Say Less.

Say Less.

Posted on December 12, 2022 at 8:46 pm by Xander Azula

The first thing I needed you to know is that I’m not completely defenseless. The second, that I’m not completely powerless.

And now, Mike, it’s time you find out that I can be ruthless.

You wanna talk about dreams? Say less.

Let’s talk about nightmares. I’m talkin’ Freddy Krueger type shit, Mikey. The kind of stuff they like to put up on a movie screen, get people to pay to watch, all the while reassuring them that none of it is real and they’re safe in the comfort of the theater.

There’s nothing safe about this, though.

Because that’s what I see in you, Mike…a Freddy Krueger kind of guy, whose power lies just as much in his name and reputation as anything else.

The more people feared ol’ Freddy, the more power he had to slice and dice his way through all them kids…and the more people fear you, the more ammunition you have to murder folks inside that cage, some more literally than others.

The two times we fought before, I came in headstrong, thinking I had a plan like Nancy did against ol’ Freddy…but ya caught me, and I had to walk away by the skin of my teeth.

But this time? I’ve finally figured out what I need to do.

Nancy’s main strat against Freddy was taking his power away…and it’s only now that I’ve realized that’s what I need to do to you.

Up until now I’ve let you get out all that pent-up aggression, because I figured you needed it. Pretty sure you can’t take out any anger issues you have on the walls of your office, after all.

Especially with all those lackluster decisions you’ve made as CEO. Managed to be uneventful in that job, as a wrestling trainer, and by the looks of it…as a father.

Where in the world is Tyler Best? Is he crying in an alley somewhere, hoping his dad will answer the phone again…or is he back with his mom, realizing that pro wrestling wasn’t really for him?

That’s why it doesn’t shock me, that you’d eventually find your way back into this world…except it’s been my world while you were away, Mike.

You thought you bolted the doors on the division shut when you shelved the HOFC Championship, but someone was always gonna find a way to break in…and you’re looking at the new landlord, pal.

Guess what, Mike? Rent’s due.

Now that I’ve let you come here with your claws out, I can go to work on filing those bad boys down to something much more tolerable.

I don’t need to keep my hands up anymore, letting you take more shots at me. This is where I start throwing some jabs of my own, Michael.

This is the turning point.

I’ve put out the traps around this home I’ve made for myself, and now I’m bringing you to my level. Dragging you right out of that dream where you think you’re still hot shit, and into reality…my reality.

And the reality is, you’re just a man.

A man who hasn’t seen the inside of a cage for months. A man who sits in his pretty little office dreaming about beating the hell out of someone, so he can maybe get a glimmer of joy again.

But I won’t let you have that pleasure.

There will be no murder come ICONIC…but there sure as hell will be a beating.

When that cage door closes and the bell sounds, all that chatter about how you’re gonna kill me is gonna fall on deaf ears.

The first thing I’m gonna do is slap that stupid smile off your face, because clearly all these years of being “on top” have made you forget what it feels like to have to be on defense.

And I’ll be more than happy to help remind you.

Sure, talking about your failures in 2010 doesn’t mean so much in 2022…but a fist to the face will. Reminding you that Christopher America beat you all those years ago doesn’t hold nearly as much weight as giving you an America-sized ass whoopin’ will.

And by the time it’s all over, you’ll be less of the Mike Best that retired the HOFC title undefeated and more the Mike Best that lost the HOW World Championship this time last year.

A man forced to crawl back into retirement on his hands and knees, humbled by his worst nightmare…the new king of fighters.

Hail to the king, Mikey.