Shed the Veil.

Shed the Veil.

Posted on October 26, 2023 at 7:58 pm by Xander Azula

This brave face you’ve been putting on is amusing, Solex…but I see right through it. I see right through you, and what I see brings a smile to my face.

Because all these walls and defenses you’ve set up, trying to keep up this appearance of being tough as nails, the most courageous man in the world…they can be broken down just as easily, and I’ve got just the tools to do it. So many times you could’ve chosen to travel on the path of righteousness, and yet you journey down the path of least resistance.

Such is the effect of blind loyalty, I suppose. Sticking by Lee Best all these years, even as he has pushed away anyone who dared to question or oppose him. He even pushed you away once, did he not? Isn’t that why you joined the Highwaymen? Something about making a change, I’m sure of it…but no, the moment hope seemed lost you went with what was easy.

Talk about being soft, Solex.

So easily malleable, manipulated into agreeing with a man that could put you out to pasture in a heartbeat if he wanted to. You took that money and ran from the men that considered you a friend, but that money will run out eventually…and what are you left with?

Certainly not honor, though I’m not so sure you care about that. No honor, no dignity, no respect…and yet, I’m the snowflake. Good joke, Solex, but right now there’s no crowd eager to laugh at your tired comedy bits.

I suppose that’s what you mean by the home field advantage, right? Having people on your side to pat you on the back for your exhausting attempts to take a verbal jab at me, and tell you how great a job you did? Too bad none of that will actually matter once we step inside the cage.

So eager to grasp at straws, but none of them will stop you from drowning. So happy to take shots at low-hanging fruit, you don’t see the tree being uprooted and falling on you. Literally acting out every tantrum you accuse me of having, and expecting everyone to nod their head and agree with a round of applause.

You’ve become the very thing you say you hate the most, Steve. A whiny little bitch.

Ya hate to see it.

If that was who I thought you really were, I’d leave it at that…but you and I both know better, don’t we? It’s the one thing we share in common, despite all these differences you want to point out between us…we both have something festering inside, growing like a boil, ready to be popped and infest everything around it.

I know the demons hiding inside me, do you know yours? Or are you truly a Kut above the rest? Unlike you, I’ve managed to keep that side of me locked away nice and tight…but this opportunity has been dangling the keys, just waiting to break through.

Maybe, just maybe, this HOFC fight is a chance for both of us to drop our masks, to shed the veil of reason that’s been holding us back…and let our true selves come out. If you’re this eager for a fight, I wanna see how you feel when the demons come out to play.

Because they are hungry, Steve. Famished from years of watching the Head Disciple of Chaos take center stage…and the moment that lock gets tampered with, they will come rushing out of the woodwork.

You wanna talk about dancing on the edge of madness, Solex? I’ve got something that will send you clear off of it, into pure insanity…is that what you want?

If you’re not afraid of facing me in that cage on Sunday, I’ll make sure you get real fuckin’ acquainted with something that will make you terrified.

If you think I’m less than a bonafide Fighter, just wait till you come face-to-face with something much more deadly. You wanna talk about a battle of wills, huh? Wait till you see what you’re coming up against when you face them.





I can hear them calling, Solex. Echoes of a much darker past, coming back to haunt me…and on Sunday, they’ll haunt you too. The backlash of your actions will haunt HOW forever…and it’s all your fault.

Your parting gift to HOW before retirement.