Scar T/Issues; Still Not Over

Scar T/Issues; Still Not Over

Posted on March 2, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

I wish I could say it gets easier from here.  Surely you would think I wouldn’t be foolish at this stage in my life to believe that things are looking up and that my future looks nothing but bright.  I wish I could just see the future…my future for what it is.  Still promising and optimistic.  I told you all a story a couple weeks ago.  A story that had literally become and consumed a good part of my life.  For years I had been building myself as a credible and threatening wrestler all the while building an executive empire.  I had it going for so long and I laid out the blueprint that would set the stage with carefully laid and placed plans…executed to near perfection.  For the longest time I was focused, driven and practically unstoppable.  However, things took a toll on me and little did I know that the very arch nemesis I would battle for several years would turn out to be the answer beyond an initial equation to unlocking all the mysterious and missing puzzle pieces that would only lead to an even bigger puzzle needing to be solved like an elaborate labyrinth.  Finding balance was merely the first part but it was understanding that there was a balance within the initial scales that required another level of balance.  Confused, aren’t you?  To be honest, it’s confusing to me as well.  It’s like trying to unlock the ability and awareness of realizing I’m in the Inception.  That was a roller coaster of a movie, wasn’t it?  That’s the best way I can describe my life situation right now.  There was one difference, though, and this sort of thread had been sticking out clear as day.  I had confronted my most personal issue head on and actually addressed it.  I realized that sometimes you don’t have to have an elaborate plan ready to unleash.  Sometimes you just go face it head on without setting yourself back.  It certainly helped me solve my ever so lingering wrestling shame.  I knew that no matter how complicated my life may have and currently is that I continue the grind forward no matter how tough the road may be.  That was certainly the case as I head into Chaos with eyes on my next opponent.  It’s just that this story that I will continue to reveal to all of you definitely allowed me to answer the question of just how foolish I keep thinking I am for thinking that my future is clear, promising and optimistic.  Ironically, the calculated and unpredictable man that I am is but a paradoxical, but so predictably FOOL…







The Hideout junction HUB


Los Angeles, California


It was another cold open.  These were starting to become habit as of late but the scene opens up underneath the popular Hideout location and inside the Hollywood Underground Bunker, otherwise known as the HUB.  Brian Hollywood is seen drenched in sweat as he is punching away at the punching bag that was right in front of him.  Even after the last few weeks when he was starting to look like he was back in prime 2015 form, Hollywood was impressively looking tougher and stronger.  This was even after Hollywood’s tough loss to John Sektor for the HOTv Championship.  Hollywood should be exhausted.  In reality, in his old form, he would be tired and drained.  It was not the case here as a shout comes from an Irish man who appeared to be helping Hollywood train.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Ai, don’t blow ya wad there boyo!”


Hollywood all of a sudden stops as he breathes heavily, but controlled.  He looks at the Irish fighting newcomer.  Eamon was a lively fellow.  He had a tendency to be sarcastic and loud mouthed..but that was hardly anything new when it comes to the common Irish folk man.  He was built well for a man who was well into his forty’s. Very well in shape.  Eamon was new in Hollywood’s life but he was very well acquainted with Hollywood’s arch nemesis, newly found out brother The Chair, or now known as Jasper Oliver Creed.  Hollywood grabs a bottle of water and takes a drink of it as he walks over to Eamon.  He was still adjusting with the training he was getting from him.


Brian Hollywood: “Honestly, I’m not used to being conditioned from others.  Fuck man I’m not gonna lie, I’m still trying to get used to not only knowing you, but having you around.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Well ye best adjust boyo!  Just cause ye brother knows me don’t mean I’mma take an easy on ya!”


Hollywood rolls his eyes as it’s certainly hard to miss the fact that there is a lot of similarities between Eamon and Jasper.


