. 


That meant he MUST achieve victory.


Of course that meant that he would need to find that discipline that he had lost since the start of the year. 


For his part he was beginning to understand why Max was the way he was, not that it excused his behavior. The wrestling world was not kind, one had no real friends and no real allies; it could be incredibly lonely. This was all made worse by the slow intoxication of power, or at least THE PERCEPTION of it. In recent weeks Sutler had begun to flex that power utilizing the news as a weapon against his enemies.


Sutler had even managed to rile up the roster with claims of time travel, an idea he had discovered after reading up on some of father’s old notes. Seems like the old man had a few solid ideas after all.


Of course then Grandpa Lee got involved. 


The longer Sutler was active in High Octane Wrestling the more he released also why there had been so much contention between his father and Lee Best. Or his uncle and Lee. Or really anyone he had ever known in Lee. The man was cruel, blinded in more than one way and often only considered his own desires. 


Naturally Max, of a similar temperament, had often found himself at odds with the owner of High Octane Wrestling. Sutler would do what he could to avoid that..


..for now. 


All roads to the top would eventually lead through his grandfather and unfortunately his Uncle but that was a problem for a different day.


Today the problem was Rah, a man who had brutalized Sutler in his own office and gotten away unscathed. No back up from the Group of Death, no help from the Best Alliance, no words of support or encouragement from anywhere.


Nope, that was High Octane Wrestling.


Burning it to the ground was starting to make some sense to the young man. 


He had hoped in this new found outrage he could find the spark that might turn into a fire he could unleash on the Champion of the World, a mighty fury that he could channel much like his father had, almost exactly as his uncle did. 


Turns out Sutler was not exactly like his adopted father and almost nothing like his Uncle. He could feel the anger in him, the outrage and fury, but it led nowhere. The rage burned but it added nothing to his punches. His anger filled his chest with fire but he did not run any faster. Whatever forge his elders had used to create the weapons they brought with them to war Sutler could not grasp. 


Almost two weeks of trying to find a winning strategy against Rah and he didn’t feel anymore prepared than he was against Bobby. Almost two weeks of running the ropes, counter and speed training and still.. A simple roll up, counter hold was all that it might take to defeat him. Bobby proved that despite his lineage, despite his genetics and where he came from he could be out wrestled by the likes of Bobby Dean.


The more he dwelt on it the less the fire burned and instead cooled into the stinging embers of depression. A sinking feeling like he might actually be as shitty as people tell him, a drowning, choking sort of self-resentment. A darkness had begun to cloud his mind but not one of anger or rage. There was no charming darker half, no brilliant colors of madness weaving together a joyful dance of lunacy.


No, just.. Nothing. A gnawing void that was born from his own loses. Was this how Shane felt?


So he pushed it down and put on a smile. 


Once he defeated Rah it would all go away, he told himself. Once he started to win he would find validation in himself. Once he stood victorious over Rah at March to Glory that void would be filled with the joy of victory..







Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97


Chicago, Illinois


With March to Glory quickly approaching we here at Human Resources would like to take a moment and reach out to Sunny O’Callahan who was recently let go by Champion of the World. What a Rah Deal huh?  Though it is always difficult to say goodbye to the people we care about High Octane Wrestling was very lucky to not care about you. We would wish you well but.. Well..


In case you didn’t catch the joke we’re very apathetic to your personal situation and if you should end up on fire, rest assured, we wouldn’t waste the urine to put you out. Goodbye and good riddance.


As for Rah it was recently reported that the President of Human Resources, Sutler Reynolds-Kael, the Son of Scions, will indeed face him at March to Glory in a basic match, the winner of which is destined to do great things.. unless the winner is Rah. 


We have recently installed a Trans-Dimensional Time Dilation Matrix that should stabilize High Octane Wrestling’s timeline. Please ignore any alternative dimension copies of yourselves you might meet while wandering backstage. 


Thank You!