Spoiled isn’t always a bad thing.

Spoiled isn’t always a bad thing.

Posted on June 22, 2023 at 7:33 pm by Bobbinette Carey

The truth is absolute, right? Wrong, the truth is subjective. 

I am not a liar. In my eyes, I am a misunderstood victim of her own environment. 

Unfortunately, some people can only see their side of the story.

And what is a lie? Are lies really as bad as people make them seem? Lies are harmless; they don’t hurt people. Not if they are done right… and you don’t get caught… especially, if you don’t get caught! 

But the truth of it is, no matter what, they’re going to see their side and not mine. I have happily accepted the fact that, no matter what, I’m going to be the villain in so many people’s stories. At the end of the day, I will always be me and they will always have something to complain about!


Plaza Grande Hotel

Quito, Ecuador

June 19th 

We see it was early Monday morning inside the lavished room a familiar hand emerged from the blankets the hand blindly trying to find a cell phone. Finally finding the cord Nettie sat up and yanked the phone from the charger. Nettie took off her purple hair wrap as she scrolled through her phone as her body and mind started to wake up. She opened HOW website and clicked on the Chaos 034 card. Her eyes widened and her eyebrow twitched.

Nettie: I said I wasn’t that desperate! This has to be a glitch because my partner is teamed with Zion! Zion! Fucking Zion! Are you fucking serious?

She screeched loudly! (Even though she was the only person in her room.) She threw back the blankets as she slowly pulled herself to her feet slipping her toes into black fluffy slippers. She grabs a brown bag as she walks towards the bathroom.

Nettie: It’s horse shit! That’s my partner, Zion is hemorrhoid on the ass of HOW, but Conor keeps being nice to him. Sometimes you have to cut dead weight to prevent it from weighing you down. Zion is dead weight, Zion is useless.

She continued her tirade as she entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet on the sink. She sat her phone down and then started to cup some water in the palms of her hands. Nettie splashed herself in the face a couple of times before grabbing a towel.

Nettie: Why has Conor not listened to me? The crazy thing is, I didn’t lie to him, yet he doesn’t trust me. I’m not the villain here!! He’s going after Mike which is commendable… but such a dumb idea. The little shit isn’t the brightest bulb, but Jesus Christ, kid. Choose life, choose Nettie!

She dries her face but the sound of a ping from her phone catches her attention. She tosses the towel aside and grabs the phone. She thumbs to her messages and then she squints her eyes at the unfamiliar number. 

Nettie: Who the hell?!

She asks out loud but curiosity has taken hold of her. She opens the message and it reads. “I guess you are that desperate now, huh?” And under the text of the message is a picture of her and her partner for next Sunday’s show.

Nettie: How the fuck did he get my number?! Can we change partners? I get Conor and he gets Zion? Losers belong together. He is a loser, he is at rock bottom! He needs me! 

Her eye twitches as she started to spiral a bit. None of this is what she wanted especially with the looming threat of Shane Reynolds breathing down the back of her neck. Nettie reaches up and she holds her head in pain.

Nettie: No! Stop that!

Nettie warns as she grabs hold of the sink and stares into the mirror above it. In the mirror’s reflection is her other self, Bobbinette glares back at Nettie with anger and anxiety in her eyes.

Bobbinette: There is no way you’re going to do this, not with him. He tried to kill us. He made our life a living hell! We can’t trust him. He’s a monster.

Nettie: First off, Sweetie, most people want to kill you. You’re not the goodie-goodie that you pretend to be. That’s why I’ve taken over. I’ve gotten us this far and I’m going to continue to clean up your messes. I’ve got this handled.

Nettie says with a hint of dominance in her voice. Her reflection (Bobbinette) eyes widened with fear as her hands grip her hair nervously, almost as if she was at the end of her rope.

Bobbinette: I almost drowned…

Bobbinette looks almost catatonic. Nettie waves her away.

Nettie: You’re not capable enough to handle this. Go back to the corner and quit trying to come out! I have to figure this shit out.