Brian Hollywood: “So what, you related to my brother somehow, too?  I only ask because your attitude definitely makes me think I’m talking to a carbon copy of my brother!”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Oh wise guy are ye?!  We definitely do have a history, but ya gonna have to talk to him about it.  I guess the short answer would be I’ve known him since he was a young boyo.  I will say that I’m certainly responsible for trainin him in not only fightin, but wrestling as well.”


Hollywood raises his eyebrow but is only partially surprised to learn his brother had knowledge in wrestling.  That would definitely explain the suplex he took from Jasper a couple months ago during their bloody clash.


Brian Hollywood: “I wasn’t aware he was well versed in it.  I guess that explains why him and I always connected when it came to wrestling.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Yes…he definitely had a passion, a love for it.  As ye know, though, he never went into the actual business like ye did.  Instead, he ended up buildin his business empire, but ye already know all about that I reckon.”


Brian Hollywood: “It’s weird, really.  We’re two different people yet we are on the same trajectory.  I had an empire of my own.”


Eamon simply nods but doesn’t go into trek further in their particular conversation.  Eamon knew where the conversation was heading and even though he had no problem talking to Hollywood about it, he knew that he was wise and better off not talking further about that subject as Eamon classically but very noticeably quickly turns the conversation back to wrestling.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “I know what ya tryin to get at boyo!  While ye might be good at controlling the narrative of this conversation, ye and I obviously have to focus on the task at hand.  With that said, I’m definitely impressed with ya wrestlin and ya have come a long way since I started trainin ya over the last few weeks.  Ye fight against that Sek fella was most impressive and even though ya lost, ye definitely showed that ya could have easily won that match and ya were mere inches from takin that HOTv Championship.  The most important thing, though, was that ye showed ye are still dangerous even in defeat.  It shows that ya resolve is back where ya should be.  The motivation has just been different from ya this year since the endin of the last year and color me impressed boyo.  I’va definitely followed ye wrestling career over the years.”


Brian Hollywood: “Well color me impressed that you’re naturally able to grapple a conversation and pin it to the mat the way you want to.  I guess we sure know where you got that from.”


Eamon smirks lightly as he was definitely enjoying the creative flow of conversation the two of them were connecting on.  They didn’t start on solid ground at first, but that was by understanding circumstance.  Eamon nods before he has Hollywood join him in the ring that was straight across the way from the punching bag.  It was like half the room was dedicated to fighting while the other half was wrestling.  Hollywood was a brawler but had become a natural with the technician technique which was equally impressive.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Alright Brian, I hope ya ready cause this week, ya got yourself a banger of a match up with that pretty boyo wanna be, Drew Mitchell!  We both know ya got the skills to defeat him..but we both know he’s got youth on his side.”


Brian Hollywood: “Ya think?!  The dude is sixteen years younger than me!  Of course, that also means I’ve got sixteen years of veteran experience over him as well.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Ye got that right boyo and ya simplified it right down the middle.  That’s a good start where balance is concerned.  However, he’s definitely got one more advantage on ya…even though it’s not really much to brag about.  While ye went the distance and had a classic banger against Sek, he made easy a work on that eejit fuck of a puss, Darin Zion!”


Hollywood rolls his eyes just at the mere mention of Zion’s name as he wasn’t at all surprised that Drew was able to beat Zion in quick humiliating fashion.


Brian Hollywood: “Well of course, what else did you expect?!  Sektor and I went the distance which is what I fully expected was going to happen.  Drew got an easy win over Zion for the mere simple reasons that I softened that motherfucker up for him.  Zion and I’s fight was not only personal, but I put an explanation on personal by humiliating Zion to end the match and after.  Zion showed his cowardice and revealed his truth nature in a flop lackluster of a performance against Mitchell.  I’m not taking anything away from Drew, but in all actuality, I softened Zion up quite literally for Drew to make quick work of him.  So you could say he owes me one.  I’ll look to cash in on that owe when I take him the distance this week on Chaos!”


Right as Hollywood was finishing that sentence, he turns towards Eamon and is all of a sudden floored with a vicious clothesline that takes Hollywood down to the mat hard.  Hollywood was definitely not expecting the quick maneuver from Eamon.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “And that right there is why ye need to stay hot on ya feet boyo!”


