Shhhhhh! The movie is starting.

Shhhhhh! The movie is starting.

Posted on April 30, 2023 at 10:23 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

The sound of a chair begins dragged across the floor is heard.

“HOFC match against Michael Lee Best.”

The sound of the LSD Champion sitting down and sighing follows.

“This is what everyone has been waiting for, people from all stretches of the world will be tuned in and pull up a seat to watch Michael Lee Best verbally, and in his mind, physically, destroy Jace Parker Davidson.”

“I get that people don’t like me. And I appreciate, in its sadness, that this will be like Christmas for certain people. That’s why I’ve pulled up a seat. I even popped some popcorn for the occasion as I watch Mike say the same shit everyone says about me. Wait, let me shush… the movie is about to begin.”

“Hoo boy, that was great, wasn’t it? Mike said he was not going to go for low-hanging fruit but then immediately talked about Twitter. Fresh, original even. Not like your Father hasn’t been doing that bit for… how many years now?”

“However, one thing you said stuck out to me. That’s the fact that you’ve been calling me out for… whatever this is… and I’ve been silent. There’s a reason for that, Michael. I’m simply not interested. You want me to get hyped up for something that isn’t worth hyping up. Sure, it’s you, and it’s me. It’s Project Ego clashing against each other for the first time in a long time.”

The LSD Champion rolls his hand in the air aimlessly.

“It would be spectacular… IF… it was a wrestling match. Unfortunately, it is not and thus you get what you get. An uninspired LSD Champion doing his best Marshawn Lynch impression.”

“I’m just here so that I don’t get my title stripped from me by your Father.”

“Everyone gets all psyched up and all panicked when it comes to facing you in a HOFC match, Michael. I’m sure that’s like getting a pat on the back and free lube for someone like you. The thing is, I’m not a cage fighter. I’ve said this time and time again. I said this when I faced Xander Azula during his whole ‘Unsanctioned Path’ bullshit.”


“I am a professional wrestler at my core. Sure, I own a ladies’ football team and a meat company. I’m also both the owner and player of a roller derby team. Which, of course, you’ve already informed everyone of so eloquently.”

“I should be offended…?”

“I’m not but I find it amusing the guy that literally jumped ship and lead a rebellion to UTAH. The guy that’s in the Hall of Fame of OCW, is knocking me for doing things non-HOW related. Double standards are fun.”

“Now, as a professional wrestler, I’ve stepped into the ring and faced Michael Lee Best at his peak. Michael Lee Best, the ten-time HOW World Champion. I’ve beaten that man, more than once.”

“And yes, I know, you’re going to do a whole post about clinging to the past, blah, blah, blah.”

“The point is, I beat you at what you do best. How many people in the entire world can say they hold multiple wins over you, Mike? Not only that, but I think… THINK… I’m the sole person in the category of people that have beaten both you… and your son.”

“How is young Tyler, by the way?”

“With that accomplishment, why on Earth would I be interested in brawling with you in a tight, dirty cage? I know what this is Michael, it’s your Father’s way of getting to get me battered, beaten, and rattled before War Games.”

“Want to throw off the biggest threat heading into War Games? You throw him into a cage with the biggest bully on the block and watch him cower in fear while ‘Kneesus’ Dr. Seusses up some insults that’ll pop the boys.”

“Cause that’s what you do. That’s how you get your kicks. You’ll go on for 4 more of these and pick apart every detail about me that doesn’t involve wrestling. That’s because as a wrestler, none of you can say shit about me.”

“So, I’ll sit here and let you talk your talk. I’ll let you paint the ‘ridiculous’ picture of JPD that everyone has in their heads.”

“Although, much like in any wrestling match that I’ve beaten you in. I wonder how mouthy you’ll be when I punch you in the throat and stomp you down off of your pedestal?”