Some gave all…

Some gave all…

Posted on September 22, 2023 at 8:34 pm by Bobbinette Carey


It’s amazing what a break can do for you. No work, no being on call, no responsibilities, just a little vacation. A little time away can work wonders. It can clear the mind, and set you on the right path that you might have strayed from.


Life would be great if someone else could use Solex for what he’s worth. It’s kind of annoying that Lee was able to turn gold out of gunpowder. To the surprise of absolutely no one, I’m slightly jealous of it. Lee has a man who served in the forces and is used to being told what to do by a leader. It’s actually brilliant when you think about it. A leader is what Steve needed, he’s always been better with authority controlling him. Sure, he’s going to pop off about how he’s his own man. Truth is, he has always been fighting other people’s wars as a way to run from his internal one.


Sure, Steve likes to act like he has an opinion or an idea, but he doesn’t. His ideas are what he’s told and how he’s been trained to think. It’s not his fault and it’s okay, his identity and purpose? That was beaten out of him when he was 18 years old or however old he was when he joined the military services. Solex was never allowed to have his own opinion, so he only knows violence as his coping skill. He doesn’t know the answer until he’s told what the answer is. He’s pretty much a brainless monkey who will walk around and kill anyone if he’s told to, which is what he is supposed to do like a good little boy. 


I’m jealous that Lee was smart enough to harness this. He knew how to use Solex and it worked out in his favor. Solex can save the broken record that he’s never been a wrestler. We all know this! He’s a fighter and killer masquerading in our world and winning things because he’s good at hurting people. Anyone who faces him is essentially getting set up to get their ass beat, that is if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily, I know what to look for, because as soon as you can find one man’s weakness, you can exploit it. Cheap? Maybe… effective? Definitely!


Yes, he’ll talk a bunch of garbage probably archaic nonsensical bullshit, stereotypical stuff to get under any woman’s skin. I’d be offended if I didn’t realize it’s just what he’s been fed through the programming. It’s like being mad at an innocent dog who is trained to be a fighting dog. Can’t be mad at him, it was his training, it is all he knows. I could be disgusted, I could be annoyed for sure! But when that’s all someone knows you almost have to pity them. If I had an ounce of pity in me, I probably would. 


The truth is these are the lives we’ve chosen and the path we’ve taken. You are who you are and there’s no changing that, I wouldn’t want to. It’s fun to watch you go off. It’s hilarious. Do I want to be the person in the way of that? No, not at all! The fact I get to stand on the opposite side of the ring against you is almost poetic. You and I can remove emotions, the whining, sniffling, and the complaining because this is our job! This is who we are and what we do, we’re able to detach from the patheticness of whiny humanity to get in that ring. We leave everything behind that matters to normal people. What matters at the end of the day, is what we get to do when that bell rings. You don’t care about anybody else’s bullshit, you just care about winning. You know what the job is, you know what has to be done, and you do it. Maybe it’s the programming, I say it’s part of your nature, I say it’s my nature too… that’s why we’re both here, isn’t it?


Some gave all But Solex? Gave none….


But you like to take on that big brother role to guys. I’ve noticed you did it with STRONK. You care about your brothers, you went searching high and low for America. The things you had to do… I’m sure no one else would want to talk about just to find America. You know it’s funny, why is it that every person you take under your wing dies? America dead, and STRONK also dead… it seems like your numbers are failing and success rates look less than favorable.


But that’s the rub, isn’t it? Those men lost their lives for HOW. Would you? 


You and America had that enemy-to-lovers vibe. (It’s okay, Stevie, I know don’t ask, don’t tell.) He’s taking whatever secrets to the grave and you’re a man’s man, always have been. 


Now I know your blood’s getting boiled just mentioning friends to lovers, but lovers don’t mean passion or sex. (I feel like I need to explain it to you because you’re one of those snowflake men who think everything is meant in a homoerotic way.) It means that you love and care about someone in such a deep manner, but you never admit that because you are too prideful. You never let out the hurt that you experience losing two of your Final Alliance, Best Alliance, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Brothers this year, two of them, and we know HOW always takes its pound of flesh. I didn’t know it would cost so much, for you that is.


 I’ve watched this go on like the tides, the rise and fall of every person who thinks they’re safe within the arms of the Best family. Only to fall to the ashes once that safety net is gone. No one is safe here, not always, not forever, and what has to bother you the most is that you couldn’t protect either of them. That failure has to haunt you in your sleep, it’s delicious to think about it. I wonder if it keeps you up at night. if it doesn’t then that shows you didn’t care. And if it does then that shows that even Steve Solex can care. It’s a quandary though, did you care at all and did your failures keep you up at night? Or were they replaceable as the next six men who will be in that family and out of that family before the year’s end?



