Someone Got A Happy Ending Today (HOFC 3)

Someone Got A Happy Ending Today (HOFC 3)

Posted on July 7, 2022 at 10:00 pm by Scott Stevens


Someone has their big boy panties on.

Did that zinger you give me get you all hot and bothered Xander?

I mean it must have since half the roster is giving your micro rebel lip service in their shitty side discords. Just make sure they fondle the balls, give you a reach around, and you tap them twice before spraying Harrison’s milk all over their faces.

Just a courtesy.

If that’s your best shot and to paraphrase a Punk from Chicago, “I’m highly disappointed in you.”

You’re supposed to be the guy that’s supposed to be walking away with this and you’ve fallen flatter than Brittney Griner hoping for the government to rescue her.

History isn’t written by the victors it’s written by what you do with it and even in defeat I’ve had more history making moments than you’ll have in your average HOW career. Hell, even in defeat your team is remembered. You weren’t, but your team was. Conor Fuse came in second in War Games once again. Steve Harrison fought with broken ribs and lost the LSD title to STRONK Daddy. Solex sent his eagle to kill Christopher America. Clay Byrd won the HOTv championship.

What did you do exactly?

I remember you said you eliminated someone, but I can’t remember who it was. What else did you do? Did you have your cult invade the cage and help with the elimination of Team Best members? No? You didn’t have a memorable moment because you’re simply forgettable. You’re the basic of the basic bitches that have graced HOW.

I may have been retired in a HOFC match but it was against arguably the greatest HOFC competitor of all time in Mike Best. You’re right about one thing, I may be stubborn and have a thick skull, but I’m one of the few individuals with the balls enough to tell Mike Best to his face that his insults could be better. I know when Mike is holding back because I take more shit than anyone in this company and I will tell you if it’s dog shit. You’ve been regurgitating the same bullshit everyone else has done when they face me, but at least they’ve been creative with it.

Hey Xander, the Modern Era of HOW called and ChristPlow, Max Kael, and Shane Reynolds want their gimmick back.

You say there is no room for me, but why do I keep getting brought back?

I was retired by Mike Best, but I was brought back by Michael Oliver Best. I was fired by Lee Best and brought back by GOD himself. It’s not to have one last great it’s because I’m a cash cow. My name has value even though I’m in the twilight of my career. You just don’t understand this. There is nothing left for me to accomplish in HOW because I’ve done it all. I step in between those ropes because I love doing it and I get paid handsomely to do it.

Xander, you can say I haven’t done anything in the last year and say my Lethal Lottery victory was out of pure thievery is fucking laughable. Xander, there is this thing at the top of called title history and if you look at it you will see I am the only one who challenged Conor Fuse for the world title multiple times because I earned it and wasn’t given the opportunity like Clay or Noble. Also, Lethal Lottery is open to anyone and I was listed as a participant. It’s not my fault I outsmarted everyone when I was pulling double duty that night. They should’ve kept their head on a swivel.

And you say I’m thick headed.

You may have been drafted to Team Best but that was by Michael Oliver Best not Lee. GOD got rid of your basic ass the second he regained control of his team.

Since when have I gone around implying I’m a member of the Board?

Fuck The Board.

There is only one man who I answer to directly and that is Lee Best and no one else.

What’s laughable is you seem to think I’m a puppet. Looks like you haven’t been doing your HOTv research. Seems you’re doomed to repeat that mistake because I’ve made GOD bleed more than anyone not named Kostoff.

I truly hope you can outwit, outplay, and outlast me because I’m coming to show the world the spooky cult leader is just a kid playing dress up.