Bobbinette: Juneteenth!

The reflection shouts back at her in true Bobbinette fashion. Nettie rolls her eyes as her nostrils flair.

Nettie: You’re only black on the holidays. You’re worse than someone who is gay for pay. You do it to pander and people can’t call you on it because of our natural tan. Please quit using our blackness when you don’t identify as black 97% of the time.

Bobbinette looks offended while she looks at Nettie who seems less than amused. Nettie takes a deep breath continuing to read her.

Nettie: You didn’t marry white guys so you could say “fuck white man.” You don’t know how to play Spades and you put cream cheese in your Macaroni and cheese! You don’t go to “cookouts” and no one wants your potato salad. B, you’re only black on the surface. You’re a coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside.

Nettie smirks before turning around toward the large tub against the wall. She reaches over and turns on the hot water. She lets the tub start to fill before grabbing her phone again. Nettie goes through her contacts before tapping on one contact in particular. She raises the phone to her ear while it begins to ring.

Nettie: Hello, my Silver Fox. So…I have a little bit of a problem. I’m in Ecuador at the moment but I need to be in Peru by the weekend. Do you think it would be too much trouble to meet me there in a day or so?

She paused and grinned while listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.

Nettie: Of course, I’ve missed you. I don’t sleep nearly as well in these beds without you in them with me.

She paused again and rolled her eyes. She took a breath and then put on the charm.

Nettie: You’re so bad but I like it. I’ll let you do that and so much more as long as you get here in the next 24-48 hours. I need you… please for me?

Her voice seems pouty though her words seemed to have worked. Once she got confirmation that she was going to get her way she ended the conversation as quickly as possible.

Nettie: You spoil me but I need to hop in the tub and get breakfast. I’m super busy and need to get everything together. See you in a day or so, kisses, byeeeeee.

Nettie ended the call and placed her phone down.   

Nettie: Yeah, I got this.

Nettie disrobed and then stepped into the tub with a relaxing sigh as the scene faded.


Bobbinette’s Thoughts

I’m stuck in here and she’s having fun. She doesn’t realize how outnumbered we are.

Nettie is pissing off people left and right. At least I know how to smooth things over and get people on my side. I have the gift of gab, I’ve always been able to talk myself out of trouble… for the most part.

Conor and I were friends. I took beatings from Farthington in his name! He’s a simple kid, but he’s loyal. Video games and wrestling are his life. He honestly needs more loyal people around. Nettie’s ruining that though… her chaotic truthfulness isn’t helping. He sees through her bullshit like an innocent child or a puppy knows when someone is bad… if I ever get out of here I’m taking him for ice cream for having to deal with her.

Zion… pass. Beat him. The only “real” thing about him is he’s really annoying. 

Dan Ryan… my War Games “teammate” I almost had his number when he went against us for the title. He isn’t the issue. He’s teamed with the World champ. I know his weakness and I know how to exploit that and work the hip.

STRONK… the adorable muscle man. He’s got full-on golden retriever energy in a human form. Granted, he believed Conor and I did him wrong. He humiliated me… he was misguided in it, but the assault I took? Old Yeller was put down, why should he be any different? Cause he’s got muscles? Cause the Best’s love him almost as much as their flesh and blood, Mike? If I could get to him, talk to him then maybe… but there’s always someone in the way… 

Rhys Townsend…I wish I could remember him like I remember the name, but I don’t remember him. Yes, I know, he’s held the world title five times but nope, nothing rings a bell about him as a person. I mean in retrospect I’m pretty selfish…. If it didn’t have anything to do with me, I didn’t pay attention. Yes, I know the name and yes he’s back. Honestly though? He’s just one of many ugly faces in this match.

Trent with Evan Ward’s body… It’s like some creepy weekend at Bernie’s nightmare. Like … that can’t be legal. Sure he’s alive-ish.. if you call that living. Why don’t we just pull the plug? Even then, he’d still be more interesting than Zion.

