Posted on July 27, 2021 at 11:48 pm by Sutler Kael

The warm sun kissed Sutler’s skin as the wind blew through his hair. The six year old ran chasing him through the small play yard of the adoption facility. Tag was their favorite game.


“You’re not fast enough!” Sutler screamed as he closed in on David, a boy his same age that had become his best friend while he was here.


“Nuh-uh!” David yelled over his shoulder as he tried to juke to the side to avoid the outstretched hand of his friend.


The twist didn’t catch Sutler off guard, tag was HIS game and he closed in. David giggled loudly as both boys felt the adrenaline pumping through their bodies. Another step closer and Sutler’s fingertips were just barely about to reach his friend.


“NooooOOoooo!” his prey cried out as he arched his back attempting to pull his body away from his friend.


Lurching forward, Sutler’s hand slapped the shoulder of David and both boys fell to the ground in a fit of laughter.


“You’re it now!” the future Son of Scions chirped as he scrambled back up to his feet.


“No fair! You’re a faster runner..” David complained as he slowly climbed up to his feet.


With a cheeky, lopsided smile Sutler folded his arms over his chest and shrugged.


“Get faster.” Sutler replied as David rolled his eyes.




He turned to look over his shoulder to spot the adoption agency head. Standing next to her was a talk man dressed in a black suit with greasy, curly hair atop his head. As he stared he felt his friend’s hand slap his chest.


“You’re it!”


David immediately darted away as Sutler spun back around with a surprised look on his face.


“NO FAIR! I was distracted!”


The only answer for his complaint was the sound of David laughing as he ran away at full speed.


“SUTLER! Come over here!”


Once again the adoption agency lady called out to Sutler, breaking his attention away from the fleeing David. With a sigh he began to trot toward the two, in his mind he was already preparing to pay David back for his trickery. Shuffling over to the woman and the tall, dark man he felt a sudden sense of dread. Something wasn’t right but as a child he had no way of knowing.


“Sutler.. I have good news! Meet your new day..” the adoption lady beamed happily as she turned toward the dark figure to her side. The man grinned down at him like a cat that had caught a mouse.


“Uh.. hi..” Sutler managed to say, his hands fidgeted together nervously as he stared up at the sinister looking man.


“So you’re Shane’s spawn, huh?” the man mused as he licked his lips.


Sutler turned to look at the adoption agency lady and then back over his shoulder to see David waiting for him.. A firm hand gripped his shoulder yanking him forward as he was swept away by the dark suited man.


“Wait! I have to finish my game of tag!” Sutler cried as he struggled against the man’s grip uselessly.


“Tag? TAG?! That’s a stupid game, I’ll show you much, much more fun ones..” the man growled as he dragged Sutler behind him.


“..or my name isn’t Maximillian Kael… heh-heh..”



Sutler collapsed as he passed the threshold of the stage, just beyond the view of the angry audience. He could still hear the sound of them booing as Bryan McVay wished everyone a good night. The Son of Scions had walked out of the ring as Champion but Teddy Palmer had pushed him beyond his limits.


“..I can’t.. I can’t go any further..” Sutler mulled as though he were on the verge of tears. Chloe chewed on her thumb as she stared down at her brother with a curious expression.


“You won!” Chloe chimed in cheerfully hoping the good news would encourage her adopted sibling.


Sutler didn’t feel like a winner right now but he appreciated the effort.


“Yeah. I won. I’m still CHA-mmpion.. Ouch.” He attempted to say with enthusiasm only for his body to become wracked with pain.


A shadow passed over Sutler as he stared up into the face of MAXKAELJr. With his arms folded over his chest he peered down at the World Champion with an approving nod.


“Good. You retained.” MAXKAELJr grunted, reaching down to lift the World Champion back up to his feet. With a groan Sutler managed to get back up to his feet before leaning on the much larger Junior.


“I mean.. Was there ever any doubt?” the Son of Scions sputtered with a snarky tone.


“I was worried when you grabbed me and that guy was running forward!” Chloe chimed up as he shuffled behind Sutler, her wide eyes staring at the HOW production crew that run around the backstage area.


“Or when I had to interject and was then thrown out.” MAXKAELJr added.


“Yes-yes! And I’m very appreciative for your help, both of you, but I’m Sutler Reynolds-Kael. I’m the World Champion, I don’t lose to people like Teddy Palmer..” the Son of Scions stumbled a little causing him to get held up by MAXKAELJr.


“Of course, Master Sutler.” Junior muttered as another comfortable lie escaped his lips. He was doing that more and more he felt and a small degree of shame began to form in his mind but for now, he kept up the facade.


The trio were suddenly blocked by the arrival of Chad Bowski, one of the backstage producers. He was out of breath and nearly doubled over as the stood in front of the World Champion.


“Wait.. a second..” Chad weezed between breaths. “Lee.. he booked you again next week. Another World Title defense.”


A loud, obnoxious groan came from Sutler as he went limp in Junior’s arms. The big man had to suddenly grab the World Champion to keep him from falling.


“..against Darin Zion..”



Darin, fucking, Zion. I was debating offering you the same offer, join the Family, become a winner, don’t waste my time in a match I’m obviously going to win but then I thought.. Why the fuck would the Family want Darin Zion on it?


