Posted on September 30, 2021 at 11:50 pm by Sutler Kael


“Where the fuck is this thing..”


The Son of Scions stared at the messy bookcase in front of him. Scrap books, leather bound tomes and long forgotten ledgers covered it. There seemed to be no particular rhyme or reason to their arrangement. Each document was haphazardly discarded on the shell.


“The last time my Father would have had a chance to face Jace would have been in 2014 or 2015. House had been destroyed since then so it’s likely Max just.. Threw all this stuff up on here. Fuck me.” the Son of Scions muttered while shaking his head.


He snatched up the first thing that grabbed his attention, a green journal with a skull on the cover. Flipping it open he scanned the pages hurriedly looking for anything that might state who this journal was about.


“Graystone. What a fuckin’ weirdo.” Sutler scoffed loudly before tossing the book to the ground. The Son of Scions grabbed a bundle of papers with scribbles in Max’s handwriting written on them. That also proved fruitless as it contained tips on beard hair treatments and maintenance from someone named Bob Jared.


This continued as Sutler proceeded to dig into the massive collection. Max had kept notes on everyone and everything it seemed. His Father had even managed to make copies of personal data stolen from HOW. He had people’s daily routines, work schedules, personal habits and addresses. While the information seemed chaotic it was in it’s own way comprehensive, complete.


But nothing on Jace or Tara.


Several hours passed and Sutler was no closer to finding his Father’s file on Jace. Great stacks of paper and books were built up on either side of him. The deeper Sutler’s searched the more he found in this bizarre bookcase that never seemed to empty. It was as if a new document showed up in a different spot on the bookcase when he removed one.


To make matters worse it seemed that Max didn’t keep documents only on his opponents and coworkers. He amassed information on almost everyone he ever met. He couldn’t have done this alone, Sutler thought to himself as he scanned his one hundredth book.


“Fuck it, I ain’t never gonna find this. Just gonna ctrl-F the HOTv website and see what I can find.” he finally said in a defeated tone, tossing aside the book he had been reading. “I’ll deal with this.. Fucking.. Weirdness tomorrow.”


Rubbing his eyes Sutler stood up to survey the piles of books around him. In an act of petulant rage he kicked one of the stacks over.


“Eat a dick, Dad, useful as always.” Sut declared before he kicked another stack of books. This time he used more force causing the pile to explode into a ploom of pages. As the paper fluttered through the air and slowly danced toward the ground Sutler froze.


From the far corner of his office he saw something glinting out of the shadows. A red eye staring directly at him, unblinking. The warmth left Sutler’s body as he felt his knees buckle. Despite being twenty years old the former World Champion felt like a small child who had been caught by their parents.


“..I..I did what you asked.” Sutler managed to sputter out. “..a…and I got this too.”


A shaky hand reached into his pocket as he retrieved the HOW Hall of Fame ring he had taken from Mike. Cupping it in both hands, Sutler offered it toward the glowing red eye that glared at him from the shadowy corner of his office. He wasn’t sure if he was in trouble but he figured offerings never hurt the odds.


“I didn’t ask..” a growl came from the shadows as the eye seemed to intensify. It didn’t seem to look at the ring. “I commanded.”


Sutler’s head cocked to the side at that phrasing before shaking it off.


“Of course, of course. It’s just that I defeated Xander Azula and I also got Mike’s Hall of Fame ring. And.. and if I defeat Jace Parker Davidson this week then I’ll get my Title Rematch.” He blubbered on, swallowing hard once he got to his rematch. “I need that rematch. I need that title.”


A wretched, gurgling laugh filled Sutler’s ears as the decayed, tattered visage of his Father shambled forward. Though still horrific it looked, at least to Sutler, that Max was looking a little less disgusting. Marginally, mind you, he still looked like a walking corpse. The only piece of his Father that seemed to burn with any true life was that hateful, glowing #97Red eye.




