Session #002 – Blurred Lines (CD)

Session #002 – Blurred Lines (CD)

Posted on November 15, 2023 at 12:39 pm by Malakai DeLirio

Inside the office of Dr. Ignatius Grimshaw, a psychotherapist at Harbor Mental Health Counseling.  Dr. Grimshaw sits in his leather chair awaiting the arrival of Malakai “The Clown Prince” DeLirio. DeLirio is fresh off of his win over Zach Kostoff at HOW’s Chaos 49. The air is tense with anticipation. The door creaks open, and DeLirio enters, wearing his signature leather outfit, menacing face paint, and a permanently eerie grin. He twirls a rubber chicken in his right hand.

Malakai: (With a dramatic flourish) Ah, Doc! Lovely to see you again! (He mockingly bows)

Dr. Grimshaw: (Nods) Malakai, welcome. Please, have a seat. (Gestures to the matching leather couch across from him)

Before sitting down DeLirio offers the rubber chicken to the doctor as a gift.

Dr. Grimshaw: (Smerks) No thank you Malakai, I still have the last one you left in my office from our first session. (He gestures to the bookcase on the adjacent wall with the rubber chicken displayed on top)

Malakai: Very well. (He smiles and stares into the doctor’s eyes as he tosses the chicken backwards over his right shoulder, it hits the wall and slides behind the couch) So, Doc, what delightful madness shall we uncover today?

Dr. Grimshaw: (He smiles back and opens his notepad) Let’s start with your recent victory over Zach Kostoff at Chaos 49. The fans seem to adore and despise your chaotic antics all the same. How do you view this connection with your audience?

Malakai: (Taps his chin with his finger in a sarcastic manner) Zach Kostoff… Kostoff… Zach… Ah, Zach Kostoff! That’s right, the man single handily ruining his father’s legacy. He was just so completely forgettable, but I remember now. A formidable opponent, but chaos always triumphs over order, doesn’t it? (Leans in, whispering) The fans, Doc, they yearn for the unexpected. They want their reality shaken and stirred. I give them chaos, and they lap it up like starving hyenas.

Dr. Grimshaw: (Noting the cryptic response) You’ve certainly mastered the art of captivating an audience. But beneath the theatrics, how does this persona affect your mental state? Is there a toll on the man behind the face paint?

Malakai: (His grin widens) Ah, the man and the Clown Prince are one in the same. (Pauses) You see, Doc, I’ve danced on the line between sanity and madness for so long that I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins. (Taps his temple) Madness is my muse, and humor, my weapon. I’ve embraced the chaos, Doc, and it has become a part of me.

Dr. Grimshaw: (Intrigued) It’s a precarious tightrope you walk, Malakai. And what about your rivalries in the wrestling world? Are they merely a part of your performance, or do they reflect deeper conflicts within you?

Malakai: (Leaning closer) Ah, rivalries! They’re like a spicy joke, Doc. They add flavor to the performance, but they’re not the main act. In the squared circle, I’m the ringmaster of chaos, and my opponents are mere players in my grand spectacle. (He winks at the doctor just before crashing back into the couch)

Dr. Grimshaw: (Nods) Is there a particular moment or event that you’d like to discuss today, something that may shed light on the Clown Prince’s evolution?

Malakai: (Strokes his chin thoughtfully) Hmm, let’s see… (His grin turns mischievous) How about the time I unleashed a swarm of white-shouldered bats in the arena at Chaos 50? (Laughs) Oh, the pandemonium! It was sheer madness, Doc. Oh wait, that didn’t happen… yet! (With a quick flourish and sleight of hand, he produces a light bulb in his fingers)

Dr. Grimshaw: (Jots down notes) White-shouldered bats? (Pauses) Why this specific species?

Malakai: (Excitedly springing to a seated position facing the doctor. He places the light bulb down on the floor in front of him) You see good doctor. The white-shouldered bat is strikingly similar to Zach Kostoff… (He begins to speak with a much more menacing tone while sporting an evil grin) An ugly little fucker who is harmless to humans. (His grin turns to a full-blown smile as he revels in his words)

Dr. Grimshaw: (Shaking his head) Got it. Well, as we conclude today’s session, Malakai, remember that the depths of your psyche are as mysterious as they are mesmerizing. (Clearly placating Malakai) We shall continue to explore them in our future meetings.

Malakai: (Rising dramatically) Until next time, dear Doctor!

DeLirio takes a step forward knowingly crushing the light bulb beneath his boot as he extends his right hand to Grimshaw. Grimshaw stands up and extends his hand in return. Just before the two men shake hands, DeLirio pulls his hand back and immediately uses it to run it over his unkept purple mohawk.

Malakai: Ha, ha, ha! Give Stella my coldest regards. I had a feeling today would be her “off day.”

He taps the doctor on his shoulder and exits the room, leaving Dr. Grimshaw with a lingering sense of intrigue, confusion and an inexplicable chill.

Once the door closes, Dr. Grimshaw sits down and finishes his notes: ‘Malakai DeLirio remains an enigma wrapped in chaos. His cryptic responses and theatrical demeanor make it challenging to discern where the character ends and the man begins. His connection with the audience and the wrestling world continues to blur the lines between reality and performance, making him a truly captivating subject for psychological exploration. Our sessions with Malakai will undoubtedly unearth more layers of this intriguing persona, but will I ever reach the man inside?’