Posted on October 7, 2021 at 11:27 pm by High Flyer

Oh hey, Jatt, you can have the win this week.

I think it’d be funny if you go around bragging about beating me quicker than Sektor cause I let you fingerpoke me. I’m sure it would bother Sektor still, to no end. But every time you said it, you’d have a hint of knowing, knowing that I just let you have it. A bit unearned.

It’s honestly the best outcome to fuck you both over. It’s kind of worth it.

You two deserve each other, by the way.

Me? I’m focused on Rah. I got big plans. I couldn’t care less about you.

I’m over here tryin’ to make stars.

You? You’ll be what you are. A good hand. A bit long winded. And just… under the FUSE that sparks HOW that I helped ignite, or the *through gritted teeth* BEST of HOW. (normal) Just a bit LESS than MAX.

Me? I’m just havin’ fun.

Shots! My treat? ALL AROUND!


Strobe lights flashing. Smoke. Bodies upon bodies jumping and jiving. Glowsticks and chardonnay falling from the sprinklers covering the crowd of huddled masses bopping to modern day electronica.

Focusing in the very center of the crowd is none other than Sunny O’Callahan, doing her mother proud, celebrating the loss of her ankle bracelet as only the Irish can. Whiskey in one hand and candy flipping in another. Crowded by attractive people, except for one just nearby, the collective whole of human mass gyrates together. Except for the ugly person.

Except for High Flyer.

Flyer stands there, arms crossed over his chest, not moving, statuesque. His eyes wide, pupils clearly dilated. He swallows incessantly. He shouts over a hulking gay top and his athletic brunette beard to get Sunny’s attention. “Hey! HEY! Sonny!”

Sunny rolls her eyes, and splits the pair dancing between them. She leans in. “WHAT?!”

Flyer rolls his eyes in response. “When do I get to hit someone with a bus?!”

Sunny shakes her head, tapping him twice on the chest. “No no. We’re done with buses!” She shudders at the thought of being once again among the rabble of Rah’s entourage on that rickety old bus.

“Can I use a plane?!” Flyer shouted, only moving to lean in slightly.

“We’ll talk about all that later!” Sunny shouted, slowly disappearing into the crowd. “MINGLE!”

Flyer grunted, but nobody could hear it over the blaring music. Flyer turned, taking a few steps and trying to make his way through a packed crowd. Like squeezing toothpaste from a tube, Flyer reaches the edge of the crowd only to bump into a woman, late 30s, brunette hair with a red streak and fishnets.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going asshole.” She says, bumping back into him as she disappears into the crowd.

“Oh, Hi.” Flyer shrugs. “What’s your name?”

Somehow, from the crowd, Flyer can hear her shout “Fuck off!” He assumes it’s directed to someone else. She definitely needs some of this candy. I’ll tell you what.

The next few hours, Jack Harmen wanders around, aimlessly.


4 am.

Outside of an abandoned warehouse inside of an alleyway, a large metal door swings open. High Flyer lifts a cigarette and takes three clicks of his lighter to set it aflame. It’s extra dark on a new moon, so the embers shine brighter, and it’s the only light here that lights up Flyer’s face. Besides a distant streetlamp just outside the alley way. The rest are just broken lights littered down the warehouse exterior.

Flyer takes a few drags and kicks his feet up against the building’s edge, scoffing the brick exterior. Quickly rushing out of the warehouse behind him was a surprising lucid Sunny. She laughed a bit, and motioned for Jack to hand her a drag. Flyer handed her his lit smoke.

“Alright so.” Sunny said, taking a drag. “You get it out of your system?”

Flyer narrowed his eyes. “What?”

Sunny laughed. “This? You’re fuckabout?” She nodded, taking another drag. “You know, like a walkabout, except you just fuck around and accomplish nothing?” She handed him back the smoke.

Flyer took a drag of the cigarette and let it dangle in his mouth, before crossing his arms and blowing the smoke out of his nose like a dragon would. “Careful.”

“Or what?” Sunny retorted. “You’re going to do to me what you’ve done to, what, seven people? Out of forty? Fifty? How many matches HAVE you had in HOW? I bet I could beat you.”

“That’s a pep talk if I eva’ heard one.” Flyer nodded, taking a drag before flicking the smoke down the alley. “You better chose your next words very carefully.”

Sunny sighs, slapping her forehead. “Alright, listen. I put a lot on the line getting this second match between you and Rah. I want to know you’re going to take this seriously.” And she bats a few eyelashes. “And that you’ll protect me. If it comes to it.” She shrugs, and falls back into her normal self. “Not that I can’t usually do that myself. I got a mean one two.” She shows off Mt. Lefty and her Feymaker.

Flyer smiles. He nods. “I understand. I do appreciate it. I wouldn’t be here to do what I need to do, to change the face of HOW as we shall together. You see, Rah, whether he knows it or not, will appreciate what we both are doing for him right now. I can see it already. He’s already a changed man.” Flyer looks up to the stars. “Now it’s our chance to make sure he becomes a better man.”

“No! Weren’t you even listening to me!” Sunny shouted. “You’ve got to get serious and BEAT Rah! Whatever it takes!”

Flyer chuckled. “I know, I know.” He turns, looking Sunny dead in the eye. His calm jovial demeanor from a second ago snaps to… well… nothing. Nothing expressed except… cold. “That’s why I take Rah, and I remove the things he loves, then the people he loves, and then I snap, and break every bone in his body. And I don’t stop until I watch his flesh and bones finally fail him. I destroy every part of that so-called God, and I bring him back to earth. Like you said…”

He stares at her a bit too long.

And longer than that still.

“Whatever it takes.”

“And what about this week?” Sunny asked. “What about Jatt Starr?”

I smiled. “I’ll just cover myself in Alcohol and let him pin me. He’ll have to get drunk through osmosis. That ‘er he’ll have to let me win by Count Out. Either way. He’s fucked.”