Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Posted on January 18, 2021 at 3:20 am by Jason Cashe

Funny thing about Sharks? 


Most of them can’t see Shit! 


So color me shocked that this broke down, Is he or Isn’t he looking ass Soldier boy is trying to speak about shit he knows very little about. He thinks I am here because of past success somewhere else and that Lee Best plucked me out of some toy box? Bitch please! Those places mentioned before? Dead to me before they even closed up shop. You think I have fans? Praise from a group of people that love my shit and tell me I am awesome? You aren’t a shark at all, you’re a horse on a race track that wears blinders and just can’t see anything but what’s at your feet!


I have lit the fire to burn bridges and left I don’t know how many so-called ‘friends’ stranded in the middle as it burns. This is NOT the business to hold hands and as I said in that interview with Jack Dawson.. I don’t care about what happened yesterday or yesteryear, what matters is the here and now and right now? I am standing on the beach as a self proclaimed Shark gets stranded ashore.  


HOW is the Pinnacle! Wherever there might have been doubt in the past is where that doubt has remained. You will never hear me tell anyone that I am better than anyone but if you come swinging, I swing back. Plain and simple and one of us has to fall! So if you want to knock me down, drag me out to pasture then buddy, you better not miss when you line up your shot. 


You want to trade insults and get low shouldered to throw uppercuts, cool. I’m a born again hooligan that will leave your head space throbbing! You’ll get laid down with your toes turnt up while your body is left stiff and coughing. I’m brand new in this pond but if you want to struggle then it’s my foot on the back of your neck as the water fills your lungs. I shoot shit like I got two in the chamber and you’re currently the target.. 


I was trying to be casual, now I seek a casualty. 


I AM new to the scene and I’m expected to lose simply because you’re High Octane right? Nah, I’m not here to be feeder, I’m hungry and my size will grow with every meal I shit out after it’s devoured. You? You’re about as crabby as a lobster dish and I am bringing the proper utensils to crack your shell. I won’t forget the butter..


What you will learn about me Solex, is that I am here to remain! HOW might be cut from a different fabric but I’m purdy good at sewing and will soon be part of the design. 


So place doubt. Downplay my arrival, my being here. You think it was I that had a tired old song but you seem far out of tune. I don’t expect your warm embrace, that would be disappointing. I assumed you were a heavy hitter.. So hit me. I’m just getting comfortable! Hit me again! I’m just getting started. 


I am a sponge soaking it all up! I don’t expect anything but the chance to fight and the opportunity to advance. Climb a ladder. Raise my ranking HERE because here, nowhere else matters. Keep trying to see through me though and I’ma dig into your chest and pull the pride and confidence you have out along with your heart as your fight goes from flame to a simmering afterthought! I will see it in your eyes first.. 


Determination fading into a lost hope, pupils grow big as if you are somehow surprised. Don’t be. I’m not going to sneak up on you, I won’t cheat to win, I won’t pinch the pussy on a referee to get a fast count. I will stand in front of you and simply put you down. 


To hunt down the true sharks in HOW, I might need a bigger boat but for you it’s row, row, row a boat as I advance to the next round and you stay stuck giving an explanation on what went down. I’ll drag your ass to the sands while on a paddle board bitch, come get your outcome.  


Da Na.. 


Da Na… 


You’re not Jaws and you DAMN sure aren’t the Megladon of these waters. I think I can take you! Sink or Swim right? 


Oh and.. Fuck me? Nah bitch, it’s fuck you.