Posted on July 18, 2021 at 10:39 pm by Sutler Kael

“…he.h..uh.. heh..


The sound of bone and flesh dragging across pavement mingled with the gurgled gasps of Mina Starr-Kael. The broken woman dragged herself inch by inch toward the black sedan with an amused determination. The right side of her face was swollen and purple, the socket oozing dark crimson. Several of her teeth were broken as blood and drool dribble down her chin. Her legs dragged limply behind her while her left arm was contorted in an unpleasant manner.


After a few agonizing moments Mina managed to reach the sedan, her right hand reached up and opened the door with a loud thud. A sharp yelp blasted from between clenched teeth as her body slumped up against the driver’s seat. Her chest heaved as she coughed, her lungs having begun to fill with blood. Reaching into her pocket she retrieved her phone, the screen cracked but still operable. She found the number she was looking for and dialed before wedging the phone on her shoulder.


As she waited for an answer her good hand dug back into her pockets to retrieve her cigarette case. It was surprisingly difficult to fish a cigarette out with one hand but she managed it. A voice answered on the phone as Mina’s broken and bloodied smile stretched wide.


“Yes, hello… heh.. It’s me.” She managed to croak out before she began to cough once again. As the voice on the other end began to speak she fished the cigarette out and placed it between her lips. Digging a lighter out she ignited the cigarette and took a deep drag. With a satisfied sigh she allowed the smoke to slip away as coughing fit overtook her.


“Parking lot.. Mm.. McAlister Field.. Home.. or.. house ..” Mina’s voice was barely above a whisper. The life started to fade from her eyes as she struggled to stay upright. 


With a shaky hand she lifted the cigarette to her lips her grin fading. Mina took a weak puff before her eye rolled up and her body slumped over.


Her phone and cigarette case clattered to the ground as the world darkened for Mina.



“Yeah, I saw the post show segment, I know what the fuck happened, we don’t need to investigate this.”


Sutler stared incredulously at MAXKAELJr. across from his black marble desk, the High Octane World Championship slung over his shoulder. Like every Kael who had helmed the Kael Estate, Sutler had been set up with an opulent office. The room was of severe, modern design unlike anything else in the house. Hanging from the walls were HOW posters featuring Sutler. In some cases they were actually posters of Max with Sutler pasted over them. 


“We should get some measure of revenge, Master Sutler.” Junior rumbled.


“Did you see what she did to me in that match? If you ask me, she kinda had it coming. Ever heard the turn fuck around and find out? She disrespected Lee and then she made googly eyes at Clay that entire 43 minute marathon match. She never even helped me out!” Sutler’s face flashed red as he slammed his hand down on the marble desk. He immediately recoiled with a look of pained regret holding his hand. “..ow.. That really hurt.”


Junior’s lips tighten into a very Japanese frown as he nods his head solemnly.


“Very well, Master Sutler. There is another matter,  we have a new family member joining us to-”


Before Junior can finish the Champion quickly hopped up and made dismissive gestures.


“Tut-tut-tut-tut, I don’t care about any other Family members right now but you.. And specifically me.” Sutler sauntered around his desk, his hands patting the #97red strap. “And the only person I care about outside of the Family right now is Teddy, motherfucking, Palmer. Somebody said Lee was pissed at me but I kinda feel like he keeps giving me gifts. Really wants me in the Best Alliance.”


With a wink Sutler swept around Junior and began to skip toward the doors to his office.


“He is giving me a chance to do something else my shit-ass Dad did, another thing to prove I’m better at, Junior. If I beat Teddy Palmer.. Sorry, WHEN I beat Teddy Palmer I’ll finally be ranked NUMBER ONE!” The arrogant shit of a World Champion spun around with a wide smile while he lifted his index finger into the air. He charged back toward MAXKAELJr pushing his finger directly into his bodyguard’s face.


“..yes, Master Sutler, but this Family member is q-”




The Son of Scions screamed the words into MAXKAELJr’s face. The Japanese giant closed his eyes, absorbing the young Champion’s obnoxious behavior.


“But, Mas-”


“Number one.”




“Number. One. Okay, let’s go downstairs, I need to hit up a massage, Clay kinda beat the fuck out of me. I got this knot in my neck, it’s really inconvenient.” Sutler said as he spun away from his bodyguard once again and swaggered toward the exit. Junior sighed and followed his ward. The young man would find out one way or another about the Family Member’s arrival.


Sutler pushed past the doors of his office and into the hall where he was once again greeted by the claustrophobic architecture of the Kael Estate. His hands tightened protectively around the HOW World Championship as if were a security blanket as he stepped into the hall. The oppressive nature of the Kael Estates architecture continued to make Sutler uncomfortable.


“I heard Teddy Palmer beat my Dad back in the day. Funny that, I pinned him in War Games right before I pinned Conor Fuse. I love facing guys I’ve already beaten, it’s like going back to old zones in video games when you’re higher level. Beating Teddy Palmer one on one, just ANOTHER victory for Sutler over Max, Haha-heh.”


The Son of Scions stopped dead in his tracks as the giggle once again snuck out on him. His eyes widened and looked either direction before he spun around to glare at the stoic MAXKAELJr.


“..I didn’t giggle right?”


Junior’s brows arch up as he tries to decide what his ward wants to hear, the truth or a comfortable lie.


