Posted on August 11, 2021 at 8:33 pm by Sutler Kael


The trip back to Arkham and the Kael Family Compound was one of jubilance for the young High Octane World Champion. He had managed to take care of two issues, destroying Bobby Dean as well as, to his belief, eliminating Conor Fuse from his title match at Bottomline. The vindictive little shit had bragged about his intelligence and cunning to anyone. UBER drivers, gateway workers, flight attendants or random folks walking on the street, no one was safe.


Nobody more than MAXKAELJr had grown tired of the Son of Scions. Having been forced to remain attached at the hip there was no one rendition of Refueled’s events he had not heard. Each retelling exaggerated Sutler’s role and decreased anyone else’s efforts. Max Kael had been insufferable at times, Sutler seemed to have reached a whole new level of irritation.


For most of the ride to the Kael Family Compound MAXKAELJr’s head was filled with fantasies of maiming the SRK. He relished the thought of Sutler’s head popping like a melon between his hands. He even dwelt, for a time, of simply throttling the boy until he stopped breathing. Of course every time he did he heard that terrible, wheezing giggle in the back of his mind. A warning that he understood.


Thankfully upon arrival at the house the young Champion immediately dismissed his towering bodyguard. He skittered off to his room with the #97Red Championship clutched in his hands. MAXKAELJr’s lip twitched in disgust as he watched his ward disappear up a flight of stairs until he was out of sight.


“Dissatisfied with your job, Darling?”


His skin crawled as he heard Mina’s condescending voice from behind him. His expression dropped back into neutral as he turned to stare down at the bandaged woman. Her broken body had been encased in a strange mechanical framework. Junior was reminded of Max Kael’s support harness although this was far more extensive


“No, ma’am.” Junior grunted while offering a short bow.


Mina’s fingers twitched and grasped at stick attached to her chair causing it to lurch forward. The chair was noisy, the sound of it’s gears complained loudly as they turned the rubber wheels. The maimed woman in the chair couldn’t turn her head but MAXKAELJr could still feel her eyes on him just the same.


“I would be, Darling, I would hate to have your job. Looking after that selfish, arrogant, brash and obnoxious young man would make me positively homicidal ..heh-heh..” Starr-Kael’s muffled voice was still just as biting as MAXKAELJr had remembered.


“Duty is not always joy, honor is not always right.” the hulking Japanese bodyguard gruffly replied.


The sound of her rubber wheels squeaking off the floor filled the room as she slowly reversed direction. A soft beeping noise soon followed which caused MAXKAELJr to sigh in exasperation.


“It’s just important to remember, Darling. Is it the Boy that’s this terrible thing?.. Or is it what’s inside him?” Mina cooed and Junior sensed the broken tooth smile on her face. His eyes narrowed as he turned to look down at her with a deep frown on his face. “ never did give in completely, Junior, you’re strong.”


“So is he.”


He snapped the answer back at her. A few moments of tense silence passed between the two of them before Mina offered a soft clucking of her tongue.


“You could be stronger but you want to stay you. That’s admirable, I respect it. That’s why I allow it. So far you’ve been able to do your duties without giving into us completely, so long as you don’t fail us.. Heh-heh..” she giggled that awful giggle before sucking in a gasping breath. “As for the Boy, he is strong but he’s just a child. I wonder every day if I see a young aspiring athlete or a middle aged lunatic more and more.”


Another hidden smile from the wretched Mina Starr-Kael before she slowly rolled away. MAXKAELJr was left somehow in a worse mood than when he had arrived.


“Have a lovely evening, Darling!”









“Okay, that’s set up..”


Since riding his high of vanquishing Conor Fuse, the High Octane World Champion had been riding high. So high, in fact, that he had actually buckled down and started focusing on his social media presence though..


It was a different take.


Getting his Only Fans account set up had been more difficult than he had anticipated. First, of course, there were the issues of proving he was who he was. It’s not like he kept that kind of information around and so he had to pry it out of Mina’s broken fingers. He had even added several pictures for his subscribers, mostly just pictures of him holding the World Championship.