Brian Hollywood: “What the hell?  Was that necessary?!”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Ye god damned right it was!  As quick as ye may be Brian, Drew is just as capable of moving just as fast if not slightly faster.  Ya been trainin real well boyo, but ya can’t let up even for the slightest.  Ye match against Sek was a perfect blueprint of how ye should be takin these matches every time ya out there in that ringo.”


Brian Hollywood: “Thanks for that explanation mark on the point you clearly made with that move jackass!  But I know you’re right.  I’m actually looking forward to testing just how fast I can be and see if my training is making the mark.  I don’t have a bad word to say about Drew boy, but I’m going to make it extremely clear to him that I don’t intend to let my foot off the glass even though the LBI may have given me my first misstep of the year.”


Eamon nods his head in agreement as he points his finger like a gun at Hollywood and pulls the metaphorical trigger.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Ringo Bingo Johnny be Good boyo!”


Hollywood lays on the mat and shakes his head at Eamon’s smart ass debauchery.  Just then, footsteps can be heard as Hollywood rolls and kips up in the middle of the ring.  He looks over to see who came in and it was his brother, Jasper.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Well looks like you guys are getting along as expected.  I see Eamon there knocked your stupid ass on your back.  Classic Hollywood…on his back!”


Hollywood shakes his head and flips Jasper off as Eamon laughs.  Eamon rolls out of the ring as he walks up to Jasper and the two greet the other with their own handshake ritual.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “There’s my mucker fucker boyo!  Just finishin up for the day!  Got ourselves in a good workload I think!”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Looks like all in a days work my friend!  Thanks for coming by today!  If you don’t mind, though, I have some business my brother and I have to discuss before he hops on the jet for Hersey.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “No problem, bud.  Always a pleasure to whip your brothers ass muck!”


Hollywood provides Eamon the finger before he exits the room as Eamon shakes his head but makes sure he gets the last insulting gesture before finally disappearing from the room.  Hollywood proceeds to exit the ring as he grabs his bottle of water to take another good sized drink from it indicating he’s had a serious good workout.  The two brothers look at each other for a few moments in silence.  This whole situation was still very much fresh for the both of them and while they may be blood brothers, quite literally after their bloody fight a couple months ago, they still didn’t know how to fully respond to the other where emotions were concerned.  However, after a few more moments, the two of them embrace with a slight hug before Jasper speaks.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “You want to hear a good joke?”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh god….why do I get the feeling like that’s just going to be nuked in the terrible column?!  I never took you for the joking kind.”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Wanna know how I got this scar?”


Brian Hollywood: “Jesus H tap dancing’s already fucking terrible!”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Fuck you anyways…well just look at your scar and there’s the literal punchline.”


Hollywood shakes his head not impressed by the joke even though it caused him to slightly display a smile.


Brian Hollywood: “Wow as terrible as that is and will always be, I can’t deny it was slightly amusing.  I guess what makes it funnier is that both of our scars are not only not going anywhere, but there in lies the joke itself every day without saying.”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “See?  Surprised you again dickhead!  I guess I’ve been doing that a lot lately for you.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, it doesn’t mean I have to like it!”


The two share a brief moment of hilarity before the actual word surprise changes the tone as both of them have been extra cautious and pressed as of late.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “I know we have our plan of taking the fight to our enemies as we prepare to fully step out of the shadows taking things to the next level with our empire model, but there’s something that you really need to know.”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh this outta be good.  Another bombshell reveal of a secret coming?”


Hollywood asks as he was being funny but serious at the same time as there was actual truth in Hollywood’s statement.  Jasper sighs as he doesn’t really know where to start.  But there was something that was weighing on him and it was written all over his face from Hollywood’s point of view.  It seems ever since the night the two brothers got their identical scars from each other, there was a balance of paying the price physically and figuratively and being aligned.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Well you know how I was telling you about the three pillars of the world in the empire sense?  Well, the two of us and the value of our connections and resources make us serious targets to not only our personal enemies but to the rest of the world as well.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, what about it?”


