Posted on August 9, 2022 at 6:50 pm by Chris Kostoff

The door swings open as he walks into his house. Gear bag in one hand, his shirt in the other. Sweat still dripping down his chest he drops the bag on the floor and heads into his kitchen. Opening a cabinet he pulls out a 5 pound bottle of protein, a small bottle of creatine, and a bottle of amino acids. Opening each one he takes the scooper out of each one and drops a scoop of each supplement into the blender. Going to his fridge he grabs a gallon of milk and pours some in. Putting everything back, he walks back and turns the blender on. For a real fast couple seconds, the powders and milk whip together. Reaching up he grabs a glass and pours the mixture into it.


Kostoff: Lee, come on now boy. You think you have a upper hand because I am getting mad? Bitch, the idea of you makes me so mad I could punch a nun.


Kostoff: We can talk about the past, so let’s shall we…cunt?


He lifts the glass up and chugs the drink. As the last of it leaves the glass he sets it in the sink.


Kostoff: The past of us is easy. You are a coward piece of shit cunt. You always hid because why? You pick a fight and then you get you have no chance to win and you get anyone and anybody on your side to be your shield.


Kostoff: I’ve ran through fucking person you put in front of me.


Shaking his head he throws his shirt into the hallway.


Kostoff: And then to have you say something stupid as knowing I am a easy win? Mother fucker, listen I have never once came crawling back to you. Each fucking time you played pussy and ran away, you called me up months later. Hey gonna do another run, HOW isn’t the same without the big man here.


Kostoff: Each fucking time. Care to discuss the feds I led charges for you to invade and fuck a roster up..I got your back man…gone. like a fart in a fucking dust storm, you bitched out.


He straightens himself up. He laughs lightly.


Kostoff: To think that as much of a genius as you can be, you are maybe the dumbest mother fucker I have ever been around.


Kostoff: This is our ending. Well your ending, not a fucking chance you win. I’m fucking done doing this song and dance shit with your bitch ass. Lee come Sunday the last image anyone is gonna have of you is the blood stain that is left on the ground from you. I’ve beaten the shit out of you so many times it almost isn’t fun anymore.


Kostoff: One more for the road as they say. One more enjoyable time of kicking the living fuck out of you, well it could only end this way fuck face.


Kostoff: See ya Sunday mother fucker…


He leans against the granite counter top and closes his eyes as the scene drifts to black