Umstead Hotel and Spa

Raleigh NC

Presidential Suite 


Her eyes open as she rolls over in her king-size bed, her arms extending for a person, only to find her bed empty again. A loud sigh escaped her lips as she rolled over onto her back looking up at the ceiling. Her eyes were still heavy as she slowly blinked, closing her eyes and opening them half asleep trying to force herself to wake up. As she lay there, she felt the Egyptian cotton thread count on her legs as her feet went to the empty space, allowing herself to sprawl out. Her face started to turn to one of disappointment. With another loud sigh, she grabbed her phone and scrolled through it as her eyes adjusted to the light. She had no good morning texts or missed calls making her mood even more sour than normal.


Nettie: I have had about enough of this…


She scrolls through her contacts with annoyance in her eyes. Pressing send, she puts the phone to her ear as she hears it ring once then go to voicemail.


Nettie: Oh you’re going to screen my calls? I don’t fucking think so! 


She hears the beep as the voicemail ends allowing her to leave a message.


Nettie: Let me tell you something, I don’t know what has gotten into you but- 


The hotel room door opens as Terrence Davidson walks through the door.


Nettie: Nevermind…


She hangs up the phone and looks over at him.


Nettie: Where were you?


She asks suspiciously as she throws the blankets back and gets out of her bed. Terrence stands there in silence for a moment considering how to approach her.


Nettie: No texts, no nothing? I reached out for you and you weren’t there.


Terrence’s resolve softens as he sees she isn’t angry, but something else entirely. 


Terrence: My apologies, my love… I didn’t mean to upset you.


He quickly sits on the edge of the bed next to her putting her arms around her. She sits there looking ahead not trying to show how upset she is.


Nettie: If our arrangement no longer suits you, you’re free to go.


Terrence: Our arrangement? Are you talking about our relationship? 


Nettie looks ahead and slowly nods.


Nettie: It clearly isn’t working out for you. You’re sneaking off and going places. Don’t let me keep you.


Terrence takes his arms off of her before turning to look at her. His expression completely contorted in offensive to her statement.


Terrence: To see my son! I went to see my son without you. You two bicker like children and I wanted to talk to him alone to see if he could be more… reasonable.


Nettie: I helped him win the last match! He was on a losing streak. We beat two important members of the Best regime.


Terrence: Are you suggesting that one of your three opponents wasn’t important?


Nettie: I said what I said. The point is, I have been making an effort! If that is not enough, I will not apologize for it. Your needs are different than what they were.


Nettie scootched herself to the end of the bed. Nettie puts her bathrobe on turning her back to him. He stares blankly at her for a moment trying to process what she just said.

Terrence: My needs are different than before. What does that even mean? I have put everything into this relationship, into supporting you no matter what. I’ve stood by your side against my blood. I damn near worship the ground you walk on, so why are you trying to start a fight just because I wasn’t here in bed with you when you woke up?!


Nettie shakes her head.


Nettie: I am not, I am just giving you an out. No hard feelings.


There’s a sternness in her voice.


Terrence: When I’m here day and night no matter what kind of mood you’re in. When I shower you with love, affection, and the finer things in life. When we are together in the most intimate and passionate ways, did you think that was just a joke? Just something I do to kill time before something more interesting pops up?!


He walks around her, looking her in the eyes.


Terrence: You are, without a doubt, the most infuriating and infatuating person I’ve ever known! And yet, I love you for all you are. If you want me to go, fine, but goddammit I love you. I call you my Dove because I know that any time you are free to fly away, but you choose not to. I would never dream of caging you or holding you back. So, if you’re going to break my heart Nettie, you’re going to say it with your chest, to my face. Otherwise, I’m not leaving until you throw me out.


Nettie looks shocked at the statement. She stands there in silence for a moment, thinking about his words. 


Nettie: I don’t like waking up without you, damn it.


She says annoyed with herself for expressing her feelings.


Nettie: I don’t care what you do. I don’t care about what you do when you’re not around me.

Terrence raises his hand into the air to rub over the bridge of his nose. He shakes his head a bit and then looks right into her eyes.

Terrence: You’re going to try to lie to me now? You act like nothing at all bothers you like you’re more stone than flesh. Yet, you were hurt when Conor took Jatt’s side. You were upset when Shane came back. Your pride wouldn’t let you admit it, but with me, you don’t need to lie. You’re human and you’re strong in front of so many… but not here, not with me.


His hands touch her softly.


Terrence: Save the toughness for the ring. Save the emotions are useless acts for the Meatheads and the Neanderthals you wrestle with. That’s where you can be the cold woman I know you can be. However, with me? I’m not going to accept that.


Nettie grabs him by the collar of his jacket. Terrence doesn’t flinch; he speaks his truth. Nettie stares him in the eyes before pulling him closer and kissing him. He wraps his arms around her as her shoulders relax. She breaks their kiss putting her head on his chest.


Nettie: Fine… I’ll save it for the ring…


He strokes her hair as he looks ahead.


Terrence: You’re so vicious when you’re hangry…


He jokes, she smacks his chest with her one hand.

Nettie: I just like my mornings a certain way. We had our little getaway for two weeks….  It was just our time. We were in our own bubble. It was fun.