Max’s jaw dropped open as the word thundered around Sutler. As the figure drew closer Sutler could see the red and brown rusted metal teeth that jutted out of his mouth. They reminded Sutler of the spikes on cemetery walls.


“You.. heh-heh.. Need the World Title?”


“Yeah and, uh, I was kind of hoping to find your journal, the one with, er.. Or about Jace Parker Davidson.” the Son of Scions rubbing his arms absently as the room seemed to grow even colder.


The spectre of his Father glared at him for a moment before he slowly stomped past him toward the bookcase. Sutler followed the monstrous apparition as it drug its rotten body across the office and plucked a book from the case. It slowly turned and held it out toward Sutler.


“ to face Jace..”


Cautiously the Son of Scions accepted the book and peered down at it. He hadn’t noticed it before despite having studied the shelf for hours. It was one of those cheap composition notebooks kids used to get for school before computers became all the rage. The black and white splotched cover had JPD+Tara with a red heart on the outside of it.


“I think this might be a little outdated.” Sutler joked as he turned to stare back up at his Father’s ghost.


Only he was gone. The books piles were gone. The bookcase was just as Sutler had remembered it just hours before. The papers and pages he had kicked about the room had seemingly vanished along with his father. He blinked a few times before quickly looking back down at his hands to see if the book he had asked for was still there.


The book with the red heart on the cover stared back up at him confirming its continued existence. It was as if he had walked up to the bookcase and selected the very book he needed.


“…I gotta get out of this fucking house.”


Eager to be out of the room, Sutler placed the book under his arm and fled his office.



For all intents and purposes, Sutler was nude. He seated in front of his webcam with the book about Jace opened up over his crotch, obscuring it.


“You guys wouldn’t believe the weird shit this cat gets up to.” the Son of Scions said with a shake of his head. “I’m half way through this book and it’s one of the more depressing reads. I’ve already got a solid promo forming in my head but, you know, you gotta subscribe to my OnlyFans for that.”


He winked at the camera before turning his eyes back down toward the book. Being a cam boi wasn’t the worst thing in the world, he hadn’t had to do anything directly sexual yet.


“But I can tell you guys that he probably should have stayed gone. I won’t get into it here but let’s just say he’s one of those guys who is better as a memory. I was just a little kid still when he was at his peak so it seemed pretty cool at the time but getting the hot scoops?” a smirk wormed its way across Sutler as he turned the page. “What a fuckin’ loser. I almost want to start my promo Carey-Style with the Oxford Dictionary Definition for Cuck.”


The chat comes alive with affirmations that he should and encouraging words that it’s a good joke. Sutler’s eyes flicker up for a moment to read them as his brow knits together in disgust.


“No, it only sounds good in your head. In practice it’s like the whole, it was a dark and stormy night. Naw, actually funny enough my time in Five Time Academy will serve me better here. Uncle Mike is a lot of things. A shit bag, a womanizer, a liar, delusional and a murderer. But he is a damn good wrestling instructor when he’s not afraid you’ll outshine him.”


Another series of pings from the chat as Sutler paused to read them. Most were pointless thirsting, demands to lift the book or show his butthole.


“Hey, just to remind everyone I’m happy to show my dick or butt if we reach my goal of 4,000,000 Best Coins making me the top earner in High Octane Wrestling. Come on Zion, I know you’re in here. You’ve only got like.. 190,000 Best Coins but for 200,000 Best Coins I’ll give you my number. Give me another 200,000 and I’ll actually bother to send back Fuck off, Zion.” he said before flashing a thumbs up with a pearly white smile.


Now the chat came alive with people claiming to be Zion while Sutler’s computer alerted him to tips being sent to him.


