Simon Says….Needs To Die.

Simon Says….Needs To Die.

Posted on February 25, 2021 at 10:06 pm by Black Mamba

 I barely have two patients for you Simon thankfully you’re not Canadian thankfully you’re not some person that takes words and put them in one side of your ear and maybe they might get scrambled a bit in the brain so they float and turn into colorful letters that you only see on a Nick Jr cartoon.

maybe I just want you to know I don’t know but it’s just it’s a running theme right now.

the bumps not even over and I have to stomach the losses I’ve taken here after stomach the reality of the situation of family going through hard times but yet here I am coming to Chicago to address yet another person on this roster who quite frankly might have more ability in their hands and then the most confident staff of my company.

but I digress, this is merely just the weekly routine if you will do no different than brushing the hair and making sure it is well-maintained making sure that the cocoa butter is applied just right evenly no less than a centimeter thick across my skin..

Yes Simon, I’m having an almost educational lesson on what to do in a self-care moment when you think you need it most.  short of murdering someone cuz that doesn’t solve anything nor does Breaking joints, twisting ligaments for the better part of some weird satisfaction that I get when I come to Chicago…

Rambling right now running off steam because I have to dedicate a few minutes to put up with you Simon when they or someone else more interesting matches to unfold and yet here I am wasting away there’s not even a good quality cup of tea to wash away this filth that I have by associating with you by your very existence what you stand for.

Honestly I could give two fux what you stand for and if it was just for some cute little rodeo comedy skit that brings a smile to kids space something in me just needs you to disappear, even if that means by stretcher, by coffin, or something that is pleasing and gentle on the eyes..

I didn’t want to hear you talk Simon nor did I want you to draw a smile to someone’s face now I I needed silence I get the sound of the orchestra guiding me on this step forward of knowing that there’s one less human being in this world that I have to give a f*** about.

Go ahead and take a good moment, collect your thoughts, maybe come up with a good joke.  that might make me laugh, I would appreciate a good laugh, but since you’re at the chopping block for my match, why don’t you just take a consideration to make sure it’s far better than any last meal.

Give it a moment Simon  and have a prayer for yourself.