Someone who i can relate with

Someone who i can relate with

Posted on July 22, 2022 at 9:01 pm by Chris Kostoff

It doesn’t happen often. When he can relate to someone that flat out has the same anger toward the Best family as he does. And he has met that man, or he is about to. See Kostoff and Bryd have never crossed paths. I mean the ides has probably been on the minds of folks since both got here and back here, but to finally see it? Man this might be the knock down drag out that everyone has been waiting for.


[The scene slowly comes into focus to the sound of rain. Not the light type, the Florida summer rain that makes any yard or area look like a breading ground for Malaria. The picks up, slinging the cool rain damn near sideways, the rain stings as it hits your skin. A bright flash of lightning fills the sky, followed by a loud and fast clap of Thunder.]


Kostoff: The God’s must be angry tonight.


[The camera pans to show Kostoff standing on his porch watching the rain. His newest animal, a Mainecoon cat, sits on the poolside table looking at him. He walks to the kitten and strokes the puffy fur on it’s back. The purring coming from the large cat can be heard over the rain. He smiles. ]


Kostoff: Always wanted one of them, hard to find. But I got her, she is a little punkin.


Kostoff: But enough about my cat…


[He looks up into the camera.]


Kostoff: Clay, I’m not gonna sit here and bullshit ya man. You are one of my favorites to follow along with. Watching how you beat the shit out of folks, man that is glorious.


Kostoff: A big hoss that loves a good fight. God I love that shit.


[He grins.]


Kostoff: Let’s cut the shit. We all..and by all I mean the entire fucking roster..knows I don’t go into story time. I don’t go into all this fluff shit.


Kostoff: I go to the point, say my peace and let it go from there. My dilemma here Clay is I have respect for you. And to be fair, the fact you can’t stand the Best Family as much as me…God damn.


[Another large flash of lightning hits, this one close enough to have you feel. The snap of thunder is deafening. He closes his eye and lifts his head to the sky.]


Kostoff: That one was close. That one made the hair on my ass stand up. Fuck me.


[Lowering his head, he opens his eye. The patch is still there, it will never go away. He runs his finger tip over it and releases a sigh from his lungs.]


Kostoff: That is one thing I can’t replace. Cars, houses, motorcycles, I’ve replaced them all over and over. But that…fuck


Kostoff: That is the past. The repayment for that will be soon enough.


Kostoff: This week, Clay I am looking forward to the two of us stomping the fuck out of each other. I may not win, and I can stomach that. The fight is always the enjoyment for me.


Kostoff: My time here is all but done. See, what Lee is wanting is for us to go into this and rip each other to pieces. He wants us to beat each other half to death, so going into the ppv, neither of us are at our best.


Kostoff: Now to be fair, me at 25% is more than enough to fuck Lee up and fuck him up bad.


[He laughs as he leans into the camera. The one blue eye stares back.]


Kostoff: Clay, make no mistake. We are gonna fight hoss. And we are gonna fucking enjoy it.


Kostoff: I’ll catch up with ya soon big man.


[The rain keeps on going. He looks up at the sky through his glass enclosure. Shrugging his shoulders he makes his way back into his house. He looks back as the large cat leaps down and follows him. A smile crosses his lips as the scene drifts to darkness]