Now he was broadcasting live on some manner of online cam website. Apparently people would pay just to watch him sit around with the World Title and interact with them. Sutler was not prepared for the number of elderly men and women who flooded his chat.


He was seated in his computer chair with the High Octane World Championship draped across his waist. He had started the show barefoot but after the sixteenth request to show them on camera he had put socks on.


“Yeah, I’m pretty sure my Uncle has rubbed his dick on this title. Actually, if I’m being honest with myself I’m pretty sure my Father and Cecilworth Farthington have spread seed on this title within a year. What a fucked up way to be tunnel brothers, right?” the Son of Scions said with a shiver. The chat room sputtered to life as a flurry of questions were fired at the Champion. “..No, I’m not going to lick it.”


Regret was already sweeping over his mind as he lost twenty of the hundred and four viewers after that answer. He noted that he would buy a replica title if there was a market for this kind of depravity. Sutler adjusted the title around his waist before he heard his phone chirp to life with an alert.


“But I’ll consider putting licking the title on a menu for future broadcasts. This webcast is more to feel out the community, see how I can best provide.” he lied as he read the text on the phone. Then he read it again, a second time, to verify what his eyes had read.


His brow knitted together as he swept the message away and set the phone down. The chat fluttered to life with questions as to what he had seen as well as a few sexually explicit requests. Sutler didn’t react to them as his eyes stared blankly at the screen.


“He survived.”


The Champion muttered the two words under his breath. More questions bubbled up in the chat as the Son of Scions began to grind his teeth together.


“He. Survived.”


He growled the last words with a loathsome fierceness.  His hands shook as he set the phone down while his jaw set tightly. Suddenly he began to bang his hands down on the desk and keyboard, the sound causing his live feed to crackle and buffer. After a few seconds he managed to calm himself, taking in a breath.


“It’s fine!.. It’s fine. I’ll just.. Kill him at Bottomline, I guess!” Sutler said as he threw his airs into the air, exasperated. Then, as if the knell of doom, his phone chirped once again.


The Champion’s lip twitched as he reached down to stare down at his phone. This time he was alerted not only that he would be in a match before Bottomline but it would be in a tag match against Teddy Palmer… and Conor Fuse.


With John “motherfuckin’ absentee father” Sektor as his very own partner.





“But I want to come with you!”


Chloe’s voice pulled at his heart strings as she looked up at him with her sad, soft eyes.


“I know, Chloe, but it’s just too dangerous for you this week with your.. Sperm donor being my partner this week.” Sutler replied as he stared at a video of Jatt Starr and John Sektor’s tag team championship victory.


The Daughter of John Sektor stared at the screen, a dark expression filling her face.


“He picked what he cares about.”


The Champion shifted as his eyes fell on his adopted sister. The tone of her voice was much harsher and more mature than he’d ever heard from her before.


“Yeah.. Father’s can be like that.” the Son of Scions offered with little comfort as his mind turned to his own two failed fathers. “And he’ll not care an ounce if you get hurt at ring side but I actually do. So I’m telling you, you have to stay here with Aunt Mina Starr-Kael and the rest of the Family. I’ll be fine and when I get back I promise we’ll have an adventure, you and me before Bottomline.”


He offered her a reassuring nod, the kind that older siblings can give to younger ones. The bargain was stuck and Chloe’s darkened expression brightened up once again. She hugged her brother before skipping away, the problems of such a free youth so simple.


Sutler smiled as he watched her skip away before his face fell into seriousness. He turned back toward the screen where he continued to study the tag team stylings of Sektor. At this point he had a near categorical understanding of Conor Fuse and Teddy Palmer. He had poured himself into studying their strengths, styles and weaknesses. But John Sektor?


He had barely given the old man a thought. And now that was biting him in the ass.


“John fucking Sektor..” Sutler muttered bitterly to himself as his fingers idly tapped the surface of the #97red World Championship around his waist. “’ve gotten quicker since you started but you’re still relying on your old tricks to score new wins.”