You’re basically Prostate Cancer, Zion. As long as we don’t get fucked too hard in the ass and our prostate doesn’t burst, HOW can live with you. We all still have cancer but like Sir Ian McKellen we can live for years and years just fine. That doesn’t make your presence any more desirable or enjoyable though. Honestly if you just disappeared tomorrow there wouldn’t even be a celebration. We’d all just go “Oh neat” and move on with our lives.


That’s the story of Darin Zion/Matthews/Whatever short term gimmick you’ve decided to run to in order to try and grab up a victory.


That being said you did beat Jace Parker Davidsion. That so called King of Everything! He lost Tara and decided to make the rest of us endure whatever sad, fantasy fulfilment he’s currently involved with.


It wasn’t terribly good poetry, it was like the kind of poetry you find on a bathroom stall that makes you giggle while you poop. Entertainment at it’s most rudimentary but entertainment nonetheless.


I won’t do you like that Zion. I’ll step up to the plate, dust off my bat and beat you half the fuck to death to retain the High Octane World Championship. I’ve stepped over the bodies of Clay Byrd and Teddy Palmer already. I laid WASTE to your War Games team and have beaten people whose jockstrap you couldn’t even hold, let alone be allowed to sniff.


But that doesn’t mean I’m going to take you any less lightly because of it. See, I know what you are. You’re a scavenger, you’re a goblin hiding in the caves of High Octane Wrestling eager to jump on the bones of a weakened opponent to claim a victory. There’s no shame in that, buddy, it’s all part of the game right? We have to have bottom feeders to keep the fish clean after all.


Just don’t be mistaken into thinking that I’m one of those weakened opponents, mmkay? Don’t think that just because I’ve been facing guys like Teddy Palmer that I won’t be ready for you because I will be. Hell, I even dusted off a few of my Dad’s old books he kept to find the one he wrote on you.


See Max never took you lightly, he never expected to simply win. Oh, sure, he definitely said it and knowing his mindset, fuck, he might have even meant at the time. Once it calmed down, though, he understood what made you dangerous. Complacency is your ally, Darin, that assumption that people can handily defeat you. Stupid people lose to you, Zion, people whose heads are so far up their ass they can count their wisdom teeth.


The Family are never complacent, unlike the Best Alliance and their ilk. It’s why I have no interest in joining them, it’s why Lee had to create the TV Title, so he could hand it off to his losers and give them some self worth.


It’s why I’m not lowering myself to join them and why I’m not lowering myself to lose to you.


Oh, about that book, the Book of Zion we’ll call it. There is a certain kind of beauty to it, you know? I’m so used to having my life ruined by my Father it was actually refreshing to see how he ruined yours, step by step. The motherfucker broke the rules of time to hand you a defeat, that’s how much he cared!


And now his hard work and diligence is going to pay off for me. See this book has every motivation you ever had in it, every triumph and a whole lot of failures. Max was a bit obsessed with High Octane Wrestling, I’ve got a whole library filled with books like this. That said, yours in particular was both enlightening but mostly depressing..


You’re a sad, small very pathetic kind of person and not in the way my Dad was. No, you’re sad because you have so much hope in you,  so much belief born of ignorance and a lack of understanding. It’s tragic. You might have gotten you a title in the past but 2015 was a long, long time ago, that you even have hope is just.. gross.


I’m the High Octane Wrestling World Champion, I’m the Present and the Future. For a brief moment you could say you were the Past and in all honesty, that is probably where you should have stayed.


But you just had to say hi to Lee didn’t you?


Now you’ll just be another body left in the ring by your #97red Champ.


See ya soon, loser.


I hope you get run over by a car while chasing after a bar of chocolate.





“We need to take driving lessons.”


The World Champion declared as he sat squished against the car door in the backseat of the Uber he had ordered for MAXKAELJr, Chloe and himself.


“You shouldn’t have used the Uber Ride Share option, .” MAXKAEL grumbled, his own frame crammed against the other door while Chloe is seated between them.


Both Sutler and MAXKAELJr glared at the passenger seat where a large man sat. He was sporting a Conor Fuse shirt and a HOW hat with a pair of earphones on lost in his own world.


“It was a cheaper option and we lucked out heading to the arena how was I supposed to know it wouldn’t pan out leaving!” the Son of Scions offered as a pitiful excuse.  MAXKAELJr grumbled a little though he didn’t fight Sutler on the issue. 


For her part Chloe seemed just fine. She cheerfully at between her two favorite people as she stared out the front window with a wide smile on her face.


There was a sudden buzz in Sutler’s pocket that alerted him that his phone was ringing. Shifting the World Title around while twisting his body, Sutler managed to fish his hand down into his pocket.


“Probably fucking Lee again adding another opponent to the match.” Sutler complained as he pulled the phone out. He didn’t recognize the number, giving him some hesitancy before he answered.




A voice came over the other end that he didn’t recognize.


“Yeah, yeah you’ve reached Sutler.. I swear to fuck if you’re about to sell me something I will hunt you down and eat your fucking soul.”


Another pause as the Son of Scion’s brow knitted together. He pulled the phone away and stared at it for a moment before slowly pushing it back against his ear.