“Hey, thanks everybody for the tips! But it’s gotta be Best Coins if you want to see the goods. It’s my grandpa’s cryptocurrency. I heard from Scott Stevens that if you get enough you can buy your way into the Hall of Fame. Supposedly that’s how Townsend got in.” Sutler said offhand as the chat erupted in alerts as people began to discuss what he had said. “Just a little goofin’, guys, I wouldn’t talk to Stevens, that fucking loser.”


A few more tips for Sutler as he turned the page and winked at the webcam.


“You guys are swell. I’ll be broadcasting my workout session later for my OnlyFan members aka my Sutizens of the State. Back and shoulder’s day, boys and girls, so sign up now. I heard that Jace spends most of his day cruising OnlyFans so unfortunately my actual training will not be broadcast. Sorry, I wish JPD wasn’t such a fuckin’creep too. I do need to find out where he got his tattoo removal done, he doesn’t look like a rejected extra from Suicide Squad now.” Sutler said with a shrug.


A blip on his screen caught his attention. Looking up from the book he read the question that had been fired his way in the chat asking what he had been reading.


“Oh it’s a weird stalker journal my psychopath dead Dad wrote about Jace Parker Davidson and his then wife, Tara. It was given to me by my psychopath dead Dad’s freaky ghost. It’s been a weird day.” he sighed. “I’ve really got to get out of this house.”


His eyes flickered around him before his phone alarm went off.


“That’s my time! Gotta go cut a promo now! Thanks for all the tips I made a..” pausing for a moment Sutler checked his tip account and frowned. “..sixteen bucks. You guys suck! Bunch of cheapie peepees on HighOctaneHawtieCams. FuUUUuuuuuuUUUUUUUCK OFF!”



Jace, I’ll be very honest, I don’t know much about you.


Over the last week I’ve done a lot of reading about you. I’ve watched a lot of your old matches on HOTv and all of your recent ones. I know you about as well as I can without facing you in the ring.


I guess I was expecting more.


When Mike was training me he used to talk about you, you know? About the glory days of Project Ego and how you both ran HOW along with Tara.


The stories used to enthrall me, back when I was impressed by the things that Uncle Mike would say. You guys sounded like Gods, like unstoppable forces that would rule HOW until the end of time. As a kid I even believed him.


Then I grew the fuck up.


The term “I remember him being better” comes up a lot when I asked people about you. Some people thought it might have been Tara leaving you or the neck injury. Honestly, I just think people have bad memories because, Jace, you are just as good today as you were six or seven  years ago.


You’re just not Mike Best’s side kick anymore.


I know it must be hard to get replaced like that but you’ll learn that Mike is a fickle kind of guy. One day he’s taking you to Disneyland to prove he’s a better father figure, the next he’s completely forgotten you exist while he runs off to get married. Thankfully I am more than my relationship to Mike Best but watching these old shows with Project Ego..


…did you ever feel like you were the third wheel? You seem like a perceptive guy, you had to know that your success wasn’t really.. YOUR.. success. I mean you can practically see Mike reach his hand up the cavity where you used to keep your spine and push the words out of your mouth.


BuT hE wAs ThE hOtVcHaMp!


Cool. Sorry if I can’t be helped to give a fuck that you were slapping around unranked and ranked 11+ wrestlers in warmup matches. Must be nice to get to carry around a belt that declares loudly you’re too shitty to wrestle for the World Title.


Then you lost to a guy with beshitted underwear which, in High Octane Wrestling, means you get a potential shot at the World Title I guess. Wait, there has to be more to it then that. What was it again you did to earn it?






And that’s why Jace Parker-Davidson deserves a World Title shot in a nutshell.


I’d tell you to get fucked but I’m pretty sure that’ll already be 2/3rds of the promo I have to watch later.


I’m going to break your neck again, if I can. I’m going to knee it, elbow it, punch and kick it whenever I have the chance. I’m going to suplex you on your head. I’m going to do everything I can to remind you that your best chances of getting gold again is to wait till the end of the year when the rankings reset.


Then you can go get that HOTv Title back, creep. 


Sutler Out.