All this is going on and all I can do is observe this madness. All while she runs around acting like she’s helping. Her wrestling style is different. Next, she’s going to change clothes. She’s been doing stuff in this body that is unspeakable. Yet, she doesn’t understand what will happen now that Shane Reynolds is somewhere lurking in the darkness.

Maybe, we can use Jace as a body to be in between Reynolds and us. In a perfect world, they would eliminate each other and we wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. Nettie is unpredictable and reckless. I don’t know what she’s going to do as far as co-existing with him. I don’t trust Jace as far as I could throw him, but after all that he did? I’m not just going to let her team with everything we have stood against the past year.


Reeves Gym

Lima, Peru

We shift to a white beat-up building. There’s a metal blue barn sliding door that slides open as Nettie comes out of the building. Nettie’s in black workout clothing, consisting of a sports bra and biker shorts. Her hair is matted to the side of her face as she takes off a pair of workout gloves. She slipped them into her duffle bag over her shoulder before pulling out a towel. Nettie wipes the sweat off of her face, her makeup still holding up.

Nettie: Of course, we just had to be in South America during a heatwave. 

She looks up at the writing on the side of the building “Gimnasio Reeves.” Nettie seems annoyed as her phone rings. She begins walking down the road before raising the phone to her ear.

Nettie: hello?

Her face softens.

Nettie: Ah, my sexy Silver Fox. Wait, you’re already here? Great! I’m just leaving the gym and I-

She seems taken aback by the voice on the other end.

Nettie: What do you mean by “we need to talk?”

She crosses her arms tightly as her nostrils flare with annoyance.

Nettie: Look, I’m hot and sweaty and there is no way I was going to shower in that hellhole. If you have something to say then just say it.

The voice sounds stern cutting her off. She stands there in silence as her eyebrows wrinkle and her nose is scrunched with hesitation. After a second of silence, she taps her foot on the ground as the other voice sounds softer.

Nettie: Uh Huh… sure.

She sounds short now and clearly not pleased.

Nettie: No, I’m fine. I’ll be fine…

She sighs loudly, not being able to hide her frustration, but power walks in the direction of her hotel.

Nettie: I’m almost to my hotel, can we talk about this over dinner? 

She sports a fake smile once she hears the answer on the other end of the call.

Nettie: Fantastic, see you then. Love you, smooches!

And once again before the person can respond, she ends the call and stuffs her phone back into her duffle bag.


El Celler de Cler Restaurant

Trujillo, Peru

We see Nettie wearing a black dress, the formal dress has black beading with a plunging neckline. Spaghetti strapped, showing a wide range of cleavage, and a high slit on the floor-length gown that showed off her legs in heels again. Her hair was done in a half up half down style and her makeup matched her darker aesthetic, black and red eyeshadow with bright red lipstick. She had a small purse in her hand as she looked around and forced a smile on her face as she walked over to a booth seeing her Silver Fox sitting in the dark corner. His face is blocked by the restaurant’s decor. She bent down kissing him before sitting across from him. 

Nettie: You look good.

Silver Fox“: And you look ravishing as usual, my dove.

Nettie smiles nodding her head as she looks at her reflection seeing herself.

Nettie: I really do tonight, don’t I? 

Her face changed to a bit of a pout.

Nettie: So… plans have changed.

Silver Fox”: They have changed, for the better.

His voice showed a hint of glee that made Nettie narrow her eyes.

Nettie: Upper management has decided to punish me and not even in a good pull my hair smack My ass kind of way. You’re enjoying this far too much…

Silver Fox”: You know that I love you and support you, always. Although, the truth of the matter is that this an opportunity that couldn’t have been scripted better.

She nods her head sitting forward her arms crossed under her lifting her cleavage as she sighs.

Nettie: I don’t like when my plans are changed… but this does have its advantages. Like, you being able to be with me now while I travel. 

She bites the side of her lip as she looks him over.

Nettie: I just wanted a match with better odds. I have Shane to worry about and not exactly the most stable of partners. Almost anyone else in that match would have been better. But if now is the time then it’s the time.