“No, it was a laugh, not a giggle. Very.. distinct to you, Master Sutler.” Junior lied comfortably.


And it worked as Sutler’s glare turned into an appreciative smile.


“Oh good! I was a little worried there for a second, you know how you never hear yourself as you really sound, ptth. I guess I’m just excited about this Teddy Palmer match. Hey, you know what sucks? I can’t really use my match against Clay Byrd as a brag against Teddy Palmer cause he beat his ass twice already. Oh well, so much for Monsters huh?” The Son of Scions laughed and patted Junior on the chest before he spun back around.


The two made their way through the Kael Estate with Sutler actually getting lost a few times. Finally they found themselves in the main foyer far from their goal. The World Champion furrowed his brow and frowned, finding himself nowhere near where he wanted to be.


“How the hell did we end up here, I wanted to go to the gym!” The Boy Who Would Be Champion complained loudly.


“Apologies, Master Sutler, but you should be here.” MAXKAELJr. growled as he lifted a tree trunk arm toward the main doors.


“God damn it, Junior, I told you I don’t give a fuc-”


The doors opened and for once it was Sutler who was cut off as his eyes fell upon the arriving Family member. Surprise fills his face as his lips part into a sheepish smile.


“Oh.. uh.. Hi there!”



Teddy Palmer, how ya doin’ buddy? I don’t know what losing a title feels like, and I certainly have no interest in finding out but you? How does it feel? Does it sting? I bet it stings and I bet you’re keen on looking to show me what it feels like. I get it, you want to upgrade, you probably want the chance to leave the LSD Championship behind and go for the REAL gold.


Well I welcome you to try, Teddy Palmer, because I need to defeat you. See while you’re trying to win the World Title off me, I’m destined to become the Number One in High Octane Wrestling. The path to that is straight through you so I guess we both have a lot to fight for, huh chumley?


Right now, even without a title, you’re considered a top predator in High Octane Wrestling. You managed to survive Clay Byrd twice, I guess that’s impressive. I’ve only had to once but I’m sure if I got to face him again I could pad my stats too. I also know that I’ve beaten you. I understand that you started out War Games but come on, it was two on one when I donkey punched your ass and took you out.


I beat you and then I beat Conor Fuse. I don’t care if you just faced Mike in an HOFC match, I beat both you and Conor Fuse without any help. Why?


Because I’m smart and I know how to win, against all odds. If my shitbag father ever did anything for me it was how to survive and thrive. You know Clay Byrd’s problem? He buys his own hype, he believes he’s a Monster but believing isn’t enough in HOW. Do you buy your own hype, Teddy? Do you think you’re as good as everyone says you are?


I know I’m the best because I come from the Best. I come from the most successful, dominant and dangerous families in High Octane Wrestling. Three of them to be exact. I wasn’t  born to be a wrestler but wrestling became my life. What are you, Teddy? Where do you come from Teddy? Don’t actually answer that cause nobody gives a shit. Canada right? America’s hat? Cool.


You know what you are to me? Another fucking shmuck Lee gave a World Title Shot despite coming off a loss.


A lot of people think that this is some kind of punishment but realistically? You’re not in my league, Teddy. Don’t take it hard, buddy, few people are. Gosh you are going to try aren’t you? What is it with you idiots all thinking you have a chance and giving it your all just to fail.


I guess that’s part of being a loser, huh? Knowing how to absorb a loss and move on with your life? I can’t stand to lose, I’m actually a pretty terrible loser, I don’t learn anything, I just go a little crazy.


Dan Ryan beat me at the start of the year. Where is he now?


Bobby Dean beat me at the start of the year. Where is his title shot?


Actually I’d rather not face Robert, he’s much better than people give him credit for.


But you? Personally I think people give you too much credit. People think you’re better than you actually are. Just like Clay Byrd, I’m going to leave you embarrassed in the middle of the ring. Probably choked out and unconscious after I introduce you to the Sutler Method.  Maybe, for old times, I’ll just Donkey Punch you in the back of the head and spin you around with a Son of the Sin.


Of course there is a third option here.


No it’s not you winning, dumb-dumb.


You stick to your wheelhouse, okay? I’m going to give you a similar option that I gave Clay. The only difference is I actually respect you enough to not offer you a henchman position. No, Teddy, I’m offering you a chance to spare yourself  trouble, pain and potential injury. I’m giving you a chance to prepare for the LSD Match, the division you belong in.


Tell me I’m the better man and that at Refueled you will lay down. Promise me that and you can go face Clay Byrd and John Sektor to get your LSD Championship back. A glorious chance to get back into your fucking lane.


That’s the smart play but I have a feeling you’re not very smart, Teddy. I have a feeling like you’re going to throw yourself into this match because you’re a selfish fool who did NOTHING to earn this shot. Oh but you’ll still take it just the same. Like Clay, too prideful and dumb to see logic. Am I going to have to wait three days before I see a promo from you? A real World Champion could answer in 24 hours.


So keeping that in mind you’ve got 24 hours to prove me wrong, I’d love to take the evening off. That’s 12:01 am, CST, July 20th, 2021. Not in the news, not on twitter, not on some third party bullshit. Submit your promo before that time, coward, answering me. Failing to do that will further prove why you’re a piece of shit. Or better yet prove you’re not worthy of a World Title.


I’m not holding my breath though.


Wednesday is a long way away.