Jasper stays quiet momentarily as he didn’t know exactly how he was going to reveal the certain information that he had to Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “You good, brother?”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “You obviously know who my mother is for what I told you and the connections she had to the Irish mafia right?”


Hollywood nods his head in acknowledgement.


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, I know what you’re talking about.  I thought your side of the family wasn’t a threat of a certain point of view when it came to our plans and vision for our empirical future.”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Well…yes and no…but these secrets we’ve each had that we’ve been trying to keep from the other over the last several years have to come to an end….no matter how painful.  I know we both vividly remember what each of us said before we blacked out about being broken and what not.  I really don’t want to cause you anymore pain, brother.  As weird as this relationship has been, we really need to come together and we need to make sure we both know the information and the history we carry…no matter how bad the pain is.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright Jasper, just spit it out, brother!”


Jasper sighs before he speaks again, but cautiously.  He wanted to tell Hollywood, but at the same time, didn’t know if it was the right time given what both of them have been through physically and mentally.  Even still, Jasper proceeds shaking his head in concern.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “The truth is, Hollywood, that you and I share more than the business and the empires we so cherish for there is something else.  How do I say this….there’s something you need to know about my mother…she’s not only what she claims to be.  Truth is there is more of a connection with the both of us and her that you simply don’t know.”


Brian Hollywood: “What are you talking about, Jasper?  I don’t think I like where this is going…”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “I just wish you could have known this a long time ago but it’s time that you no longer remain in the dark and alone about her..”


Hollywood looks at Jasper with concern and in an eerie way he somehow had a feeling he knew what he was going to say as Jasper still struggles as he was about to reveal perhaps the biggest secret about his mother to Hollywood that was going to rock him to his very core as the scene slowly fades to black.





Secrets are important to keep, but they are always destructive in nature no matter how you spin it.


I guess that’s why I was about to feel like a fool…


But secrets can stay buried for a time in order to acknowledge the task at hand.  In this case, it was easy to mend things and compartmentalize feelings and personal things when it came to my wrestling career.  It was impacting me negatively the last couple years and was one of the reasons that led me spinning out of control.  But this new year, there was a change and it was a positive one when it came to doing things in ring and my career in HOW.


That said….I was THAT fucking close to beating John Sektor and winning the HOTv Championship!  And I mean so fucking close!


But I came up short.  But I didn’t feel like I lost that match.  I felt like I WON it, despite not being able to defeat Sektor and that actually makes me feel pretty fucking good about myself!  Sektor didn’t beat me…Sektor fucking SURVIVED me!  Yes, there is a god damn difference!


That brings me to you this week, Drew Mitchell.


You’re a young, impressive newer wrestler here in HOW, Drew and I’m all for it!  I like your confidence and I’m sure when it comes to you and I fighting this week that your confidence is high.


I just want to say, for the record, that this is still not over!  I’m NOT finished by a long shot!


You see, Drew, you may have watched Sektor and I go to war and absolute put on a banger of a main event but I’m going to tell you that that was simply the tip of the iceberg.  Ever since the new year has started, I have honed my focus to be sharper.


My mind is sharper.


My body is sharper.


But my WILL is that much sharper!


I did you a favor when I beat Zion a few weeks ago, Drew, and because of that I allowed you to absolutely destroy Darin!


You should feel proud, Drew.  While any win is positive, I gave you exactly what I wanted to give you.  This week, I intend to give you more but it’s something that I’m going to take from you and that’s a win this Monday night!  You’re no doubt a great wrestler, but I have another lesson I intend on teaching you Drew.


Second place in the LBI may be a consolation prize, but our match up will be approached no differently than I’ve approached every match this year, Drew.  I’m still hungry and still fighting for my resolve and validation!  One way or another, you’re going to find out that I only intend on getting better each passing week!


I’ll see you Monday, Drew!