Something new and something old

Something new and something old

Posted on April 29, 2022 at 5:39 pm by Chris Kostoff

These days just churn on. As the time moves on, it feels as if each day ends up being the samething. Wake up, road work, hit the weights, eat, swim, shower…then back to the beginning the next day.


With the passing of my wife, and my kids doing their own thing…not much left to do. I mean I work on my project car and do little shit, but the overall desire and drive has slid away some.


(He sits down in a chair on his pool deck. Looking to the sky, the clouds are building. That time of year when you can set your watch by the clouds. The slight breeze gives you a cool feeling as the smell of the rain trickles into your nose. He closes his eyes.)


This week I should be geared up. I should be bouncing off the walls. Azula is a good kid, he will give me a good fight.


But to be fair to him, it’s not about him to be geared up. It is the War Games. That match…that match has had some moments here in HOW that talk about to this day. First one? Legendary.


(He laughs a little bit. He opens his eyes. The drive is still there, but his gaze is far off.)


The War Games is the most enjoyable…well the Prision Yard is so brutal…and painful match to be in. I look forward to getting that shot.


(Getting up from the chair, he stretches his body. The scars continue to line up. His tattoos have been placed to cover up most of them, but the tissue still puffs up in the sun.)


This kid Azula, he has been solid so far. I mean, yes.


Now, this week might be a bit different. Yea kid you are a tuff fucker, but let’s call a spade a spade….I’m still the one here that enjoys the fight more than the win.


I’ve won it all here, been in this place since day one. Fought for the honor of this place than anyone else has. I have been up and down the road here and bled so much for this place, I could keep a fucking small country alive.


That was the past. This week, well this week is for the future.


(He begins to make his way into his house. The back door are open as he walks in off his deck. Walking into his kitchen he grabs a bottle of water and takes a long drink.)


Azula, we are gonna have a hell of a fight. Because that is what I enjoy. Don’t really care if you like a fight or not, it will turn into a war.


When it does…well it will be fun.


Azula, I’ll be seeing you soon kid.


(He sets the bottle of water down and makes his way deeper into his house as the scene fades to black)