Terrence: Two whole weeks and you get worked up because you woke up once without me there beside you.

He remarked again with a smile but soon took a serious tone before she could hit him again.

Terrence: I enjoyed it as well, but there is work to be done. You’re booked to compete in North Carolina of all places. People seem to have forgotten you’ve been on quite the roll, I think it’s time you remind them of what you can do.

Nettie: Solex is a great welcome-back match… 


There’s sarcasm in her voice.


Nettie: I mean… At least this is a nice hotel. 


She mumbles as she doesn’t move her face from his chest. The knock on the door causes her to sigh.


Nettie: Oh come on!


Terrence lets go of Nettie before she walks to the door and opens it as a bellhop brings a rolling cart into the room and starts setting food up on the table. 


Terrence: Breakfast first and we can go over the plan while we eat. Once that’s done then you can do whatever you need to do to get ready for Solex.


Nettie: The best thing I can do is just choke him out and find holds to keep him in till he wears himself out. His skills are more that of an animal than anybody who actually can wrestle.


Nettie looks over the options of food as the bell boy then sets an iced coffee out. Nettie grabs that first taking a long drink and closing her eyes as the caffeine was what soothes the savage inner demons. The boy exits as Terrence slips him some money.


Nettie: My caramel love, I needed you. I missed you.


She says to the drink in her hand as her shoulders fall into a more relaxed stance. She opens her eyes looking at Terrence who appears more serious than normal.


Nettie: Solex… right, why am I worried?


Terrence: Because he’s deadly? He is a known killer, you realize?


Nettie scoffs taking another sip of her coffee as if it’s the nectar of life.


Nettie: Maybe, if you’re on the same team he is on your side, I mean sure… “threat” in the ring…or whatever.


Terrence narrows his eyebrows looking at her as she appears unbothered by it.


Terrence: My love….


She puts up her index finger signaling for a moment as she takes another long sip of her coffee. 


Nettie: You’re absolutely right…


Terrence smiles at the victory but it is short-lived.


Nettie: I was hangry and having caffeine withdrawal.


She lifts the lid showing a plate of sausage links and grabs one. He sighs as she laughs a little.


Nettie: Solex takes himself seriously enough for the whole damn roster.


Terrence: He shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially considering his behavior around female competitors.


Nettie nods in agreement.


Nettie: I hear you. I do, but he’s like the oatmeal of the roster. Boring, basic, and unimaginative, but keeps you regular…he’s a staple for a reason.


Terrence: Are you saying that because you mean it or are you trying to piss off noth Lee and Solex? I remember that being one of your main driving forces. 


She squints at him with annoyance.


Nettie: Sir, we have talked about you using my statements of the past against me.


Terrence: My apologies, my dear,  but your words are your own… to own, aren’t they not? 


Nettie finishes her sausage while glaring at him.


Nettie: I’m taking a shower. You’re not allowed to join me.


She sets her empty coffee down and walks into the bathroom. She paused and walked back to him, kissing him on the cheek quickly.


Nettie: Thank you. Still mad, you still can’t join me, but thank you.


She rushes out of the room slamming the door behind her. Terrence stands there for a moment before he sits down and starts eating breakfast alone.




You know the sad thing is the realization that you profit off of being a veteran. Because you’re a vet, because you’ve done so much, you use that and exploit that in the wrestling world.


That’s disgusting you’re exploiting your fallen brothers in the war for wrestling. For entertainment? The lives lost were not for sport or fun and you and I both know that. If kind of a walking hypocrisies. 


Don’t get me wrong I support the vets I just don’t support you. I believe that our vets should be taken care of, I believe that you were using the fact you were a vet just to make more money than your fellow brothers and sisters never will see because you want to give into the violence. You fully indulge in the urges and do not get your PTSD handled correctly. We all deal with our traumas in different ways. You’ve seen more shit than I could ever imagine and that’s fine with me. But if you could help them as much as you help yourself, wow what a thought.


You know my mother used to say anybody could be a moving target and you proved that right. If only that good luck lasted here in HOW. But the difference is you’ve dodged so many bullets and bombs and attempts on your life out there, but this is HOW… You came back from the war and walked into one in HOW.  Come to think of every bullet that anyone has sent for the Best family, every bullet aimed at that family; You mysteriously have come out unscathed. Your “brothers” in Best weren’t so lucky. Christopher America can’t say that he was fortunate enough to come out unharmed… STRONK can’t say that either can he?


So what makes you so damn special? What makes you worth it and their lives not? What makes you better than people who were there and took the brunt of the beatings? You’re the last one bravo armed chair captain! You trained STRONK to be a beast, you didn’t train him on how to survive. You and America were brothers and arms until he was captured. You didn’t teach him survival instincts, you didn’t teach him how to keep going but yet you do. Maybe the problem is you’re just bad luck to be around. Maybe you being a selfish bastard has kept you going. But it gets awful lonely when everyone else around you is dead dying or better Steve.