The video ended as soon as Jatt and John defeat the Hollywood Bruvs. Sutler knew there wasn’t much worth watching beyond this and instead it was time to move onto John’s LSD run.


“He’s defeated Teddy already so that’s a good sign, at least he might be able to neutralize his opponent for Bottomline. That will leave that detestable Conor Fuse to me. I’ll try to ensure that come Bottomline that bottom feeding Fuse doesn’t even LOOK in the direction of my belt.” the Son of Scions hissed as the LSD title match between Sektor and Teddy started up.


And so the World Champion would spend the rest of the evening pouring over John Sektor’s later career. If he was to be forced to team with one of his Father’s former best friends and a Hall of Famer he wanted to know everything he could about his in ring work.


He wanted to know how the man might work as a team.


How he might react to failure.


And more importantly, what weaknesses he might have.



Here we go again, another team based match with Teddy Palmer and Conor Fuse.


Unless anyone forgets War Games, I managed to defeat the both of you on my own. This time I’ve got back up.


The easy route is the one I’ll go with first so let’s talk about Teddy Palmer for a second. This guy is a great guy to have around because he really  makes mediocre glow and shine like precious gold. He keeps things exciting because you believe he can actually, maybe win against all odds!


Then he runs into a guy like Sutler Reynolds-Kael, the youngest HOW Champion in history. Me.


Don’t get me wrong, Teddy gave me a run for my money, he did just as well as Darin Zion which, you know, means something if you ask certain people. Not me, of course, I’m insulting Teddy right now. It’s a backhanded compliment. In the end, though, no matter how good Teddy is, he’s just not quite good enough. I have no reason to believe that he’ll put in any less effort in his attempt to get a win over his opponent for Bottomline.


Hell he might even be looking to get one of those two losses he has against me back, I wouldn’t blame him.


I just don’t think he has it in him. I don’t believe he has the strength to rise above a real exciting feud between him and Clay Byrd. Another guy I’ve beaten, be tee dubbs. Between John Sektor and myself, we both have Teddy’s number. And this isn’t some fairy tale story where the power of goodness and righteousness is on his side..


This is High Octane Wrestling. This is a brutal, terrible, unabashed truth, that in the World at large, the most cunning, cruel and callous are the most successful. Teddy has a pathetically little amount of any of those and you can tell since War Games.


Then there is Conor Fuse and honestly I have no idea what to expect of him anymore. Kudos to him for surviving that attack on Refueled. I really, REALLY was giving you a chance to avoid the end of your career but sure, he’s gotta show off how tough he is.


Gotta show the world his GUTS.


So I guess now I’ll just show the world your guts when I rip them out at Bottomline.


Better yet, I think I might just start at Refueled and this time maybe that stupid son of a bitch will take the fucking hint and stay home! Maybe this time he’ll just collect a disability check and maybe catch up on some modern gaming. I swear to fuck Conor Fuse feels like a what a fifty year old thinks young kids are like!


He can straight fuck off with all of that bullshit.


Did anyone actually make it through that last dogshit promo from him? Someone should check that old Conor Fuse isn’t stealing his fanbases drugs, I swear to fuck. I was going to try and pick it apart but the fucking thing fell apart on it’s own.


I thought it was really funny when he made fun of Chloe, attacking a little girl is real creative. That’s sarcasm, I wouldn’t want him to think I’m complimenting that dumpster fire. What a lazy fuck.




He is the Number One Contender for the World Title?


I can’t wait for Bottomline.


I can’t wait for Refueled.


And I can’t wait to have John Sektor in my corner, which, you know, I guess is a positive. Teddy does have a tag team victory over John while I’m undefeated against both opponents.. I guess that’s better than a losing record.


Who knows what will happen on Refueled though? All I know is I plan on getting my third win over Teddy Palmer and my second victory over Conor Fuse.


Even if I have to sacrifice the Golden Standard to get there.


Sorry John.









……. Conor Fuse is a dummy. And his little Ted too.