Silver Fox”: I think you’re looking at this the wrong way.

He placed his hands down on the table and leaned in closer.

Silver Fox”: You have seven people all trying to accomplish something. Whether it be a win or some kind of bragging rights. I know you… were… fond of the little gamer boy. He’s cute but not the kind of person you can rely on. Especially, given the fact he has a soft spot for brain-dead strays.

Nettie: It’s complicated…. The kid kept me safe. Conor actually likes Zion. You’re right he picks up strays so they will be obnoxiously working well together. I hate that so much… 

Silver Fox”: Then you have the stoner that sells tacos and the motorized vegetable. Both are either big or have someone big by their side. They will want to prove a point but neither has proven yet to work well in a chaotic situation since their returns. I don’t think their heads will be on a swivel if you lie back and pick your spots.

Nettie: Those two… who can’t even mention me. It’s rude, don’t I matter? Nettie is no pushover. I’m a force to be reckoned with. Disrespectful… but yeah, you make a fair point. 

Silver Fox”: Along with the men directly under your employer. The one that claims to be the Hammer of God and the one that is holding the title. Both big, both strong, and both very dangerous. Alliances don’t always equate to friendship or loyalty. The brute has the one thing you… and everyone else wants. He’s got a target on his back as broad as his shoulders. The other one seems to be an obedient dog for the man that signs his checks. He won’t act without orders to do so. You can use this to your advantage.

Nettie: Can we please quit calling him that? I hate it so much

She rolls her eyes in disgust.

Nettie: Dan is over-hyped, okay? I had his number and he knew it. STRONK…

She smirks as her finger runs around the rim of the glass.

Nettie: He made his choice, but he will be more focused on Jace. I may just let him rip him apart. It’s full-on karma really, if you look at it. Nothing worse than what I went through…

Her thoughts are disturbed by her companion raising his voice to get her attention.

Silver Fox”: This… Shane… person might be dangerous but I can assure you that he is not an imbecile. You have Townsend, Trent, Dan Ryan, and the World champion all in one match and whoever else there is. You can literally hide in plain sight. But if…

His voice trailed off for a moment.

Silver Fox”: If Shane got too impatient and tried something? Then you have the perfect shield right there in your corner. What I need you to do is put on that charm I know you’re so good at. But not too much… just enough to make him believe you’re going to begrudgingly play fair.

She sits back in her chair thinking it over as a smile spreads across her lips.

Nettie: Sly and cunning… my brilliant-minded Silver Fox. I think I can pull that off. Though it would have been a lot easier to convince the champ… I think I’d be able to wrap around my pinkie if I got him alone.

She looks off into the distance, thinking about the idea before clearing her throat and looking back. 

Nettie: You’re right… I can pull this off. Are you ready for what it means though?

She sits forward in her chair almost as if she is daring him with her words in a playful manner.

Silver Fox”: I believe we’re both ready for what is to come. All of our dreams come true and then nothing can stop us.

He grabbed his glass of wine and raised it into the air. She smiles and grabbed her glass toasting with him. She downs the glass quickly rather than sipping. The Silver Fox grabs her phone from her purse and begins typing away.

Nettie: What are you doing?!

Silver Fox”: Baiting a hook and reeling in our prized catch. 

The Silver Fox presses send and the message is sent off to the intended party. He hands the phone back over to Nettie who looks down at the screen and then back up at him.

Silver Fox”: We will have a marvelous time this weekend. I promise you that.

She grabs the bottle of wine on the ice near them and pours her own refill.

Nettie: After the match, I’m going to need a full rubdown. I’ll let you use your discretion on that.

She says coyly.

Silver Fox”: You’ve never complained about the magic I make by touching your body before. 

He took a drink from his glass.

Silver Fox”: You’ll get your rub down and so much more after Sunday night. I’m going to spoil you like no other, after all, you only deserve the finer things in life.

Nettie: I do enjoy being spoiled… that doesn’t have to wait till Sunday though…

She smirked as the scene fades out leaving them to their evening.